Monday, January 23, 2012

A Quick Look At... Batman #5

Next up, probably the gem of the DC reboot for me, Scott Snyder's Batman.

Batman #5:

What Happened: Basically this issue deals with Batman slowly going insane due to being trapped in the Owl's maze. Plus his water supply is probably being drugged, thus adding ti Batman's ever-growing madness... But yeah, this entire issue deals with Bats simply wandering around the maze, trying to avoid the light and winding up back where he started... Repeatedly!

Thoughts: Yes, I know that wasn't much of a review(thus why it's a “Quick Look At...” review!), but seriously, that's the entirety of this issue! Bats haplessly roaming around that maze and slowly going crazy. Scott Snyder actually added a nice little touch to show us just how crazy Bats was going by having the comic pages go sideways and upside-down at certain points in the story(which led to a very confused me turning the pages the wrong way every now and then...). Greg Capullo's art and Snyder's story REALLY hammered home how disorienting the Owl maze was, and made this an interesting, and quite good read.

Score: 8 out of 10.
batman #5
Don't you just HATE it when that happens?!


  1. Hey this issue was epic for me, Snyder way to write suspense is unique American Vampire issues would not let me lie about that and the thing with the pages upside down made me note how unique the comic format is.

    I liked how all the Batfamily was concerned especially Damian (altought I will like to know were are Cass and Steph)

    I cant wait until issue 8 and finally get the Night of the owls Event it has potential to be EPIC

  2. You know, something like the work Snyder did in THIS comic would be completely lost if you only read digital comics. That sense of madness/confusion that Bruce(and the reader) got here wouldn't really show up as well on a computer screen.

    As for the Owl event, I'm personally only interested in the parts Snyder himself writes. I doubt the other Bat-writers are going to be able to craft the story as well as Snyder has, and if anything, the other, lesser writers would probably screw it up!

  3. I heard from some digital readers that reading it in the I-pad was a mess because each time they turned the device it automatically corrected again. Until they notice there is a Block function =P, But I still think that an I-pad is to small to really enjoy a comic.

    You are right but I would love a Damian centered issue in the event and I have faith in Tomasi and Gleason doing it.

  4. HA! That sounds so awkward! You turn the Ipad around, and the pages flips upside down again! That would drive me crazy!

    I'd be curious to see a solo Damian issue(or two or 100!) in Bats and Robin, if only to see how people react. If the reaction is positive, I STILL say bump Damian up to about 12/13 yrs old and give him a solo of his own.

  5. HA I Imagine you (as X-Man of course)going nuts an throwing the I-pad against a wall.

    I think that a 12/13 years old Damian would be better doesn't mind how he grew up is weird seeing a 10 years old boy kicking most feared villain of Gotham ass (like the joker)

    I will like something like the brave and the bold kind of stuff with Damian teaming with a different characters from the DC universe, and some arcs with him going alone too. I enjoyed a lot the issues were he teamed with Steph or Supergirl.

  6. I really enjoyed this issue, and I was sooooo confused by the flipping upside down. It was amazing though. I loved seeing the crazy Batman running around being paranoid.

  7. Ha !! seems like we are not the only ones claiming for a Damian series

  8. HA! I seriously started turning the pages the wrong way halfway through this issue, Caz... I actually had to turn it back the right way, look at the cover and then continue reading since I'd lost my place!

    JT actually e-mailed me a link talking about a series called The Robins, or something like that, that is supposed to focus on all of the Robins(Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian, no mention of Steph of course)! THAT would be a book that would be on my pull list SO fast, Alien!

  9. Yeah I saw that new about the Robins but I'm not going to bet anything until I see something official.
    But my first thought was Awesome!
    and... then wait a minute. How the hell is that going to work

  10. Yup, I'm also waiting on some official confirmation, but just like you, my first thought was indeed, AWESOME! As for how will it work? I don't even care! Maybe it'll be solo stories for each Robin rotating every month, or maybe a team-up sort of book. Or maybe something totally different. But whatever it is, I am SO hoping for it!

  11. This issue was amazing! Snyder is a genius. Got me confused at first but it was great! I loved the opening scene with the Bat Fam. The ending made me sad though. Poor Damian :(

  12. It's pretty awesome that everybody seemed to really enjoy this issue. I don't think I've read or heard anybody say a bad thing about this issue, which is REALLY rare!