Friday, January 27, 2012

Avengers: Solo #4

Okay, this should be interesting. On one hand, I love Hawkeye. On the other hand, this mini-series, the Hawkeye story in particular, has been VERY lackluster. Here's hoping things pick up as we get closer to the conclusion of this one.

Avengers: Solo #4(of 5):

Summary: Ugh. This comic was so bad I don't even know how to go about reviewing it! Here's my best shot... Hawkeye rescues Trace and the doctor who experimented on Trace from some bad guys. The doctor claims he was forced to experiment on Trace and the other women, but nobody really trusts the doctor. The doctor does give Trace and Hawkeye the location of the bad guys, so Hawkeye, Trace, and another random character(I haven't the foggiest who they are) head to the location. Hawkeye plans on sneaking in, but is confronted by Iron Man who demands to know what Hawkeye was up to. The back-up story(which was WAAAAAY better) sees Striker and Finesse(my two favorite Avengers Academy cadets) battling against Alkhema. The two Avengers-in-training manage to remove one of Alkhema's arms, but unfortunately, the angry robot continues it's attack.

Thoughts: You know, I wish they'd just drop the Hawkeye feature and give the next issue fully over to the Avengers Academy back-up story... And I say that as just about the biggest Hawkeye fan you'll ever find! The Hawkeye story was nearly incomprehensible. Plain and simple. The Avengers Academy back-up was good, but since it was only 5 pages(actually four because one page was a splash), it really couldn't save this comic for me. Ah well. Hopefully the next issue will magically make sense or something. I don't know...

Score: 3 out of 10.
avengers solo #4
See, I hated the main story so much I posted a page from the back-up story!


  1. Seriously, I can't believe how bad this mini-series has gotten. I totally agree with you that the two characters are random. I've had trouble keep the characters straight the entire run, and I'm totally confused at this point. Plus, who is this Golden woman? Before this issue she appeared in, what, two panels? Suddenly she's some evil mastermind? Don't even get me started on Iron Man's sudden appearance. Both Cap and Mockingbird know Clint's running a case and Tony suddenly decides everyone is "concerned" about him. WTF?

  2. I am so glad I'm not the only huge Hawkeye fan who can't stand this mini-series, JW... Seriously, it's HAWKEYE!!! This story SHOULD have been so easy to write! Instead we're stuck with horrible characters who I can't make sense out of and a story that I can't follow... I just hope non-Hawkeye fans who were giving this title a shot won't hold this mini against him! And in a bizarre way, Iron Man's random appearance fits in perfectly here, because much like everything else, it made no sense! I never thought I'd say this about a mini-series starring Hawkeye, but the sooner it's over, the better!

  3. Seriously, we need to go on some sort of door-to-door campaign to get fans of Hawkeye not to hold this mini-series against him! It wasn't until you pointed out how random the characters were that I realized I can't keep them straight. I even called Alicia "Marcia" for an entire review, which shows how little impact these characters have had on me. Just make it end!

  4. HA! I'm up for it! I'll yell from the rooftops not to blame Hawkeye for the mess this mini is.

    It just sucks because with the movie coming out, THIS is the time to turn people who aren't fans of Hawkeye INTO fans of Hawkeye... If this series would have been good, I'd have recommended it to EVERYBODY! As it is, I'm hoping people don't read it and think all of Clint's stories are this bad...