Friday, December 16, 2011

Grifter #4

The first comic I'll be looking at tonight is also the first DC book I've read this week, Grifter. Unfortunately, that washed up, has-been Green Arrow is guest starring in this issue... Oh well, here's hoping Old Man Ollie doesn't hurt my enjoyment of this one too much.

Grifter #4:

What Happened: Grifter heads to Seattle with the Daemonite he captured last issue hoping this Daemonite would lead him to others. The captive Daemonite leads Grifter to the Q-Core building, which naturally draws out Green Arrow(since Oliver Queen owns Q-Core or something... I don't actually care, so meh). Grifter doesn't want to fight GA since his beef is with the Daemonites, and after GA frees Grifter's Daemonite hostage, Grifter makes a run for it. He is eventually cornered by GA and Seattle's finest, but is rescued by a woman on a motorcycle. Meanwhile, Daemonites are torturing Grifter's girlfriend and Secret Government Agency #1,297,268 of the new DCU are still tracking Grifter.

The Good: The story was fast paced. The art was really good... Better than I remember it being actually. I wonder if we changed artists or something. With Daemonites, shadowy government agencies, mystery biker women and kidnapped girlfriends, this series has storylines set up for quite some time. We FINALLY get Grifter calling the Daemonites by name in this issue!!! Huzzah! And it only took them 4 issues and absolutely NO explanation as to how or why Grifter knew they were called Daemonites!

The Bad: I don't like Oliver Queen anymore. In my opinion, his day has passed and Connor Hawke should have been handed the GA mantle with the reboot, so I obviously didn't like seeing him here. The way GA defeated Grifter wasn't really clear. That was the only gripe I had with the artwork. I just didn't ever get that invested in this issue... Probably because of GA eating up so much scenery.

The Verdict: Well this was a nice, quick read. Grifter arrives in Seattle, fights GA and is assisted by some random woman. Simple. I really don't have any strong feelings about this issue one way or the other, so I guess we should move on...

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Try to figure out what's going on in this issue just by looking at this page... I dare ya!


  1. Glad I dropped this series, Grifter seems too tame after hearing so much about him, and I hate how young Ollie is, it really pisses me off that a character I thoroughly enjoyed prior to the Cry for Justice stuff has become a character I couldn't care less about at this point...

  2. You're preaching to the choir re: Ollie, mi amigo! I've read more Ollie comics than most, and I'm honestly to the point where I just wish he'd lay down and die somewhere. Seriously, if DC is trying to diversify their line, why not have Connor Hawke in Ollie's spot? He's a unique character, and would bring something different to the table. No, instead we get Ollie, who facially at least, looks alarmingly like Hawkeye, doing the same thing, in the same way.

    As for Grifter, I can't blame ya. The series has been okay, but if not for my sister(since this is one of the comics I pick up for her), I'm not even sure if I'D still be buying this one. Hopefully things will pick up, I mean all of the pieces are in place, but I guess we'll see.

  3. There is going to be a crosover between The Edge books, in issue 6, maybe it will pick up then.

    I'm reading this series again, and wasn't like a miss to much, from issue 2 to 4, istill is an averege comic with a small possibility to get better.

    And for that page, He is driving an automatic car, with his belt (or something) while shooting.

  4. I'm still hanging in. The GA appearance didn't really seem to serve much of a purpose (so far anyway), except just to get a well-known character into the series. I agree about the shadowy government agencies. The nDCU is flooded with them.

    Side note, and I put it here because you haven't reviewed Deathstroke yet, but we finally get the briefcase opened in #4. I won't spoil it for you.

  5. I think you hit the nail right on the head, Vancelot. The ONLY reason I can think of for the GA appearance was just to get an well known DC hero into this book. Voodoo had GL, Grifter got GA. I seriously don't expect to see GA show up again, this was almost definitely a one appearance deal just to try to grab some GA fans for this series.

    Deathstroke #4 was one of the two books from today that I posted, and to be honest, I was quite pleased with the suitcase reveal.