Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mighty Thor #10

And the final review for this Saturday night? Mighty Thor #10. Or Mighty Tanarus #10. Whatever, let's just get to it.

Mighty Thor #10:

Summary: The All-Mother asks Heimdall to peer into the future to see what was in store for Asgardia, and Heimdall warns the All-Mother that he could sense assassins coming for the All-Mother, but that he can't see exactly who the culprits were. From there, Heimdall confronts Tanarus, since Tanarus was a blindspot for Heimdall. Tanarus doesn't like Heimdall asking him questions, and as such attacks. Tanarus puts Heimdall out of action and heads off to stand with the All-Mother while she brought together representatives from all of the nine worlds. With the All-Mother distracted by her Congress of Worlds the plan is for Tanarus to kill the All-Mother, which would allow the trolls to invade Asgardia. Meanwhile, Loki and the Silver Surfer try in vain to lift Thor's hammer. Loki pleads for Thor to hear him, which causes the hammer to fly skyward. The Surfer chases after it and watches in shock as it pierces the universe on it's trip to Thor. Upon regaining his hammer, Thor remembers who he was, and decides to fight against the god-eating Demogorge in order to return home.

Thoughts: Meh. For whatever reason, I just never got into this comic. It's probably due to the fact that we ALL know that Thor will defeat the Demogorge and confront, and defeat, Tanarus/Ulik. Sure, there's some suspense in whether or not Thor returns in time to save the All-Mother from Tanarus's betrayal, but I'm not really invested enough in the All-Mother to really care if the trolls kill her or not. Maybe if she was more established I'd care more, but as it is, I'm just waiting for Thor to come back and beat up Tanarus, and really nothing more.

Score: 5 out of 10.
mighty thor #10
Yes, I laughed at the Loki/stick line... Sue me.

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