Thursday, December 8, 2011

Deadpool #47

Last review for the night? How about this week's Pick of the Litter, Deadpool! I gave the last issue of this series a perfect score on account of it being insanely good. Here's hoping this issue is just as good as the last one was.

Deadpool #47:

Summary: So last issue Evil Deadpool tricked Deadpool into running afoul Captain America... So yeah, it sucks to be Deadpool! Deadpool mainly tries to run away from Cap while telling him that all of the EVIL actions that took place the past two issues were done by his evil twin. Needless to say, Cap doesn't buy any of that story, which pisses Deadpool off enough to decide to fight back against Cap. Pool manages to snag Cap's shield out of the air(which even impresses Cap), but misses Cap when he throws it at him... Or does he?!? No, I can tell you he doesn't, as Cap's shield boomerangs back and smacks Cap in the back of the head, giving Deadpool the chance to enact the most prudent plan for when facing Captain America, run away. Meanwhile, Evil Deadpool meets with Mr. Negative and asks for work. Negative tells Evil Deadpool that he wanted him a child murdered, which disappoints Evil Deadpool because he was hoping to kill more than one child... That's why he's EVIL, right there! Deadpool returns to Manhattan, figuring Evil Deadpool would attack his favorite Olive Garden in New York, and is surprised to discover that Evil Deadpool wasn't there. One of the voices in Pool's head figures out that Evil Deadpool was no longer doing the things Deadpool would do, but instead was doing the things Deadpool wouldn't do. While Pool is running around Manhattan, Cap is watching him in utter confusion, trying to figure out what his game was this time. From there we head to Times Square, where Deadpool straps explosives to himself and kidnaps a small boy at gunpoint, figuring that by stealing Evil Deadpool's thunder, Evil Deadpool wouldn't go through with his nefarious child killing plot. From there we skip to City Hall, where the police commissioner gets word that Deadpool had taken a child hostage at Times Square, before discovering that Deadpool(actually Evil Deadpool), had kidnapped his child. Obviously figuring it was Deadpool who took his kid, the police commissioner grabs a rifle and heads towards Times Square. As for poor, stupid Deadpool, he steals a taxi and puts the kid inside, figuring Evil Deadpool, upon learning that Deadpool had stolen his thunder, would rush to Times Square and run into Captain America, who Pool also figured was heading towards Times Square, thus proving that Deadpool did indeed have an evil clone. Unfortunately for Pool, this issue ends with Evil Deadpool getting the jump on Cap and watching the scene in Times Square from a nearby window.

Thoughts: Okay, you know how we play this. When I read an issue of Deadpool, the first thing I ponder is whether or not it made me laugh... Did this issue make me laugh? Yes, it certainly did. Evil Deadpool is a hilariously over the top character. Next on the checklist is the story. Did it make sense(in a Deadpool sort of way)? And again, in a Deadpool sort of way, this story DID make sense. Finally, we go to the dialogue and art. Were they good? Yes. Yes they were. So hey, this WAS a good comic book! Now that's not to say it was all flowers und sunshine, because it wasn't... Captain America was defeated by not only Deadpool, but also by Evil Deadpool in this issue. Now I can accept Cap losing ONCE in a comic, but twice!? Yeah, that grated on me a bit. That, combined with the fact that Deadpool and Evil Deadpool didn't come face-to-face in this issue will unfortunately keep it from once again achieving a perfect score. But with that said? This was still a hell of a good comic book.

Score: 9 out of 10.That's right, he's EVIL!!!


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  2. hey x have u read this if so can you review it in your spare time would appretiate it

  3. Well, this is Deadpool's comic. If it were a Captain America comic, I'm sure Cap would have lost twice.

  4. I don't think I've read that, Movieartman... I'll look into it though, see what it's about and if I can find it.

    "Well, this is Deadpool's comic. If it were a Captain America comic, I'm sure Cap would not have lost twice." That figures coming from somebody named Doctor Deadpool! :P Still, I really did enjoyed this one a lot.

  5. where can i read it online either for free or for monies