Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grifter #5

Well, Grifter survived cancellation during DC's first round of cuts, which is good, because this series really hasn't been that bad. The fact that Voodoo also survived the chopping block makes me think that DC is giving the former Wildstorm characters a slightly longer leash than the mainstream DC ones. If that IS the case, then bravo, DC!

Grifter #5:

What Happened: I'm not exactly sure what happened... I'll give it the old college try though... Grifter and Sofia(the woman who saved Grifter last issue) head to Sofia's hidden base/weapon's arsenal where Sofia gains Grifter's trust by letting him have whatever weapon he wanted as well as telling Grifter to kill her if he didn't trust her. Since Sofia had lots of guns but was short on funds, Grifter heads out to try to grift some marks out of money. Before he can though, a small army of Daemonites led by Tsavo(the Daemonite kind of/sort of responsible for Grifter's brother's death) cause everybody on the street to freeze and attacks Grifter. Grifter is unable to fight off all of the Daemonites, but is saved when ANOTHER Daemonite named Carver(who kidnapped Grifter's girlfriend, Gretchen) steps in to take Grifter to Black Curate... Whatever that is. Sofia tries to assist Grifter, but he is transported aboard Carver's ship, where he spots Gretchen. This one ends with Carver preparing the chant to bring the Black Curate to her.

Thoughts: Yeah, totally lost here. Seriously, I'm just getting my feet under me with regards to Grifter in this series, did we really need to ratchet up the confusion by introducing opposing clans of Daemonites?! Couldn't all of the Daemonites be working under this Black Curate(whatever that is...), thus making this story a bit easier to follow? At least in the early going? I mean I'll be sticking with this series for the long haul, but a less dedicate fan than I would most likely drop this series out of sheer confusion...

Score: 4 1/2 out of 10.Damn Daemonites!!


  1. This is the issue that convinced me to drop it.

  2. I can't blame you at all, Jeff. This issue was all kinds of confusing. I'm still holding out hope here, because I like Grifter, but if this keeps up I can't imagine this series lasts too much longer.

  3. Hey are you getting the other superman title not action comics but the one just titled Superman i know u got issue 1 but did u like drop it or what?
    anyways why i ask is the next coming saga will have the daemonites and there leader Helspont

  4. I did indeed drop Superman, Movieartman. But I know it's gonna crossover with Stormwatch and this series, so I'll definitely be picking up the x-over stuff. But besides that I doubt I'll be adding Supes back to my pull list.