Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nightwing #4

Next comic on the agenda is the first DC book in my new comic pile, Nightwing... I was thisclose to reviewing this comic with Brightest Day Rules, mainly because of that damned Barbara Gordon appearing in this one... I hate her with a passion that is bordering on scary, so expect A LOT of hate for a character who was, at one time, amongst my favorite female DC characters...

Nightwing #4:

What Happened: Alright, I'm going to be straight with you guys here... I didn't read this comic. Like at all. I basically looked at the pictures. Seriously, that goddamn Batgirl was on nearly EVERY PAGE!!! So to save myself from a massive brain hemorrhage, I skipped this one. All I can tell you is that in the end, after that usurpering hag finally left this issue, Dick found a hidden book with his name in it. Do I know why he went looking for the book? Nope. Do I care? Right now? Nope.

The Good: Um, Dick is still having sex with Raya... I guess that's good for him, right?

The Bad: This was basically an issue of Batgirl, which stars a character I refuse to read about...

The Verdict: Um, yeah, sorry about the lack of a review, but as I said, I refuse to read anything with this version of Batgirl in it, and this issue was no exception. Maybe if she wasn't on practically every page, I could have given this issue at least a semi-read. But as it is, I couldn't read a damn thing. If Kyle Higgins wants to write Barbara Gordon so bad, maybe he shouldn't be writing Nightwing. 'nuff said.

Score: 0 out of 10. Here's hoping this is the final imperfect score of the year...Hey look, it's one of the ONLY pages WITHOUT Batgirl on it!


  1. Haha, this review was priceless, X. Now I have to go back and see where your hatred for Barbara comes from!

  2. If, make you fell better, you dont missed anything of the main story, Just in the end when Barbara leaves the place, Dick realized that maybe Mr, Haley wasn't talking in metaphorical way when the say "in the heart of the circus" then Dick went to the stage and found the book. The rest? Batgirl chasing some villain from Gotham yeap unless for the first and the last pages it was totally a Batgirl issue.

  3. That's what bugged me so much, Alien... Right from the start this read like an issue of Batgirl! She was the main focus of the entire thing... It was a weird way to write an issue of Nightwing.

  4. Movieartman here
    ok what the heck man
    you hate both starfire and barbara now?
    do u just not like any babe dick scores? lol
    but seriously ok why do u hate her now?

  5. In a nutshell? She stole Stephanie Brown's role as Batgirl. Steph's Batgirl series was all sorts of awesome, there was NO reason to take Babs and put her in that role. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED Babs as Oracle, and would have been happy to see Dick and Babs get together and marry or something in the pre-reboot DCU, but as Batgirl? I hate her. Her time as Batgirl has past. You don't see Dick donning the speedos and replacing Damian as Robin or calling himself Batboy or something equally idiotic. To be honest with you, if Babs took ANY name BESIDES Batgirl, I can almost promise you I'd be reading that series. But taking a twenty-something woman, magically curing her paralysis and then replacing Steph(AND Cassandra!) by giving her a role and costume she outgrew YEARS ago leaves me feeling pissed. Like I said, I'd be equally as pissed if suddenly Dick was Robin again(at his current age), because it just flies in the face of his character. It may be kind of petty, but what can ya do? It bothers me a lot!

  6. YOU SAID IT BEST "It may be kind of petty, but what can ya do? It bothers me a lot!"


  7. Um, so I'm supposed to mindlessly enjoy everything I read and say nice things about it regardless? Yeah, I don't think so. Good-bye and good riddance!

  8. I don't have the hate for Batgirl like you do, but I also don't like that Babs IS Batgirl. Cassandra was my personal favorite, but Stephanie would have been OK in the reboot too. More importantly, as it pertains to this book, as mentioned, it was a Batgirl issue. It was Batgirl's criminal and storyline. Nightwing's storyline was completely ignored except for the last page and a few panels of him shagging Raya. I don't get what they were thinking.

  9. Yeah, Vancelot, I used to like Babs... A LOT! I just hate that she's Batgirl again... I'd have been fine with anything that would have kept Steph and/or Cass as the main Batgirl. But Babs reverting to her Batgirl persona, at her current age, is all sorts of odd. Why not stick with the Oracle name, get a new costume and launch that as a series for Bab. Then you could have also done a Batgirl series starring Steph and/or Cass, or even given Cass a Black Bat title(which I'd have loved to see with that name/costume).

    And yeah, this issue was all sorts of odd... I know DC is trying to mix characters into other characters comics(GA was in the last issue of Grifter for example, Supes is going to be crossing over with Stormwatch), but it's one thing to mix a character in, it's another to completely push the main character aside in order to run a story about the guest character! Weird... Very weird...

  10. Yeah, Cassandra was badass and I would loved to have seen her somewhere.