Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fear Itself: The Fearless #6

Last review for the night is Fear Itself: The Fearless #6. Since this is a 12 issue series, by the time I finish this issue we'll be halfway done here! Huzzah!! I have to admit, I enjoyed the first few issues of this series, but the last one fell totally flat. Here's hoping things pick back up again here.

Fear Itself: The Fearless #6(of 12):

What Happened: Since the next Serpent hammer on Sin's list is at the Project: PEGASUS facility, Sin, Crossbones and the DOA have begun to scout the facility out. Unfortunately for them, the Avengers were also aware of Sin's intentions and have just arrived at the PEGASUS facility to help with safeguarding the hammer. Since the folks at PEGASUS research all types of energy, including magic, Sin uses that to her advantage and causes all of the magic, spirits, ghosts, demons and other fun creatures to get free and attack the facility staff as well as the Avengers. Meanwhile, Valkyrie heads to Asgardia and is told by the All-Mother that the promise Odin made to Valkyrie still stands, and that once she collects and seals the Serpent's hammers away, she would be granted peace and allowed to die and head to Valhalla. Back at Project: PEGASUS, Sin and her DOA forces join the battle between the Avengers and the demonic hordes, creating all the more chaos and confusion. As for why, Crossbones, protected from all of the magical madness going on all around him due to an enchanted necklace, waltzes right to the room holding the Serpent hammer housed at the Project. Before he can collect it however, he hears that familiar “SNIKT!” sound we all know and love and discovers that Wolverine (!!)was the final line of defense between Crossbones and the hammer!

The Good: That cliffhanger was ALL kinds of awesome! Seriously, it was fantastic! Daimon Hellstrom was in this comic, which is always a good thing in my eyes, and also raises the final score by a 1/2 point automatically. Sin's plan was quite ingenious and shows that she's as crafty and manipulative as her father was.

The Bad: I really could care less for the Valkyrie portions of this issue. They did nothing for me. How the hell did Wolverine get into the sealed room holding the hammer? Did he run from the battle to protect the hammer, ignoring the demons as they killed scientists? Besides that, how did he actually ENTER the room in the first place?! Sin leading her forces personally seemed rather risky since if she was to be captured by the Avengers, all of her plans would conceivably be ruined.

The Verdict: This was a middling comic book that was saved by it's fantastic ending. I mean before that last scene, this issue was probably around a 5 1/2 or a 6 for a score. But Daimon and that cliffhanger definitely pulled this comic up to a more respectable score. So could this issue have been better? Yeah, the Valkyrie parts, while giving us insight as to her motivation and why she's so hellbent on collecting the hammers were necessary, but they just bored me... I will say this, Wolverine vs Crossbones, in a small room for one of the Serpent's hammers is worth the price of the next issue right there, anything else will simply be icing on the cake.

Score: 7 out of 10.Daimon Hellstrom is awesome, period, end of story.


  1. ...Totally agree, at the beginning I was looking forward for this series
    it has some mythological stuff that i enjoy and is touching different part of the Marvel so it let me to know more about it but I still feels like they are pushing to much to become Valkyrie a major player, and for me was good until I lost any interest in her, I dont know exactly why, maybe cuz I found that her only motivations is to be dead but that should not be a problem, I just lost interest in the story.
    Anyway, that cliffhanger was really good.

  2. This is a werid series for me... I mean it has lots of characters I'm interested in, and I have no problem with MArvel trying to push Valkyrie as a major player in th Marvel U, but the last two issues have just been meh to me. I mean I AM looking forward to seeing Wolvie tear Crossbones limb from limb, but stuff like Sin leading the battle and Wolverine magically waiting for Crossbones, as well as the Valkyrie stuff, which bored me, just didn't do it for me.