Monday, December 12, 2011

X-Men #22

With four more comics to review to close out the week, I think I'm going to stick with the Good/Bad/Verdict format. I tend to type these posts up faster than the summary/thoughts posts, and these comics are near the bottom of my comic pile, meaning I'm not exactly looking forward to spending a lot of time working on them.

X-Men #22:

What Happened: Storm, War Machine and Jugger-Colossus manage to defeat the modified Sentinel the Puternicstanian government sent after them. While that trio was defeating the Sentinel, Warpath, Psylocke, Vampire Jubilee and Domino are dealing with some Puternicstanian army goons in a warehouse full of Sentinels. The Puternicstanian(that word is a real pain in the ass to constantly type...) governor gives the order to send all of the Sentinels in their arsenal at neighboring country Symkaria to teach the Symkarians that Puternicstan was no longer a defenseless nation. Realizing a war between Puternicstan and Symkaria(ARGH! There names are driving me crazy!!!) could lead to a greater conflict involving Latveria, Russia and China, Storm creates a massive hurricane in front of the oncoming Sentinels, ending this one.

The Good: The story here was fast paced. The art was good. The dialogue was okay. As I've stated before, this is probably my favorite team of mutants from Lord Summers side of the fence... Well except for Jugger-Colossus... I don't get why he's here... War Machine actually did more than just get beat up here! Huzzah!!

The Bad: Unfortunately, War Machine did spend most of this issue looking inferior to the X-Men... Boo!!! The cliffhanger(if you even want to call it that) was strange... This issue ended with Storm creating a hurricane between the Sentinels and Symkaria. I'd have thought the better place to end this one was with the Sentinels activating in the warehouse. I had to type out a variation of the word Puternicstan 6 times for this post... That's 5 times too many in my book!

The Verdict: This was a perfectly acceptable comic book. Nothing more, nothing less. Will I remember it for days to come? Nope. Hell, even as I type this up the memory of it is fading! But it was an okay way to kill 5 minutes, so that's good... Other than that, I will say that the ending of this storyline seems like a forgone conclusion(the general who doesn't want to go to war ends up betraying the Puternicstanian governor), before moving on to the next comic book in my pile.

Score: 7 out of 10.Sure, bring a vampire into battle where people are frequently bleeding... Makes sense to me.


  1. if storm could just take all the sentinels out before why did they have such a hard time fighting all those other ones individually?

  2. See, that's a great point. Are Sentinels somehow tougher when they're alone or something? Do they get overconfident when they are surrounded by their fellow robots? The ending of this one was just all sorts of strange. Usually you want the heroes to seem in trouble to build suspense for the next issue. This one ended with Storm preparing to take out the Sentinel horde. Weird.

  3. Wolverine screwed Cyclops when he took the fifteen-year-olds. Evidently they are the ones who can take down Sentinels.

  4. HA!!! Nicely done, Jermox! That was excellent! Huh, who knew Wolvie was such a devious mastermind! :D

  5. Maybe cuz, the sentinels were in the air? plus she had time to concentrate more power than the firts I dont know Just saying. I'm enjoying this series anyway.

    The only thing that i dont understand is that Based in your retro reviews juggernaut seemed to be more powerful than Juger-colosus to me. Shouldn't be different?

  6. The Juggernaut/Jugger-Colo thing is a good point. Cain Marko, at full power, could eat up and spit out a Sentinel in no time flat. However, I know that Cyttorak can reduce the power he gives to his avatar(Juggernaut) if he feels his avatar isn't being destructive enough. He punihsed Cain when he joined the X-Men by cutting his power since he wanted Juggy causing destruction, not preventing it. Maybe he's not giving Jugger-Colo the full access to the Juggernaut power because Jugger-Colo is trying to do good. That's my guess anyway.

  7. AAAAhhhh, pretty clear now, thanks.