Monday, January 16, 2012

Superboy #5

We'll stick with DC and take a look at the post-reboot version of Superboy. Let's see how many evil things he does here.

Superboy #5:

What Happened: Templar reveals to the doctor currently in charge of the Superboy project that he has some weird powers, and that he expects some results from the SB project... Oookay then... As for SB, he acts nasty to Rose Wilson before sneaking out of his room undetected to break Red free from the truck Project NOWHERE was transporting her around in. After freeing Red, SB hands her over to a mystery character who he seems to trust. SB manages to return to his room before Templar and some guards come barging in, which annoys Templar, since he was hoping this would be the reason he needed to finally ask his supervisors(wait, I thought Templar WAS the boss?!) to terminate SB. With that, SB smugly returns to sleep and some other random weird stuff happens.

Thoughts: Ugh. I really don't like this series. And apparently I'm not alone, as I just checked the sales numbers and since the first issue, SB has lost approximately 14,000 readers between issues #1 and #4. I just don't get what Scott Lobdell is going for here... Is he trying to make SB into the moody loner? The arrogant anti-hero? The unlikable scumbag? All of the above? None of the above? I just don't get it. Besides that, the story just totally lost me here(I seriously thought Templar was the guy in charge of NOWHERE!). Yeah, I was a huge fan of the pre-reboot Superboy, which is why I decided to give this series a chance, but I don't know how much longer I can keep reading this... I keep hoping we get the slightest glimmer of the pre-reboot Superboy here, but thus far, we've had nothing but the current, completely unlikable SB. I don't want to become on of those 14,000 people who dropped this title, but my patience is really wearing thin...

Score: 3 out of 10.Yes, Superboy is still vaguely evil.


  1. *Sigh* This was a series I was going to give a try once it came out on trade and IF the scores you gave it were decent. But...I'm disappointed once again thanks to DC's crappy writers lol.

    A friend of mine got the first issue and I read it and kind of like it...but to see over 10,000 people seriously dislike this comic just makes me sad. Lol. Makes me think of the other 51 titles and how they're doing sales wise.

    But from your friend Lisha, I think you should seriously give this series the boot after issue six, lol. Save that money honey!!!

  2. This series has been such a disappointment, Lisha. For me at least. I just hate this version of Superboy so much! And the NOWHERE storyline just keeps getting more and more confusing... This issue realy ramped up the confusion level. Especially the last page!

    As for sales numbers, Marvel overtook DC again for the first time since the reboot in September(DC had beat Marvel in Sept, Oct, Nov, for the first time in YEARS). And most of the DC books are slowly sliding down the charts. Some are still doing great(JLA, Bats), but a lot are falling off...

    Idk... Part of me wants to drop this series, but part of me keeps hoping it turns around. We'll see I guess.

  3. It seems the comics they came out with characters I got interested in, just have been a disappointment. I've read around and quite a few folks aren't too happy with.
    Sounds like Superboy is having a Justice League Dark situation going on with the confusion.

    Marvel will continue to be on top if DC can't get their crap together.

    And don't let my sour attitude against Superboy keep you from continuing to read. Who knows, maybe the next arc will be awesome. I think I just give up on things I don't like too fast lol.

  4. That first line is SO treu, Lisha! The comics with characters I really like from before the reboot have been some of the most disappointing books for me to read!

    "Who knows, maybe the next arc will be awesome." My expectations are so low I'd take, "okay" and be happy! I'm definitely not expecting awesome! :D

  5. I was one of those comic readers that were looking forward to "starting over". And what I mean by that is....I felt like I joined in the comic reading so late so many characters were established and been through so much and all this amazing stuff that I felt left out. I knew I wouldn't have the money and time to go back and get caught up on all my favorite characters. So when the reboot came along I was really excited. But now that it's been 5 months...I've almost lost hope. I still feel I need to go back and get those back issues I've been wanting to read.

    And for your sake X I hope the story picks up really fast. I know how devoted you are to your comics and it sucks you can't get the joy you once had from your favorite characters. :(

  6. Yeah, a lot of people thought the same re: the reboot, Lisha. The guy at the comic shop I go to never read any DC books before the reboot, and he's dropped all but a select few. DC actually got people interested in their books, and then with their sloppy, at times downright bad writing, turned people right back off of them! How sad is that?!

    I'm still holding out hope... Although with how bad this month's Red Hood comic was(both this series and Red Hood are by the same guy), I'm rapidly losing hope!