Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Comic Day! December 14th edition

Another Wednesday, another New Comic Day! Not only that, but after today, there are only two more New Comic Days left in 2011, meaning it's almost time for X's epic, gala, fantastimazing year end awards! Yes, that year end post is so awesome it gets it's own made up adjective. But that's still roughly two weeks away(which means I'll probably start putting it together in roughly two weeks...), right now it's time to look into the comic bag and see what old X brought home with him this week... Batman and Robin #4, Deathstroke #4, Grifter #4, Suicide Squad #4, Superboy #4, Avengers Academy #23, Avengers: X-Sanction #1(!), Battle Scars #2, Iron Man 2.0 #11, Journey Into Mystery #632, Magneto: Not A Hero #2, SHIELD #4(I'm still collecting this?), Ultimate X-Men #4, Uncanny X-Force #18(!!). So 14 new comics, 13 of which are reviewable(I still haven't read SHIELD #1-3 yet). And that my friends, is the PERFECT amount of new comic books in my mind. Not too many(near 20), not too few(less than 12). Not only is that the perfect amount of comic books for me, the Marvel books I picked up are STACKED! There are three Marvel comic books here that could EASILY be named this week's Pick of the Litter. But alas, due to my own arbitrary rules, only one can take that grand honor. And so it is with great pleasure I give you this week's top pick, Uncanny X-Force #18. This issue is what pretty much this entire series has been building up to, and if it's HALF as great as the preceding issues have been, this one should be something special. Avengers: X-Sanction and Avengers Academy got some serious consideration, but Uncanny X-Force is definitely the comic I'm most looking forward to reading. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the comic book I'm least looking forward to reading, this week's Runt of the Litter is... Hmm... Let's go with Suicide Squad #4. It's not that I hate the Suicide Squad book, it just happens to be the comic I care the least about. Batman and Robin(after that awful “cliffhanger” last issue), Deathstroke(which has given us the exact same comic for three straight issues) and Superboy(which did pick up a bit last issue) all made an argument for that Runt status, but I see myself putting that Squad comic at the bottom of this week's pile. With 13 comic books this week, I'll review two books nightly until next Tuesday, when I'll only review one. As for tonight, expect reviews for Uncanny X-Force and Avengers X-Sanctions, probably around midnight or so. And that's that. Another New Comic Day in the books. Until next time, X out.

The Random Scan of the Week!You know, with Christmas right around the corner I think it's time to bust out the x-mas themed Random Scans, no?


  1. What a good comic book day!!!, at least to me.. Batwoman and Batman&Robin were amazing,

    I cant wait for your thoughts over Uncanny X-force, I really enjoyed it and some of my prediction were correct...

    now what do you think about this? any credential of David Lapham?

    Happy new comic bood day,

  2. Damnit! Avengers X-sanction is out already? By the time I make it to the comic shop this weekend, it'll probably be sold out :(

  3. After one crazy week, X mi amour, I am back!!! ^_^ Looks like you got a nice week of comics. I'm so proud you didn't go in there and lose your mind....unlike myself, lol. Let's see what Falisha Ann will be looking forward to from the X-Man. Deathstroke, Magneto: Not Hero (I really need to read your first review, I've wanted to read this for some reason, lol) annnnnnnd Suicide Squad. I do have some catching up to do, 2 weeks worth, but I'll be around to leave a few comments here and there.

    As always, Happy Reading!!!!

  4. just got back from the comic shop with SS#4 looking forward to reading that along with Avengers Academy #23 which has the return of Hybrid! you remember what happened to him right?

  5. Hmm, I actually don't know much about David Lapham, Alien... Off the top of my head, I can't think of anything he's written. And after reading that article, I doubt I'll be picking up that AOA series, and I say that as just about the biggest AOA fan you'll ever find! The prospect of reading about a bunch of bigots and calling them heroes isn't something I care to read...

    Well, I've read the first issue of X-Sanction, TRobb, and I can't say I loved it. Still, here's hoping your shop has a copy there, you'd think they'd order extra since this should be a major seller for Marvel.

    Lisha, besides welcome back, I'm only going to say one thing... If we don't find out what's in that suitcase in Deathstroke, I riot! :P

    Of course I do, Dave! I never forget anything that happened in an issue of X-Man! especially one of the few good issues of X-Man! That will be the first comic I review for tomorrow, hands down.

  6. "I'm only going to say one thing... If we don't find out what's in that suitcase in Deathstroke, I riot! :P"

    I love you! Lol. I picked up the issue in the shop and I'm like "I swear, if we don't find out what's in that suitcase...I will be PISSED"

    So I think I'm going to get off here and read that issue just to get it out the way. So if I have the energy and get back just may get an e-mail lol.

  7. HA!!! That is literally the SAME thing I thought when I got handed the comics on my pull list! Once I saw Deathstroke the first thing I thought was about that suitcase! Seriously, if we don't learn about it's contents...... Excellent! If you read that issue before I get to it you can drop me a line and tell me if I should even bother giving it a read! :D

  8. "The prospect of reading about a bunch of bigots and calling them heroes isn't something I care to read."

    I have read little about those characters (if not anything)But I think I will read it and try to enjoy it like when I read some story with an evil Superboy, or evil Beast, or a goddamn crazy Batman.