Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Comic Day! January 4th edition

Hey, check it out, it's Wednesday, meaning it's time for another edition of New Comic Day! Not only that, but this is the first New Comic Day of 2012! Here's hoping we get a great week of books to start the New Year off right. With that said, what books DID I pick up this week? Well, let's take a look! Irredeemable #33, Stormwatch #5, Avengers Academy #24, Avengers: X-Sanction #2, Defenders #2, Fear Itself: The Fearless #6, Thunderbolts #168, Uncanny X-Force #19.1, Uncanny X-Men #4, Wolverine: Alpha and Omega #1 Only 10 books this week? Huzzah! The New Year IS starting off right! I almost picked up the Avengers Annual, but common sense took over and I decided not to pick it up. This week's Pick of the Litter is an absolute no-brainer... It HAS to be the comic I chose as my favorite series of 2011, Avengers Academy! Best comic on the market, with my favorite writer of '11. Yeah, that will definitely be getting read first. As for the first Runt of 2012, that'll have to be Uncanny X-Men #4. After the last issue I honestly wonder why I'm even bothering with this series... I get the feeling that unless things change drastically after the Avengers/X-Men crossover event, this is a series I can easily see myself dropping. Speaking of series I'm considering dropping, this issue of Defenders is going to go a LONG way in helping me decide whether or not this one stays on my pull list, because the first issue was a train wreck... In my humble opinion of course. Let's see... 10 comics means 5 nights of two reviews, with me flexing my (not-so)creative muscle on Monday and Tuesday. Tonight(probably around midnight) I'll have reviews for Avengers Academy and Avengers: X-Sanction up. And there we have it. Another New Comic Day in the books. Remember to check out my scan blog HERE for this week's Random Scan, and until later, X out.


  1. Nice list, but I was kinda hoping you'd take the plunge on Avengers Annual :D I know it's Bendis, but the art looks just amazing. I will be thinking long and hard about plunking down that $4.99

  2. ...Something says me that you are not going to like Uncanny X-Force I almost enjoy it But I'm pissed with the consequences. Not sure if I will be reading Age of Apocalypse now.

    Anyway, I will be looking forward to Stormwatch #5,Avengers Academy #24,Uncanny X-Men #4, Wolverine: A & O #1

    Now Alpha and Omega was a good reading, it has the QQ I like hope he stays in that path

  3. I was tempted, TRobb... But yeah, it's Bendis, and after the past few issues, I just couldn't rationalize spending that money on a comic I almost definitely wouldn't enjoy... If you happen to pick it up and enjoy it, I could definitely be swayed!

    Ugh, I'm not happy to hear that about X-Force, Alien... But I am happy to hear about A&O. That is one mini I am very curious about!

  4. movieartman here
    the Avengers Anuual was damn good
    the new Ave Annual that preceded it
    was good it was pretty much all battle there was very little pointless banter in ether
    and Wonderman in the todays one his point is just Woah and actualy kinda makes sense (more so than before)
    and his conversation with beast is very sad :(
    the last page of the issue i was like......... (speachless)......

    my final opinion this was FAR better work from bendis than we have got in a LONG time
    the art while good... (gab dell otto is my fav artist after all) is very disapointing to me personaly as i REALLY hoped he was going to fully paint thease 2 annuals as he did with secret war. but he went with a more traditional comic art route and the end result is.... solid if a bit shakey

    i say go ahead and buy both issues and the $ loss wont be too great considering all the series your droping curnetly

  5. Happy Comic Daaaaaay!!!! Also, Happy New Year!!!! I'm so excited for the new year, especially when it comes to comics. I got a chance to look through that Preview Book that comes out with info about stuff and there are quite a few comics I am looking forward to, like "Fairest" by our man Bill Willingham and "Avengers v. X-Men" just to name a couple.

    But enough of does sound like the year is starting off right with your pockets there X. 10 books? You could easily knock those out in a few days and able to relax the rest of the week, lol. But being the loyal reviewer you'll give us 5 days of awesome reviews.

    I think I'll end my night with some comic reading myself. I got some catching up to do once again lol.

    Happy Reading!!!

  6. Hmm, so maybe I made a mistake by not picking up that annual, Movieartman? If next week's pull list looks similar to this week's(a number around 10), I'll probably pick it up... I mean I AM a completest, and not having that annual IS kind of bothering me...

    Lisha! My shop gives me the Marvel preview guide AND the big Preview guide free, and all I have to say is SAGA!! It's a new ongoing from Image dropping in March and it's written by Brian K Vaughn!!! That is absolutely going on my pull list!! Just figured I'd throw that out there. :D

    I'm actually looking forward to taking a day off towards the end of this week, mainly because I haven't had a day off from the blog in like... I don't even remember! I'll probably do a day of retro-reviews and take it easy one day. You know, just read some comics for fun, not to review or anything. That sounds so appealing...

  7. I am quite curious what you have to say about X-Force and A&O as well. I thought A&O was pretty good and the mini looks like it will be entertaining. X-Force, on the other hand, is going to make you want to pull your hair out. I don't want to give anything away but I can't wait for that review.

  8. A&O should be up by tonight around 8:30-ish, Jermox. As for X-Force, I have to admit, I've been avoiding that issue! I've heard nothing but luke warm to bad things about it, which caused me to put it right near the bottom of my pile. That one will probably be up, read and reviewed for Sunday... Possibly Saturday, but almost definitely Sunday. But I AM afraid of that comic... I am very afraid!

  9. " But I AM afraid of that comic... I am very afraid!"

    And you should be!

    " But I AM afraid of that comic... I am very afraid!"

    And you should be!

    I recommend you to drink something relaxing before you read it and read it waiting the worst scenery possible so the impact would be less shocking.

    And I'm realy looking forward to Saga too!! Honestly I haven't read anything form BKV before but only hear good things about his work (Y, Swamp Thing, Runaways)

  10. That's awesome. Our guy at the shop let me take it home to look through. And X, I'm there with you. I gave him a list of things to order for our pull list and please believe Saga was on there, lol. But I'm really excited to read Bill Willingham's Fairest. Which reminds me I really need to get back to reading Fables. Lol. They're on trade 16 and I'm like halfway through the second one, lol.
    Are you looking forward to Avengers v. X-men? I'ma newbie to Marvel still so seeing a #1 next to an issue gets my attention lol.

  11. I get so many books the guy at my shop just gives me both the big preview guide and the Marvel preview book to keep! :P He knows that if does that I'll end up picking up more books... :/ It's actually a brilliant business strategy!

    It looks like I'll be dropping Fables actually, Lisha... My sister has been reading it and has been giving it lukewarm reviews, plus she told me if I wanted to drop it to go ahead. She DID mention that she was interested in starting that Grimm series... So who knows, I might finally wind up reading that!

    As for Avengers/X-Men, I am DEFINITELY excited for it! I am in full-out pro-Avengers/anti-X-Men mode for that series! Here's hoping Lord Summers FINALLY gets that ass-kicking he's been needing for YEARS now!

  12. Lol @ brilliant strategy. But it is!!!

    And you know what x, I don't blame you if you do drop the series. I pick up fables and read and get bored then stop reading myself lol. I got 7 trades to read and I will read for the simple fact that I did buy em. And tell your sister to pick up Grimm Fairy Tales......I absolutely love the series. I think she'll like it as well.

    Lol @ your excitement for xmen v. Avengers. I can't wait to read it myself. I need to get on the avengers bandwagon lol. I hope Mr. Summers gets a swift kick to the nads lol. He's been extremely annoying in Uncanny XMen.

  13. I have like 7 new series I want to put on my pull list due to that preview guide... The moral here is that I have to stop bringing that preview guide home with me... :P

    I spoke to get about Grimm and she said she dled the first issue on her Kindle(or Nook, or whetever she has...). I read the first issue myself on my PSP, and it seemed interesting. I'll prob add it on Wednesday and start reading right from that spot. I figure I can lean on you to catch me up on who's who and what's up. :-)

    That XvA series HAS to end with Lord Summers catching an epic ass-kicking! If it doesn't I'll be so disappointed...

  14. Uh oh...your pockets must really dislike you after knowing that, lol. :-P I know I have at least four. Hopefully by that time I'll have dropped some comics that have been on the fence.

    It's a really good series....and there are other series that have comics as well. So it's definitely something to give a try. At least the first trade. And you can lean on me any time hun ;-)

    Lol. An ass whooping definitely needs to happen, lol. He's so annoying!! Lol.

    Speaking of Marvel, I see Storm will be joining the Avengers....soooo think I should give it a whirl?? I love me some Storm, she's one of my fav. Lol.

  15. Well I'll be dropping 4 books(including 2 $4 ones) and adding 7(possibly 8), but all of the ones I'm adding are $3 books, and don't come out 100 times every month, so I don't think I'll be blowing too much more $ than usual. Plus a lot of the new books start in March, which helps too! :P

    HA! You know I'll take you up on that whole leaning thing, Lisha! ;)

    Storm actually did join the team officially like an issue back. As for a recommendation... That's a tough one... Avengers WAS my least favorite series of 2011, but I AM hoping it gets it's act back together... I honestly don't know what to tell you about it. The next issue SHOULD be good, so maybe test it out, see if you can stand the writing, and take it from there. But I def wouldn't say it was a must buy or anything like that... Especially for $4.

  16. What's the deal with Marvel/DC raising prices? Geez. Also, where did Marvel get the idea of putting out comics with 2-4 issues a month? Like...That right there turns me away from wanting to get into Marvel comics, lol. I'm going to have to do some real fine tuning of my pull list. I mean I don't spend near as much as you but it's seriously hurting pockets lol.

    Take me up on it hun. :)

    I think I seriously get over excited about things in comics lol. I know darn well I wouldn't stay interested in Avengers, lol. ESPECIALLY after it was your least fav of the year. I mean I lean on you heavily for Marvel recommendations. So, 9 times out of 10, if X Man doesn't like it... I'm sure I'll read it and not like it either. *Hint* X-23 lol. $4? Oh nah, see that't why I gave up on buying magazines all the time. They rose on prices. And it's all full of ads!!Lol. I guess I will pass on that Avengers, lol.

  17. That's exactly what I did at the comic shop today, Lisha. I dropped 4 books, two $4 Marvel ones and 2 DC ones and added like 6 books, almost all of them from Image. And all the books I added? $3. Marvel and DC keep it up and I'll keep moving over to the cheaper indie comic books.

    I can't blame ya on Avengers, Lisha. If I wasn't such a huge Avengers fan I'd have dropped that series a few months back. Hell, I didn't even bother picking up the New Avengers series, that says a lot right there!

  18. Man, that's insane how prices are rising. And hell some of the Indie books are a hell of a lot better than some of the Major companies. Keep it up I'll go back to buying trades, lol, I'll just have to be real patient lol.

    we gotta do soemthing to stop you from being such a big fan!!! It's like you're torturing yourself!! lol. And your poor poor pockets. :( Hell I can't say nothing.....That Huntress Mini series has been very boring but I'm such a big Huntress fan I keep buying, lol, only 6 issues so it can't be too bad right? Lol.

  19. "And hell some of the Indie books are a hell of a lot better than some of the Major companies" Exactly! That is why I've been branching out and snagging more indie stuff. Because some of the stuff I am/did read(Invincible, Morning Glories, Y, Irredeemable) are just as good, if not WAY better than like 90% of the stuff Marvel and DC are putting out on a regular basis.

    Speaking of that Huntress mini, I have to ask, have they revealed WHO Huntress is in that one? I've been reading a lot of... interesting things about that...

  20. Totally agree with Lisha here that Huntress Mini is one of the most boring mini I had read. Firts issue was awesome and totally hooked me but from there was the same thing again and again, I continued cuz at least Huntress has a spot in the DCU.
    And there comes the problem, Huntress acted as Bertinelli all the time, when she Arrives to Italy her passport says Bertinelli and She says "I'm Back Home" Why would she say that if she isn't Bertinelli Mafia Princess?
    But in the last issue when one friend asked about her past she looks to a cat and she says "is complicated" and there are some other Cats references and now I feel totally tricked staffed that is not for what I bought this mini you are laughing at me DC!
    I know is nothing confirmed yet but all is pointing to that.

  21. Wow, that really sucks! So they basically drew people into the series by making it seem like they were reading about the Huntress we all knew and loved, and then pulled out the big Wayne swerve. That is SO wrong... When people wonder why I've dropped so many DC books, this is one of the reasons!

  22. "Exactly! That is why I've been branching out and snagging more indie stuff." I'm glad you're doing that. Because I was beginning to get tired of reading DC lol. Luckily JT introduced me to some Image comics like Invicible. Now I pretty much will give any Indie book that looks/sounds interesting a try.

    *Sigh* You know X, this series has been moving so slow paced IMO. I think my mind went numb a couple issues. I don't think they've revealed yet....still got 2 issues to go. I almost feel I should've just waited til I had all 6 to read it. It's just a bunch of sneaking around taking a few people out a issue and it's really getting boring lol.

    It's like they didn't want to leave huntress out of the Bat Fam and threw some stuff together just for the hell of it. :(