Friday, January 6, 2012

Irredeemable #33

Next up, the third part of the Redemption storyline going on in Irredeemable... Where's the second part you ask? Apparently, it was in last month's issue of Incorruptible... Which I didn't get... Here's hoping the lack of that comic isn't too harmful to my understanding of THIS comic...

Irredeemable #33:

What Happened: The Plutonian and his parents continue their trip through time as we learn that the Plutonian's parents willingly allowed themselves to be trapped by the world's governments, since they knew that if they tried to free themselves they would have killed millions. We also learn more about the formative years of the Plutonian, as he shows his parents memories from the man who raised him, Bill Hartigan. Hartigan is an ultra-ridged man, who wanted the Plutonian to be selfless to a fault. The Plutonian ended up doing just that as he became a superhero, and that selflessness, at the detriment of his own happiness, probably had a great deal to do with why the Plutonian turned out as stark raving mad as he did. We also get some memories of Plutonian's early battles with Max Damage(which IS an awesome name), before the Plutonian reveals to his parents that he was actually happy with them and wanted to follow them to their own world, or wherever else they were planning on going. While the Plutonian's parents are pleased that the Plutonian had realized, and even regretted his many monstrous actions, they stand by their decision from last issue and decide to carry out their punishment, which was to place the Plutonian at the very end of time, where he would cease to exist, along with the universe. With that, the Plutonian's parents leave, and the Plutonian begins to slowly die... At least until Qubit and Max Damage arrive from a portal offering Plutonian one final chance to make right all of his wrongs.

The Good: We finally know the full extent of the Plutonian's origin, from where he really came from, his powers, the family that raised him, the works. I loved the fact that the Plutonian couldn't pull a fast one on his parents and that they sent him to the end of time to die for his many crimes. It seemed like the Plutonian would(once again) manage to weasel his way out of his punishment, but his parents saw right through that and sent him to his demise anyway.

The Bad: Why the HELL would Qubit and Damage offer the Plutonian ANOTHER chance?! He's killed MILLIONS! He's destroyed entire countries! Why would you offer him a chance to kill millions more?! Seriously, like he's going to say, “No, leave me to die at the end of time.” You know he'll say anything he can to return to wreak MORE havoc upon the world! The fact that I now have to see if I can find an issue of Incorruptible #26 is rather annoying. There really wasn't much meat to this issue, as the entire book pretty much dealt with Plutonian's early history(which was fine) as well as his battles with Max Damage, which seemed unnecessary.

The Verdict: If this storyline was solely contained in the Irredeemable series, I'd be quite pleased with it. Instead, I'm mildly annoyed that I have to pick up an issue of Incorruptible to find out what happens... To be honest, a) I doubt my shop will even have an issue of Incorruptible #26 in stock, and b) I don't know if I want to spend another $4 on a series I don't particularly care for... So while I MAY pick up, read and review that issue of Incorruptible, realistically? It's probably not gonna happen.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Well then stop doing it!!


  1. Hey! I don't know the first thing about this comic but i must say that man looks like Logan.

  2. From the angle here, he does, but from the front, he really doesn't. He's WAY taller and has a streak of gray in the front of his head. With Wolvie though, I wouldn't be shocked if he DID pop up here... He's everywhere else! :P

  3. I love this series

  4. I can't disagree with that. This is a surprisingly good series.


    Seems its coming to an end. Well it was good while it lasted hope we can see Plutonian again in the future.

  6. Huh... That was a depressing thing to learn... But in all honesty, you could definitely see there wasn't much else Waid could do with the Plutonian, especially since he returned to Earth. I'll have my post for issue #34 up tomorrow night at 8:30 or so. Thanks a load for the link, Astrovik, it was a great, if somewhat sad, read.

  7. No prob man it's just sad to see a good series like this come to an end.

  8. Yeah, totally agreed. I'll be sad to see this series go...