Friday, January 13, 2012

Journey Into Mystery #633

It's a storyline guest-starring Daimon Hellstrom. Seriously, no matter what happens in this one it's almost guaranteed a score of a 7 or higher!

Journey Into Mystery #633:

What Happened: The Fear Lords have a meeting to discuss the events of Fear Itself and try to make themselves feel better in the face of the fact that the Serpent embarrassed them all. Notably, Nightmare isn't at the meeting... In Poland, Daimon Hellstrom(acting strangely like a vampire) arrives at the home of a girl who was asleep for days and was suffering terrible dreams about Dark Asgard. Before Daimon can do anything to help, the girl dies. Daimon angrily leaves to get to the bottom of this, since this wasn't the first case of a child being terrorized by similar dreams. A simple spell reveals to Daimon that Broxton, Oklahoma was at the heart of whatever was causing these bad dreams... Or should I say nightmares... In Broxton, Loki ends up having a terrible dream about Dark Asgard, but is forced awake by Ikol. Loki and Ikol head to the ruins of Dark Asgard to see if they could discover how Dark Asgard was still causing fear and come to the conclusion that it wasn't Dark Asgard itself that was behind Loki's terrible dreams, but Loki's own mind. At the same time, Daimon arrives at Dark Asgard and upon seeing Loki immediately figures the terrible dreams were being caused by him, which leads to Daimon moving in to attack Loki, ending this issue.

Thoughts: This was a very enjoyable comic. The main story here was very strong, although some of the other stuff happening here(the All-Mother in Asgardia, the bully in Broxton, Leah, etc) definitely took this issue down a few notches for me. Yeah, it's rather obvious who's trying to take advantage of the Serpent's handiwork(come on, it HAS to be Nightmare!!), but a comic book with both Daimon Hellstrom and Loki in it is always going to be all right in my eyes!

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Loki vs Hellstrom? I'm there!


  1. I haven't read too much with Daimon in it. Is he always such a hard-ass? I mean I know he is quite strong but in most appearances he does not seem as serious.

  2. As with a lot of b or c-list characters, Daimon has been written in a bunch of different ways. But Gillen seemed to have done the best job giving us who I'D consider Daimon. Most of the comics with Daimon I've read, such as his early appearances in... I want to say Marvel Premiere, his short-lived 90's series and the 2000's mini(although that mini was a mess...) all have Daimon acting more gruff. I haven't read a lot of older Defenders comics, but it seemed like Hellcat had a mellowing effect on Daimon. He was friendlier in things like the West Coast Avengers when he was with Hellcat. If you wanted my opinion I'd say this Daimon was close to the Daimon I think about though.