Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ultimates #4

Last post of the night is this week's Runt of the Litter(thanks to the toss of a coin), Ultimates #4. I hate to say it, but if things don't pick up here soon(ie: start making some damn sense!), the only series from the relaunched Ultimate books I'll be reading is going to be Ultimate X-Men...

Ultimates #4:

Summary: Thor enters the City and ends up finding Capt. Britain, who is about to be killed. Thor rescues Britain and is confronted by the leader of Children of Tomorrow and his top goon. The leader(who is unsurprisingly revealed to be Reed Richards) has the goon beat Thor up and tells Thor he was allowing him to live, provided he went back to his teammates and SHIELD and told them that the Children of Tomorrow wouldn't attack the world any further provided they were left alone. With that, evil Reed leaves and Thor bemoans his existence, at least until Odin and all of Asgard's dead appear before him and cheer him up(or something) since Thor can see dead people now(or something)... Anyway, Thor returns to the Ultimates and tells them that the leader of the Children was... *gasp* Reed Richards!!!

Thoughts: Um, I don't get it. Not the story, for a change I actually DID get that, which was a pleasant surprise. What I don't get was the Reed reveal... I thought that was revealed back in like the first issue of this series... I mean I've been calling him evil Reed in all of my reviews for this series. I thought it was ULTRA obvious that it was Reed, and thought it was common knowledge. Now it wouldn't have been common knowledge to the Ultimates and SHIELD, but for the reader I was under the impression that it was, which was what made the reveal so bizarre... This whole issue kind of built towards the reveal of Reed as the Maker, which would be akin to an issue of Spider-Man building up to the reveal that Peter Parker was Spider-Man... It was just odd. Looking past that though, this issue as a whole was okay, and really, that's all I ask. Hopefully once we finish off this storyline Jonathan Hickman can show us that he can write a Marvel comic book WITHOUT Reed Richards in it, something he has yet to prove...

Score: 7 out of 10.You tell him, Nick!


  1. Reed being evil was actually common knowledge to the ultimates and shield as well cause he was the big bad in Ultimate Doomsday and disappeared after those events. But yeah, thats means the characters should have seen that one coming eventually.

  2. Cool, that's kind of what I thought. I mean everything was pointing to it being Reed, I didn't get why the reveal that it WAS Reed was supposed to be so shocking.