Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Avengers: X-Sanction #1

Second and final review of the night is the first issue of the Avengers: X-Sanction mini-series that looks to set the table for the upcoming Avengers vs X-Men mega event this April. I get the feeling that this mini-series is either going to be really good, or really bad... Let's hope it's the former and not the latter...

Avengers: X-Sanction #1(of 4):

Summary: The Avengers respond to a jail break being committed by the Lethal Legion. With the Avengers distracted, Cable(who isn't dead for reasons never adequately explained) shoots Falcon in the back(thus making him the villain of this piece) and captures him, taking him to his underground sewer layer... Huh? When did Cable become the Lizard? Needless to say, Captain America is pissed that somebody had attacked and kidnapped his longtime friend and partner and follows Falcon's... well, falcon, Redwing, and ends up discovering Cable's base. Cable creeps out of the shadows and attacks Cap, at which time we learn, through flashbacks, that after Cable's “death” he ended up in a destroyed future with Blaquesmith(!), where he discovers that the techno-organic virus was killing him(again......), meaning he only had 24 hours to live. He also discovers that the reason the the future was all messed up was because Hope wasn't around to save it. Of course... There's a reason I sarcastically call her Our Lord and Savior, you know. Finally, Blaquesmith reveals that the reason Hope wasn't around? You guessed it. The Avengers. Back in the present, Cap and Cable battle, with Cap being throughly confused by Cable's antics here. Eventually Cable gets a hold of Cap's shield and throws it into a wall, which leads to Cap inexplicably ignoring Cable to pull the shield out of the wall... Really?! Cable takes advantage of Cap's downright stupidity to knock him unconscious and strap him to a torture chair(?!). When Cap comes to he asks why Cable was doing this, but doesn't receive an answer, instead this issue ends with Cable putting a gun to Cap's head and seemingly pulling the trigger.

Thoughts: Okay, first things first. There was nothing technically wrong with this comic book. The art was bright and vibrant, and the story was easy to understand(for a story that involved time travel, people not being dead when they were supposed to be and techno-organic viruses). The first couple of pages weren't that bad actually. It all made sense. And then we got the fight between Cable and Cap. First of all, since Falcon vanished on an Avengers mission, I don't get why Cap went solo to locate him and didn't take, say Wolverine or Iron Man with him. But, I'll overlook that simply because Falcon is Cap's partner and maybe he didn't want the help. Next, the battle between Cap and Cable. Cable is proven to be sick(or sicker than usual due to the T-O Virus, again...) here, while Cap is conceivably well. So anyway, the fight itself is a close battle(which I'm cool with), with Cable gaining the advantage with a telepathic assault(again, that's fine). Having downed Cap, Cable takes Cap's shield and goes to shoot Cap, but is wracked with pain due to the T-O virus, which causes him to drop his gun. Cap gets the gun and shoots at Cable, so Cable blocks with the shield(again, no problems thus far). Now things start to run off the rails... The gun, which was firing energy, not bullets, suddenly runs out of ammo(kind of weird, but I can still overlook that), which leads to Cable throwing the shield at Cap. Cap dodges and the shield gets jammed in a nearby metal wall, at which time Cap ignores Cable and makes a break for the shield, with Cable RIGHT behind him!! For a master strategist like Cap? That made ZERO sense! Cable has been disarmed. He's obviously sick. And he's standing RIGHT BEHIND Cap! Why the hell would Cap drop EVERYTHING to try to get the shield out of the wall?! And once he realized it was jammed in the wall, why would he continue trying to free it instead of concentrating on Cable, who as I stated, was RIGHT BEHIND HIM?!? So Cap gets knocked out because apparently he can't fight without that shield anymore or something. Now Cable apparently has to kill Cap and the Avengers, so what's the first thing he does while Cap's unconscious? Why he straps him into a torture chair of course! And then he waits for Cap to wake up before he(apparently) shoots Cap in the head... Because he's an asshole or something, I don't know. Seriously, why not kill Cap while he was unconscious? Ugh. So yeah, while I can understand the story and all, this issue was definitely a disappointment for me as a fan of Cap. I can't wait to see how Cable beats Iron Man next issue... Maybe he can point the other way and tell Tony that the Mandarin was behind him, and when Tony turns around he can shoot him...

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Now you know the best way to defeat Captain America... Throw his shield at a wall. Nothing distracts him like that!


  1. I'll always say this :the biggest problem with Nathan is that he has always been denied his rightful place in the A-list. When I read what Weinberg intended to do to clean the fuck up of the Twelve, my jaw dropped. And then when I saw the BS they pulled to fuck him over ... PFEH!

    As far as Cable fans are concerned, the Cable that we know and love that grew so much under Nicieza's hands in Cable and Deadpool (Best bromance ever!thrn we lose Cable & Bishop for the plot device called Hope!) died in X-Men 200. The Cable that has shown up in Messiah Complex (what a POS) and the subsequent Cable title is a shell of his former self. We have no idea of his motivations, no idea how he knows about the future of this baby, and none of the plot threads that were left dangling in Cable and Deadpool at the end of issue #42 have been addressed. Cable has gone back to being a time-travelling gun-toter no so different than he was in the Liefeld days and I had almost forgotten about those dark times.


  2. I didn't really enjoy this issue much either. I have a feeling we are going to be paying 4 bucks for a book that won't have any sort of story until maybe the verrrry end. I just see this as cale taking out avengers in basically one-shot titles. I bought this because of the intrigue, and the fact that it was cap.
    -However, I'm sick of cap getting beat up in comics lately. Cap and cable is a good battle, but a sick, vulnerable cable and cap? not a chance that cable wins this. Not to mention loeb is such a hack when it comes to writing marvel characters so i doubt i will be picking the rest of these up... The original true supersoldier,the big-time war strategist, overly skilled in hand to hand combat and he pulls that move!? that is a slap in the face to any cap fan. If he is useless without his shieled then why was he such a BA as commander rogers?
    Brubaker better write some good cap this month im telling ya that much. Im sick of him losing to EVERYONE. I am a huge cap fan obviously, but with good reason.
    -As for cable, he has pretty much always been a disaster in my opinion. Cable and deadpool was good because there was a lot of character development, but the very idea of cable from the beginning has been a mess. He is used as a mere plot device to "shake things up" over at the house of ideas. This title would have been much better if it were doom overthrowing the heroes. Oh wait doom does that ALL the time. And it makes sense because he is a magical, merciless, genius. Not some time-traveling emotionless buffoon like cable.

  3. Cable and deadpool was good because there was a lot of character development, but the very idea of cable from the beginning has been a mess.

    You've never read about the character & sorry but the whole "Not some time-traveling emotionless buffoon" IS PURE BULLSHIT! Emotionless? Gimme a friggin break! I've read the x-force issues & his own series & it realised a miracle : taking a generic character Liefield set up & giving him soul & flesh! So never SAY THAT HE 'S A MERE PLOT DEVICE! If Cap has known the horror of wars , Cable literally had to bathe in it & did his best to do everything so that the world doesn't turn to shit. As for one dimensional, BULLSHIT! His interactions with Irene,Wade, Domino & the x-force kids definitely crush that argument with an iron fist. Hell , when he came back from X-cutioner song & retrieved his team not only did he recognise Sam's growth when it came to lead the team but he was infinitely proud of them & let them choose for themselves, so yeah , what a stone cold monster he is!
    & What mess ? Seriously what 's so fucking complicated about his story? Heh , I wasn't even an x-men fan , I researched his background & it definitely added up! it was a wonderful tapestry started by the creation of Sinister & trhat Marvel didn't have the balls to exploit properly! No instead let Cyclops shag Paris Hilton that makes fucking Sense, & Let's Spit on Jean for good measure. Cable & Deadpool was NOT the start of character developpment! IT WAS THERE FAR BEFORE, the moment Liefeld left field & Nicieza ,Casey,Weinberg & Lobdell got their hands on him & gave him a soul. Want more ? Cable is an optimistic & idealistic man, for all the horrors & losses he had to endure (HELL, his own brother/clone raped his wife & brainwashed HIS KID!), he never lost hope! he kept fighting for peace , tolerance & so that people can wise the hell up! This is a wonderful contrast to Apocalypse's objective survival of the fittest, Cable's main rule is the responsibility of the strong is to protect the weak, sure that's bufoonish... also contrast to Deadpool who despite the jokes & 4th wall breaking is a deeply pessimistic self-loathing man(life is what it is...& usually, it's crap)!

  4. ...I almost ever dislike time traveling stories, I hate things like Terminator, and that is what this look like.
    (I said almost cuz sometimes there are some good stories)

    First thing, is too absurd if Cable come here to talk? I dont know Cap seem to be very friendly with him. He can come here and say "hey Cap look is very important for the future of the world that our Lord and Savior Hope dont get killed for some of you, can we figure out some solution to that?

    And I was "almost" enjoying this book until the fight. And I don't even am a fan of Cap. it was just Dumb, and absurd.
    It was "hey Cap look back at you, it's a monkey with three heads" of absurd

  5. Hmm, we definitely have some differing opinions here... First things first. There is NO WAY Cable should have defeated Captain America, in the manner he did, in this comic book. It WAS a slap in the face to all Cap fans because it was insanely out of character. It just proves that Loeb should stay away from anything non-X-book. Cap doesn't need the shield as desperately as Loeb made it seem here. He's fought multiple times either with an energy shield or no shield at all. So that was ALL sorts of wrong.

    Now, I have the full Cable run, the full X-Force run AND the full Cable/Deadpool run, so I'm not going out on a limb saying that I'm a bit of an expert on Cable. I honestly think they messed up the Cable character the moment they decided that Stryfe was the clone and Cable was Nathan Summers. In retrospect it made no sense, and the reasoning behind it at the time was that nobody would want to be fans of a clone(which is obviously idiotic seeing as that Superboy and X-23 have their own share of fans). Shoehorning Cable into the Nathan Summers role was a mistake because it messed up any potential character development for him. Once he became Scott and Maddie's kid, it then became, "Now what?". Did he have some good stories during the mid-late 90's? Yes, but honestly, and I say this with the greatest respect, there was no where for Cable to go. The Nathan Summers reveal destroyed him as a character. For me at least. After X-Cutioner's Song, he really didn't have a role in X-Force, Sam had become the leader. Then he wound up buddying up to Xavier, even though that was a far cry from the early X-Force Cable who valued his independence. Then he was a random X-Man with a terrible costume, then he bounced around for a bit(at which time he had that good Weapon X run). THEN he was awesome with Cable/Deadpool, as Nicenza FINALLY did something different with his character. And even that wasn't allowed to stand for long as Marvel then pushed him back to the time traveling stranger role with Hope. Don't get me wrong, there were some great Cable stories(Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix, Weapon X, Cable/Deadpool), but most of his stories just didn't further the Cable character much. Even his relationship with Domino was never what it should/could have been. I mean just think about the stuff like the romance with Storm that should have been but never developed. Or Wolverine getting to kill Tyler, Cable's son, in a WOLVERINE comic book, with pretty much no real repercussions from Cable. Once Tyler went into full-out Genesis mode, HE should have been in every other issue of Cable menacing his “father”. Marvel dropped the ball repeatedly with Cable, they just never knew what to do with him. Marvel never seemed to know where Cable fit in the grand scheme of things, is he a loner? A leader of young mutants? A time traveling bad ass? An X-Man? No, he's all of those things and his character suffered for it. Now he's a homicidal madman hunting the Avengers. Personally, Cable the leader of the New Mutants/X-Force and Cable on Providence were the best directions to go with that character. Unfortunately, Marvel never decided to stick with just one which is why Cable gets the fan backlash he gets. IMO it's deserved because of Marvel and the way they're always fucking with his character/past/powers/origin. And after this mini? It'll be the exact same thing all over again. I don't begrudge you liking Cable, but he'll always be a FAR distant character to the likes of Nate, Cannonball and even Shatterstar to me, and getting pissed and ranting at other comic fans who don't see the appeal of the Cable character is just plain rude, Saidi. Don't get pissed at a fellow fan like Cap, get pissed at Marvel for never putting the Cable character where he belonged, thus leading to a mess of fans never latching on to the character.

  6. Oh, and Alien, that's something that bothered me too... Cap doesn't seem like a completely unreasonable man to me. Would Cable pulling him aside and trying to talk to him have really hurt? I get not talking to somebody like Iron Man because Tony has that whole arrogance thing going on, but I think if you explained things to Cap, he'd definitely listen. Shooting heroes in the back and tricking other heroes probably isn't the smartest way to go about things...

  7. I may rant but there 's no insult towards Cap. I'm just raving against the cliche of "Cable is worthless" stuff that's been pissing me off for quite a long time, kind of like the "Jean dies all the time " & the whole "Hank Pym wife beater " stuff. Nowhere to go? there was a lot to do, making Stryfe the clone was not ruining them, but refraining the full potential is what holds them down. you pointed out at the many directions he had yourself

    nobody would want to be fans of a clone(which is obviously idiotic seeing as that Superboy and X-23 have their own share of fans)

    err.... I won't give X-23 2 issues once the fad goes away (I'm saying this as someone who rather likes her), Superboy has been fucked over & I should point out at Inertia , Maddie, Ben Reilly & the like... trust me , him being the clone would have gotten him the axe rather quickly. Both him & Stryfe actually...

    After X-Cutioner's Song, he really didn't have a role in X-Force, Sam had become the leader

    Can still work as a supporting character, that's never bothered me & I love the fact he doesn't hog the panel all for himself. Still don't see what ruins him here

    he a loner? A leader of young mutants? A time traveling bad ass? An X-Man?

    to answer all these: when it calls for it.In the beginning, then he became more like good ol pal.When it calls for it. Only in emergency but then again, he works better independently.

    Now he's a homicidal madman hunting the Avengers

    Guess he didn't like disassembled/HOM/Civil war too ;) , if he kills current Spider-man, I would not be the only one laughing at that...

    most of his stories just didn't further the Cable character much.

    Dude I would say that to a bajillion batman , superman (& especially Wolverine) stories. I'm a big fan of them but character development happens once in a while.

    Look if cap saw it as rude , I apologise because I never insulted any comics fans nor did I intend to (Hell, I 'm a reactive guy...), It's the cliche that gets on my nerves (& trust me you've never tried to talk with "Dr Doom is heroic guy"... that can be really frightening...) & hey, people may not like Cable, okay fair enough BUT one-dimensional & Unlikeable? plain wrong...

  8. Wow, I went from being excited about this series to the total opposite after this review and these comments! I guess I didn't really think about it before, but the idea of Cable snapping and gunning down the Avengers (but not really of course, because there is going to be some kind of twist at the end) is even worse in principle than Bishop turning traitor in Messiah Complex. Cable always was the more calculating of our two time-lost x-men, even though I still firmly believe Bishop's moral compass wouldn't let him point a gun at an infant.

    To be fair to Loeb (who sux in my opinion, he will never live Ultimatum down), even a sick Cable is a cyborg with a big-ass robotic arm and some degree of mental powers. I wouldn't blame Cap for not thinking he could take down a beast like that hand-to-hand.

    Great Cable analysis X, you make me want to reread XCutioners song and seeing if it would've worked if Cable was the clone! I always liked the idea of Cable (ultimate telepath/teke guy infected with a TO virus and one of the best fighters) more than his execution in comics. I never liked the idea of Nathan Summers, boy whisked off to the future (and don't get me started on that Askani crap), so I would have no bones about Cable NOT being Nathan Summers.

    The only question left is this: is the art good enough to buy regardless of the story?

  9. For me, Stryfe as the "REAL" Nathan Summers would have given Stryfe a WAY longer lifespan, which in turn would have given Cable more to do. I honestly believe, and naturally, this is just my opinion, that once Stryfe became the clone, the Stryfe character was DOA, because the mystery was always, "Which one is the clone!?" Stryfe, being the villain AND being the clone was just killed from that point on. I LOVE Stryfe, and Marvel could have had SO much fun with Scott and Jean having to deal with the fact that Stryfe was Scott's biological son, and was a bad seed. On top of that, remember, Stryfe DIDN'T have the T-O virus to deal with, meaning he could have been a reoccurring enemy with ULTRA powers, and connecting him to Scott, as well as Cable, would have given him more reason to show up in the X-Men books, thus raising his stature. Plus you'd have Cable as the "clone who wants to prove he's a man" thing. THAT could have been Cable's character. It would have given him direction instead of the plethora of stuff he's done the past 15 years or so.

    Out of all the clones you mentioned, while I'll readily admit that SB has been fucked over from time to time, he HAS had a successful career. A solo series that went 100 issues, Young Justice and Teen Titans, post-reboot, another solo series and Teen Titans run, people WILL get behind a clone if they're interesting and not TOO confusing. Once you start adding all sorts of crazy stuff(now Cable's an omega mutant! Now he only has telekinesis! Now he needs a scimitar to channel his powers! Now he has no powers at all! Now he has technopathy!. My ultimate gripe with Cable is that Marvel won't just pick ONE direction with Cable, and run with it. Every creative team wants to radically change the character up, which is why so many fans got tired of him. He should still be training young mutants, or still ruling Providence(which was WAY better than Utopia imo), a direction, a legit plan, and then LEAVE IT ALONE! Give him a certain power-set, and LEAVE IT! That's the problem I've heard many Marvel fans lay out about Cable, he's just too confusing, and if you really think about all of the changes he's undergone, that does have some credence.

    "I wouldn't blame Cap for not thinking he could take down a beast like that hand-to-hand." I'd definitely love for you to actually read the scene in question, TRobb, because it's the WAY Cap goes after the shield that's so bad... He literally turns in the middle of a battle and runs to the shield, jumps on it and tries to pull it out of the wall, while Cable is right there! I mean yeah, Cable has Cap in strength and obviously he has the telepathic blasts, but it's not like Cap hasn't ever fought w/o a shield before. Cap's reaction was just SO out of character! I liked the art actually. If you can manage to find a copy this weekend, I'd def say give it a shot. But I can honestly say I'm not looking forward to seeing Cable make a fool out of the Avengers for three more issues... I kind of want to pull out X-Cutioner's Song again myself! Stryfe's actions in that were perfect as the spurned son of Scott and Jean, there were all sorts of scenes, like the baby food scene that really go a long way in establishing how awesome Stryfe as the real Nathan could have been. I firmly believe that Cable didn't NEED to be the real Nathan Summers. He was already popular enough. Making him into Nathan didn't help his character(it wasn't going to make him any more popular), and it killed Stryfe's.

  10. Sorry for being the "cliche comic fan" haha. All that i was really trying to say is that the way they write the cable character into the rest of the 616 is a shame. He acts as a plot device to shake things up when they need it. I am in no way saying that he is not a good character, but outside of his own books and the x-universe, he is always used as the time traveling cyborg. I enjoyed cable and deadpool quite a bit, but i am also no expert on cable in the least. I just feel that when he is written in the stories outside of his own book or the x-books, they use him terribly. In a way i was kind of agreeing with you in your first comment "Cable has gone back to being a time-travelling gun-toter" Marvel seems to be using cable to use him, plain and simple.

    The hope storyline is going to be a big part of the avengers/xmen crossover and therefore they are giving cable the role of the "time-traveling, gun toting mercenary" (in this mini) that is hunting down the avengers because.... well because. I apologize as well if i offended you at all. I am not an expert on cable or anything like that. I just don't like ANY character that is written in to be basically written in, aka a plot device. I hope that cable does get some face time and marvel actually uses it well for this next event.

    I guess my last few sentences on cable could be read a little harshly, but i assure you i didn't mean it that way. So when i say the idea of cable has been a mess from the start I was saying that everytime he is used yes "used" as in outside of his own book or the x-books it just feels forced to me. Again i say to me. I never meant to ruffle any feathers.

    Sorry if offended you Saidi, us comic fans have to stick together; our numbers are few!

    -With that being said, yes. I agree that reading the issue will help you see why the fight was ridiculous. Cap even says somehting like "You'll regret that!" as he chases for his shield blindly haha. And again Im as big a cap fan you'll find and cable could take cap, but it wouldn't be this easy or should i say this dumb. Especially if cable is ailing from a virus.

  11. I don't condemn the idea of stryfe being the genuine article, but trust me it can go way too fucking wrong , put that in consideration. they could pull a Marcus à la Miss Marvel to absolve Cyclops for Inferno & well... let's not dvelve too much in that, I am already creeped out.

    Shoehorning Cable into the Nathan Summers role was a mistake because it messed up any potential character development for him.

    And most of his fans still maintain it SAVED the guy from the scrappy heap. For Instance , I love the Askani stuff, it gave Nathan his own flavour & a unique background.If they did not do that, let me tell you that he would have ended in the garbage can.The idea of machine man is quite good but seeing the early issues he was in would not have played in his favour. I prefer the concept of the idealist-inside grizzled-outside son from the future (think about it he can sermon his own dad, since, well he's older) who thinks in terms of decades , for me the most layered characters are those led by an ideology...why I love Ruthless Shaman Nate for example...

    and it killed Stryfe's.

    Actually "not trying at all" killed Stryfe's. I don't buy the whole clone ruins stuff, it adds more reason for him to be a vicious egomaniac. This goes from "abandonned kid" territory to "You created me so i can take the bullets for you ,ya A-holes!", as far as I'm concerned it's a believable one, if he was the real son, chances are they'd redeem him etc.. But here like Maddie's tragedy, it 's their friggin cross to bear & they unwittingly helped building it (with help from Geneticist Rob Zombie & Warren's benefactor), he's an unfixable victim & that's why I love him as a clone. the clone status is not the problem.OTOH The underuse of Stryfe comes more from the overuse of sentinels & Magneto that I always found frankly played out & overbearing.Had they given the franchise the proper endings to OZT & Onslaught, he would have appeared far more. Unlike many, he can be quite the adaptable baddie when reading his crime CV

    So your idea for Stryfe is the original/ Cable is clone has its merits I don't deny , but it could have also fell flat on its ass so much that even you would have wished for the opposite,like killing Cable quick & retconning Stryfe as the Omen or something. we may never know !(x-files theme....)...

    A solo series that went 100 issues, Young Justice and Teen Titans, post-reboot, another solo series and Teen Titans run,

    STOP at Young Justice, at the end of that series, Kon-El is D E A D, Broken toy, FUBAR...So,is Bart & the rest of the cast maybe except for Tim. That I am fixated on hard as diamond.

  12. Eh, we're going to have to agree to disagree on the Cable/Stryfe issue, Saidi. I can see we're on two very different pages with that one.

    But I WILL agree with you on Superboy post-YJ. Geoff Johns basically took everything that had been done to SB for the first 10 years or so of his existence and flushed it... Hmm, that sounds familiar... I guess Johns has an obsession with taking characters, erasing years of development just to do his own story, continuity be damned... *coughWALLYWEST!!!cough*

  13. Well, well...with all that being said, guess I won't put my 2cents in, but...I think I will anyway. The reason I think Captain America high taled for the shield is because he already has been beaten up by Evil Deadpool and Venom, thus now having to deal with sick TO Cable with probably enhanced physical strength due to TO out of wack? probably would have done the same thing! Lol. Anyway, can't wait for a Cable, Hope, Nate Grey reunion!....that is if Cable truly doesn't die in 24hours. Wonder what the reaction and coexistences will be like, since things between the 2 Nate's power levels are now way different as well as Hope's reaction with the 2 together. Weird family reunion anybody?!

  14. HA! And wait until I post my review for Battle Scars #2 tonight... Cap has had a REALLY bad two weeks... Cable/Hope is a definite(you'd think), but I wonder how/if Marvel will go about doing a Cable/Nate reunion. The few times they met up they were never on the best of terms, but that was back when Nate was still uber-immature, so maybe now they'd see eye to eye. Of course, like you said, that depends on how long Cable sticks around this time...

  15. Well, I figure, according to Xman annual 1996, the future Nate Grey that visited previously the AOA before that event occurred seemed pretty wise and mature. I feel we are seeing Nate Grey journey that path especially if able to team up more so with Cable and Hope. So hopefully Nathan Summers wont die of before the xmen vs. Avengers event in which all three mostlikely will be a part of if that is the case. To be honest, like Hope alluded to in New Mutants, Nate could definitely utilize more wisedom and training from Cable. That definitely would make him more awesome in growth as he gets more of his powers back gradually. Yeahyeah. To be honest, I wouldn't mind a Xman/Cable comic if the two can get along together. Without his xman's telepathy, I don't see any psionic backlashes occurring; therefore such a comic now could work though doubtful Marvel would go that direction, but who knows...I can always HOPE! (Get it -lol)

  16. You know, Radtrainer? I LOVE the idea of a Cable/X-Man series! I mean hell, if they did a Cable/Deadpool series, why not do a Cable/X-Man series?! I'll go on the record right now and state that I'd buy TWO of every issue to support THAT title! :P To be honest, with the way Marvel works, they probably don't even remember that Nate and Cable had that psionic feedback, so I doubt that would even be a problem. Ah, a Nathan/Nate team-up book... I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight! :D

  17. Now I get it!!!

  18. You know? That was a pretty accurate telling of Cable's origin! :D