Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Comic Day! January 18th edition

Hey there X-Maniacs, it's your humble host X, once again welcoming you to the start of a new week with New Comic Day! Huzzah!! Last week saw me pick up 19 comics, which is juuuuust a tad too many. Ideally that number will drop by 5-7 this week. Now the question is, did it?? And what exactly DID I pick up? Wonder no longer, true believer, here's what I picked up a little bit earlier today! Batman #5, Hellblazer #287, Nightwing #5, Red Hood and the Outlaws #5, Supergirl #5, Morning Glories #15, Amazing Spider-Man #678, Avengers #21, Daredevil #8, Fear Itself: The Fearless #7, Invincible Iron Man #512, New Mutants #36, Thunderbolts #169, Uncanny X-Force #20, Venom #12 15 books this week, which isn't a bad number, but seriously, did we need ANOTHER issue of Amazing Spider-Man out THIS SOON?! #677 dropped LAST WEEK! On top of that, I swear, in the past 5 weeks we've gotten FOUR issues of X-Force! Marvel REALLY has to stop with this double(quadruple?!) shipping or I'll have no choice but to drop even MORE Marvel books. And as much as I'm loathe to say it, Spidey would probably be right around the top of that list. I love the job Dan Slott has done on that series, but something has got to give...

But enough doom and gloom, let's now shift gears and see which comic will be getting named my Pick of the Litter... Hmm... Let's go with... What the hell, let's go with Morning Glories! It was either that, Venom or New Mutants, but Morning Glories has been so surprisingly good it gets the nod. On the other side of the equation, this week's Runt of the Litter is easily Avengers #21. I've had enough of Norman Osborn. Please Bendis, it's time to move on. I get that Bendis loves the character and all, but the Avengers have been battling against Osborn since the end of Secret Invasion, over TWO years ago! I like Norman as a Spidey villain, but NOT as THE top villain in the Marvel U. It really is time to move on. Speaking of moving on(nice segue!), it's time for me to wrap this post up. With 15 books this week, I'll have 6 nights of 2 reviews and 1 night with three reviews... I'm not sure which night will get the extra review, but we shall see. And that'll do it. I'll be back later on tonight with a few reviews(probably 2, but possibly 3), so until then, X out!


  1. Hmm i get why you dislike having all these extra shippings but personally i'm kind of conflicted i mean i love that i don't have to wait a month to read 1 issue of 1 series anymore but i also read a lot of comics so it comes back to bite me in cash. For the moment at least i think i prefer it the way things are.
    Also spoiler alert: you're probably going to want to give Avengers 21 a 0 this week, no dialogue+ nothing happens, now that series is an actual waste of money...

  2. Uncanny X-men 5. Vast improvement especially for a Psylocke/uncanny X-force fan. Worth a punt.

  3. ooh ooh!

    Interview with Gillen re: Uncanny. Of interest to you, X:

    "2) It's been argued on message boards that Cyclops has become a lot like Magneto. His Extinction team evokes both fear and respect for mutants. How close would you say Cyclops is to being like Magneto? At what point would you say the similarities become too egregious?

    I think his current position is that he's willing to pretend to be more like Magneto to get what he wants -- which is no one to fight and kill each other. It's a specific tactic for a specific situation for a specific timeframe. From Cyclops' position, it's a case of keeping mutants alive until Hope does whatever Messiah-y things she's born to do -- if embracing the fact they are feared is a short-term compromise he thinks is the best solution. Cyclops is synthesizing various philosophies. There may be more Magneto in there than previous, but it's not the dominant strand by any means.

    And to state the obvious: Magneto never formed a super-team to protect the world."

    Kind of a fine line if you ask me, but I see where he's going with it. I guess in AvX we'll see just how far Cyclops is willing to go in the name of PR!

  4. Just when you dropped Uncanny X-Men they decide to have a story that deals with the events from the Archangel arc of Uncanny X-Force.

  5. ...Rob Liefeld IS God!!!

  6. Yaaaaaay another Comic book day!!! Always the most exciting day of the week eh? lol.

    Well first off, it's good to see you're down to 15 books this week. Give those pockets a little breathing room. I think me and JT rounded up around the same number. And today was the first time in a long time I was shocked to see the number of comics we got lol. And I thought about you and the number of books you were picking up as well. I find sneaky ways to think about my darling X Man. :-D

    Quick question, I don't read Spidey but I did notice the number of issues dropping in a month and I was wondering if there was a story line they were trying to rush through to some bigger picture? I mean...seriously a comic every week? I mean I kind of agree with Mr. Anonymous about not having to wait a month. Especially if the story is getting good. But that can seriously damage the pockets. ESPECIALLY if they're a comic with a price hike. If digital comics are cheaper...I'm thinking about going that route. I've been looking to get a new tablet reading comics on that would be awesome.

    *sigh* enough of my blabbering on to the juicy stuff. The comics I'll be awaiting for the X Man to review. Let's see: Redhood, Supergirl, Morning Glories, Avengers 21 (since this is the debut of Storm) annnd last but not least, Venom. (JT got me back to reading it again lol)

    As always happy reading and don't work too hard on those reviews. :)

  7. Yeah, if I was collecting less books, the multiple shippings would be awesome. But getting 47 books, plus minis would be plenty for me... But throwing those multiple shipped books on top of the equation is killing my wallet! Needless to say, Avengers #21 is no at the very bottom of my comic pile! :P Thanks for the heads up, Anon.

    That actually figures, Simon... Once I drop the series? It picks up... Just my luck.

    Yeah, the Lord Summers argument is interesting TRobb. I can understand WHY Scott feels the need to act this way(more Mags than Prof. X), to try to protect mutantkind. But my problems with that are a) who died and elected him President For Life of mutantkind, and b) acting like the scary mutant bogymen bigots have always called you is going to hurt mutantkind in the long run. Sure, for now people may steer clear of you, but down the road? What if several governments band together because they've become tired of being strong-armed by Lord Summers and his ilk? To me the solution isn't to scare the world(like Scott) or confront it(like Wolvie), it's to hide until your numbers begin to rise again. I haven't read that link yet, but I will after I finish up here at the blog tonight.

    Whew, before I clicked that link I thought you'd gone insane, Alien! That would explain why Liefeld has so much work now though... :P

    HA! You felt how I always feel when I get my stack at the comic shop, Lisha! :D I'm always shocked when I get handed that big ol' pile of books! Yeah, the multiple shipping debate has merits on both sides, but for me, as a guy who buys a skillion and one comics every month, I'd rather Marvel went the DC route and simply released all of their books once a month... I get why Marvel does it(MONEY!!!!!), but still... As for me, I could never go the way of digital books... I need to touch, and most importantly, collect the physical books. Much like with Pokemon, I've got to catch(or collect) 'em all! :P I should have all of those reviews up pretty early on in the week... Except for Avengers which will prob be the LAST book I review... And you know I NEVER work hard on my reviews, Lisha! ;)

  8. Yeah, I thought that was a nuanced, high-concept position for Cyclops to take - basically cold war-style detente. Makes me think that the Avengers are going to be the aggressors in AvX. Quick points:

    -Scott's the leader because nobody's stepped up as an alternative (except for Wolverine, who left). That's more on the other mutants than it is Lord Summers.

    -Arguments can be made for and against any of the three survival strategies. Isn't hiding basically what the Ultimate x-men are doing now?

    -As money grabs go, double shipping is a lesser evil (compared to having additional books that cross over into each other, with creative teams I may not like), but I would prefer 1 issue a month. There's no shortage of good stuff to read these days.

    -I also prefer physical comic books over digital comics, but I'll take digital if you give them to me for free. I do worry about storage/running out of space with hard copies, even though I'm not a completionist.

  9. In a twisted way I enjoyed that feeling. It's like Christmas every Wednesday going and picking up comics lol. And I don't blame you one bit for the displeasure in Marvel doing multiple shippings.

    "As for me, I could never go the way of digital books... I need to touch, and most importantly, collect the physical books. Much like with Pokemon, I've got to catch(or collect) 'em all!"

    I'm the same way, lol, but sometimes you gotta make those hard decisions lol. Thinking back to the Aquaman scan, lol if the comics were your would so go down with your comics if you couldn't save them all lol.

  10. Great point on WHY Lord Summers is the leader of Mutantkind, TRobb... There really wasn't anybody else who stepped up... Although it does kind of bug me that Mutantkind NEEDS to be led.

    Yup, all three have their merits, and the Ult. X-Men are hiding(in the Morlock tunnels). I was thinking more about when the X-Men were hiding out in Australia. Yeah, the X-Men all hiding in the Outback not doing anything would make for some wildly boring reads, but to me that seems to be the best way NOT to get killed/piss everybody off.

    Collecting DC back issues from the 90's has taught me that yes, having stories crossover into multiple titles must have been incredibly annoying... The Superman books seemed especially hard to figure out the order of. Still, spending $8 for two Spidey books in one month is a steep price to pay...

    "if the comics were your would so go down with your comics if you couldn't save them all lol." HA! I'd just sadly sit there with all of my enemies at the gates hugging my comic books, waiting for the end to come, Lisha! :P