Friday, January 13, 2012

Captain America #7

One more comic for the night, the thus far disappointing Captain America series. This series is definitely not anywhere NEAR the awesomeness that the first Ed Brubaker launched Cap book was, but it IS Ed Brubaker we're talking about, so maybe THIS is the issue where things turn the corner.

Captain America #7:

What Happened: While Captain America is stuck running tests at Avengers Mansion to see why he lost his Super-Soldier Serum imbued powers, Hawkeye and Falcon head out to try to track down the Serpent Squad. Since the Squad was obviously working with somebody supplying them Madbombs, it was in the Avengers best interest to squeeze the Squad until they talked. Falcon comes across a Madbomb caused riot in the middle of the day, which causes Cap to think that the Squad was out trying to capitalize on the riot. Sure enough, Cap and Sharon Carter track down the Squad attempting a bank robbery with the riot as their cover.

Thoughts: Ah, now this was WAY more like it! The story focused heavily on Cap's strange power losses, but it also featured Beast, Hawkeye and Falcon. If Bucky would have been here it would have been a who's who of some of my favorite Cap/Avengers characters! It seems more and more likely that Machinesmith may be the one behind Cap's power-losses, because his name is being mentioned a lot these past two issues. I'd like to think it's Machinesmith and the Squad working together, but I'm sure this will all come back as some sort of master plan for that Hydra Queen and Bravo. Speaking of which, the lack of Hydra Queen, Suddenly Evil Baron Zemo, as well as Bravo only appearing on three pages is probably another reason I enjoyed this one.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.It doesn't matter what costume he wears, Hawkeye is still awesome!


  1. I too loved this issue man. It was all the characters doing what they do best! this arc is much more interesting than the jimmy jupiter other worldly one. I didn't mind the mentioning of bravo because its obviously going to be a drawn out thing and without it we'd be like what!? where he been? when he shows up again lol. Agreed though 3 pages is great!

  2. I have to say, I'm kind of/sort of dreading the return of Bravo... Like you said, we ALL know Brubaker has big plans for that character, but Bucky he's not. But I really can't complain much as long as he's in three pages or less.