Friday, January 20, 2012

A Quick Look At... Nightwing #5

Here's another rebooted DC series that SHOULD be way better than it is. I mean it's Nightwing... This should be a slam dunk to write! And yet we get Dick Grayson traveling cross-country with a circus...

Nightwing #5:

What Happened: A voodoo priestess summons a demon to force a clown that she loved to marry her... Yes, really... Trust me, I couldn't make something that stupid up to save my life! The demon abducts the clown, but Nightwing spots what was happening and follows the rampaging demon back to the graveyard the priestess was operating out of. Nightwing manages to trick the demon into going back to Hell(or wherever it came from) and cuffs the priestess, thus saving the clown. Meanwhile, Raya is in cahoots with Saiko.

Thoughts: Gah! What the hell was this all about?!? A clown and a voodoo priestess? Plus a rampaging demon?!? I just don't understand... Would it be THAT difficult to take Dick Grayson, put him in Gotham City(or New York, Philadelphia or any other major city) and have him deal with street-level threats?! Why the hell is Nightwing fighting demons?!? Ugh... This series has been such a disappointment...

Score: 5 out of 10.
nightwing #5
Yeah sure, Nightwing versus a demon... Why not.


  1. meh, I haven't got problem with Dick fighting Demons, the problem for me is that this demon is summoned by some random chick who wants to MARRY a CLOWN!! WHAT THE FUCK is that!!! I fell sorry for Dick he developed a lot in Snyder hands and now is going backwards with each issue.

    this one was my last Nightwing issue an unfortunately i'm not going to remember Grayson return to the role of Nightwing as something good.

    Maybe I will pick up the Night of the Owls Tie ins issues but I'm not sure.

    By the Way I'm looking forward to your Batman #5 review, I love it.
    It was like Snyder channeling Morrison and doing it Better!!(for a single issue)and it was one of the scariest comic I ever read.

  2. I too thouroughly enjoyed batman #5. I couldn't put it better myself with the morrison comment. I think that snyder is capable of writing better suspense than morrison. But that is only a personal opinion. Anywhoo, loved the issue! beautiful art as well!

  3. Yeah, what I mean with the comparison is that Snyder can write experimental/crazy stuff and still develop the story without necessity of study all the previous issues or wait until the last issue (or 3 years) to make sense.

  4. The comic stated Saiko's name is Raymond and he has weird black eyes. I assume this is suppose to be some big reveal but I have no idea what the significance is.

  5. @Jermox, Raymond is Dick and Raya friend from when they were children at the circus. and is supposed to be dead. in the first issues Raya reproaches to Dick that he missed his funeral.

  6. Ah, so THAT'S who Raymond was! I couldn't remember for the life of me... I knew he was a frind of Dick's from the circus(and I thought he was another trapeze artist), but that was all I recalled. All the more reason DC should add a recap page at the beginning of their books. Thanks for the info, Alien.

  7. It's the same problem as "Red Hood and the Outlaws:" why all the demons? I hated "Batman: The Dark Knight" exactly FOR the demons, so it's like I'm being forced to relive that nightmare twice a month. (At least DC isn't like Marvel and making me relive it three or four times a month!) I was actually OK with this issue until I read Alien's comment and realized, "OMG, seriously, why DID she want to marry the clown?" Higgins really tells us nothing about them or their relationship. I'm not complaining, because the less time spent on demons, the better. Otherwise, I'm OK with the Saiko bit, but Higgins better wrap it up next issue. I'm not dropping this series or "Red Hood and the Outlaws," because it's Dick and Jason, but I'm starting to feel like a chump for buying them.

  8. "At least DC isn't like Marvel and making me relive it three or four times a month!" HA!!! That made my night right there... It's both funny AND true!

    Apparently the new DCU is infested with demons and secret government agencies, because every other DC comic has one or the other... All we need is a demon-run secret government agency and we'll be set! But seriously, much like yourself, I'll always pick up this series and the Red Hood series, no matter how bad it gets... I've got to support my favorites. No matter what... :/