Friday, December 30, 2011

Uncanny X-Men #3

Hey, it's time to take a look at my least favorite team of mutants(possibly EVER), the current version of the Uncanny X-Men! Here's the score for those of you who don't know. I hate this team of X-Men. They're more the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants than a legitimate X-team(seriously, except for Storm, tell me I'm exaggerating!). As such, I'll be hoping they get smacked around some more by Mr. Sinister, who is, for me at least, the hero of this piece... Go Team Sinister!

Uncanny X-Men #3:

What Happened: The Brotherhood battle against the army of Sinister clones, but have little luck defeating the Sinisters since they just keep coming. Danger arrives on the scene to lend a hand, but even she can't tip the battle back in favor of the Brotherhood, as the Sinisters just keep on respawning. Eventually Emma Frost realizes that Sinister had based much of his mind on Lord Summers, and since she knew the mind of Lord Summers better than anybody, she manages to shut down Sinister and his army, but not before forcing Sinister to send the Dreaming Celestial's head back to it's body. Defeated, the Sinisters melt away, at which time ANOTHER Sinister strolls out of the museum Sinister had taken over. Sinister tells the team that he had learned from the past mistakes of the Sinister who had just lost, and as such ridded himself of his over-reliance on Lord Summers brain patterns. Sinister tells the Brotherhood that he'd be back someday before teleporting the museum away and shooting himself in the head. With Sinister gone(for now), Lord Summers and the Brotherhood head out to the Golden Gate Park just in time to watch the Celestials touch down to see who had tampered with the Dreaming Celestial. Lord Summers decides to tell the Celestials that the Earth was under his protection(REALLY??!?!?!?), at which time the Dreaming Celestial gives the rest of the Celestials the sign to leave since it was no longer in any jeopardy. The Brotherhood seems to think that THEY chased off the Celestials(for real?!) and the Brotherhood seem pleased by this turn of events.

The Good: Um... I guess Sinister will be back again sometime down the road. Granted, he's still bizarro Sinister, but maybe by the time he returns he'll be more like his normal self... That's all I've got...

The Bad: The Lord Summers/Celestials scene was one of the most cringe-inducing, horrible things I've read in some time... Has Lord Summers become so delusional that he thought he could take THE CELESTIALS?!? The Celestials are a cosmic force, Lord Summers is a deluded madman... If the Brotherhood were to fight the Celestials it would be akin to a platoon of tanks battling a pack of dogs... Our Lord and Savior Hope was in this comic. The Brotherhood won.

The Verdict: If you're a fan of this version of the X-Men, then I KNOW you liked this issue way more than I did. However, if you're like me and despise this version of the X-Men Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, this was a very unsatisfying ending to the first storyarc. I guess I'll have to take solace in the fact that Emma lost an arm. See, I DO try to look on the bright side of things!

Score: 4 out of 10.So speaketh Our Lord and Savior Hope!!!


  1. "If you're a fan of this version of the X-Men, then I KNOW you liked this issue way more than I did."

    Okay so what if you ended up settling for this team up by default since you didn't like Wolverine's comic? Lol. Okay, I'm talking about myself, lol. The last issue was okay, I enjoyed Sinister most. Lol. I'm scared to read this issue lol. Especially with the score you gave it, among other blogs I follow and how I'm on the fence of dropping this series. :-\ guess I'll have to read and see.

  2. Every time they take a crack at the Avengers I cringed. I really dislike this team.

  3. Beep beep!! We interrupt this program for the one thing that matters most on this entire blog...a Nate Grey exclusive. After all, this is the X-MAN BLOG. (In truth, sorry X and everyone else who may take offense)...but I promised X I'd get back to him in regards a very important Nate Grey matter. So, with that, please forgive. Anyhow, wuzzup X75! Now about this Twelve was mentioned in the comics that Cable was included as part of the twelve. However, other prophetic references within the comics suggest that Cable was actually the GATHERER of the Twelve. If the latter is correct, then does that mean the in reality, Nate Grey was the twelfth member instead of the thirteenth extra?! And if so, how can that be!....because didn't Blaquesmith firmly state that Nate Grey was an error in the 616 timeline and that he shouldn't exist. Why wasn't he included in that diary that revealed the twelve's identity and wouldn't that back up what Blaquesmith said due to the fact that he wasn't listed? And if that's the case, does Nate Grey's existence therefore change history to a major degree - possibilities good or bad?! Is this not puzzling or what! What do you think X (or anybody else for that matter)? If you think that's confusing, wait to you hear what ideas I have regarding Thren baby! (Is it Nate's...perhaps or perhaps not...uhoh!)

  4. I'm actually going to be interested in what you thought about this one, Lisha... I mean I've already gone on record(repeatedly!) about my utter disdain for this team, and this issue really solidified that! I wouldn't be shocked in the least if you wound up dropping this series... If I wasn't such a huge X-fan, I'd be dropping it!!

    Yes, thank you, Jermox! THAT is the exact reason I posted this particular page. The shots this team kept taking at the Avengers was just flat out bizarre! I mean yeah, I guess we're moving towards an X-Men/Avengers event and all, but it seemed like Gillen was really going out of his way to paint the X-Men as the bad guys for that event, because they were all just SO damn unlikable!

    The Twelve thing is interesting in that I don't know that Marvel itself knew what to make of/do with Nate during that storyline, Radtrainer... I wouldn't be shocked if the people behind it were totally unaware of Nate when they first came up with the idea, because he just didn't fit in that well. But if you really think about it, another version of Nathan Summers/Grey WOULD severely mess up history, because there'd be no way to account for someone like that. Add the fact that Nate DIDN'T have the TO Virus and he'd definitely be the more desirable candidate for Apocalypse. I still imagine that Cable was a part of the Twelve as opposed to a gatherer or them, but who's to say? Maybe one day Marvel will revisit this story.

  5. You said Emma still has no arm?
    She's probably gonna have it regrown by that golden boy Elixir who we actually haven't seen since he had that breakdown in the pre-Hope x-force.
    In fact where has that guy been all this time?

  6. Yup, Emma was still armless in this issue, and turned back to flesh and blood quick to use her telepathy, so I wonder how that'll effect her getting her arm put back on.

    Good question concerning Elixir... Much like pretty much ALL of the New Mutants -> Academy X kids he's nowhere to be found... Which is sad because so many of those kids had some real potential...

  7. Since you do not read Legacy I will point out that they had moody Hellion again. I thought we were over this version of Hellion but certain comics keep bringing him back.

    It seemed like the New Mutants from Academy X stayed with Cyclops while the Hellions went with Wolverine. I actually have no idea where Elixir went but if I go with the generalization I am guessing he is in Utopia.

  8. ... That scene with the celestials what hilarious,
    "Hey you, Big boys, this is our planet so get the hell out of here" and Ororo claiming we did it, sounded out of character to me.

    I don't like this team, but still think that they can defeat the actual Avengers team.

    And talking about Legacy, the chick called Ariel I mentioned last time,
    She has Pink hair and she can open dimensional ports, she "died" in some event related with Hope.

  9. Ah, thanks for the info, Jermox. I forgot that Hellion does still pop up every now and then to look terrible... It sucks how terribly those characters have been written...

    Hmm... This x-team vs the Avengers line-up in Avengers? I'd probably have to agree with you, Alien. If Thor were back with the Avengers I'd def say the Avengers. Same if it's both the Avengers and New Avengers against these X-Men. But as much as I hate them, I think they'd be able to barely take the Avengers.

  10. In fairness, the current incarnation of the Avengers seems diluted. Red Hulk is a Hulk, but as soon as he became a good guy they made him seem severely weaker. The lack of Thor hurts too. The rest don't seem like they could take on the ridiculous power Cyclops has assembled (possibly to take over the world).

  11. "Red Hulk is a Hulk, but as soon as he became a good guy they made him seem severely weaker." <-- That, exactly. That is why the Avengers would need Thor to have a chance to defeat Lord Summers Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Seriously, Thor is probably the one guy you'd want to deal with Jugger-Colossus, he's battled Cain Marko before and has won. Red Hulk, at his current power levels would probably be a better match up against Danger, because I think Jugger-Colo walks right through him now. The Avengers still do have the genius of Tony Stark and the leadership abilities of Captain America, which are two great intangibles, but I don't know if any intangibles are enough to stand up to the brute power of the Brotherhood...

  12. Well, I'll be a few days late my comments on the issue. JT should be bring it by when he comes over this week. And I know I shouldn't compare this to Astonishing X-Men (which I love btw) but I can't help but compare the two and just end up disliking Uncanny more lol. So we shall see once I read this issue. I won't let this issue or Wolverine and the X-Men sour my liking of Marvel comics, lol. But this comic has to get better right?

  13. That JT is such a comic thief! :D From what I heard from JT he kind of/sort of liked this issue, so here's hoping the same holds true for you, Lisha.

  14. So I just read this issue, and I think your take on the ending might be inaccurate. I don't think Cyclops himself believed they chased the celestials off, but he made a comment to the effect that the CROWD thought they "stared gods in the face until they blinked." Which led into the comment by somebody else that the crowd wasn't throwing bricks at them or anything. My impression was that the brotherhood was collectively crapping the bed when they saw all of the celestials. Cyclops was pleading with them to leave because they (the brotherhood) would see to it that the dreaming celestial was safe.

    As for the shots at the avengers, I think that's what Cyclops idea was - to usurp the avengers as Earth's premiere superhero team.

    I think the first arc was pretty good all things considered - most of the team showed that they were incredibly powerful and resourceful. They may not be likeable, but I do want to see how things turn out for the Extinctioners.

    The next big domino to fall, hopefully before AvX, in the X-universe is when Prof. X and Legion turn back up. Those two would definitely be game-changers, and it seems weird that we haven't heard a thing from them since Legion Quest.

  15. I made that last post btw.

  16. Eh, the weird shots at the Avengers just seemed kind of lame to me, TRobb. It's not as if Cap, Iron Man or even Hawkeye are going around saying, "Boy, that Brotherhood of Evil Mutants sure sucks!" completely out of the blue. To be 100% honest with you though, I'll be dropping this series come this Wednesday. I'll prob pick up the tie-in issues during the AvX event, but I just dislike this team so much I can't rationalize spending upwards of $8 a month on it. If Marvel would only ship it once a month, I'd be more willing to stick it out. But twice a month? Nope, can't do it. Not for this series, not anymore.

  17. Eh that's cool, you spend twice as much weekly as I do at the comic shop so I can't blame you. Especially given your blind hatred of this team ;) I will stick it out, because this team interests me and I am an first and foremost a fan of Marvel's mutants.

  18. I'd be more than happy if you wanted to keep me in the loop with what's happening here, TRobb. At least until I start picking this series up again for the AvX stuff. But I really have to start cutting back on those $4 Marvel series... Especially the ones I'm not really enjoying.