Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mighty Thor #412 (Mid-December 1989)

Well, I might as well wrap up the Thor vs Juggernaut battle since I reviewed the first part. This is also the first full appearance of the New Warriors, so yeah, this SHOULD be great.

Mighty Thor #412 (Mid-December 1989):

Summary: With Thor down, the newly formed New Warriors attack the Juggernaut... And that goes about as well as you'd expect. Juggy basically walks through the New Warriors with relative ease, but the distraction does buy Thor the time to revive. Joining with the New Warriors, Thor brings down the most devastating bolt of lightning he can summon from the heavens and strikes Juggy, doing NO damage(awesome!). Finally realizing that Juggy was indeed unstoppable(hell, Juggy's only been saying it every other sentence for the past two issues!), Thor uses “the most terrifying Asgardian power of all”(yes he really said that), in which he channels all of the god-force in his body into his hammer and pretty much hits Juggy with enough power to stop a cosmic being. This actually sends Juggy staggering backwards(!!!) and weakens the ground under Juggy's feet, causing him to fall into a hole in the ground. The New Warriors rapidly fill the hole with metal and melt the metal, at which time Thor uses his elemental powers to freeze the molten metal, trapping Juggy inside. From there, Thor draws the big hunk of metal from the ground and tosses it into a dimensional portal, banishing Juggy from the Earth and ending his threat(for now). With the battle won, Thor thanks the New Warriors for their assistance before heading off.

Thoughts: Much like the last issue, this issue was a blast to read. Juggernaut issues are usually pretty fun to read though. You can basically put your brain on autopilot and sit back and enjoy the carnage that Juggy almost always brings. This comic did a lot of things right, it didn't diminish Juggy's uber-tough reputation, it showed that when push came to shove, Thor COULD hurt Juggy, and it also had the New Warriors assist in Juggy's final defeat, giving them some momentum as they were headed towards a comic series of their own. As far as action comic books go, this one was top-notch.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Ooooo, it's ON now!!!


  1. i must admit i have never heard of the new warriors before lol

    hey will you be geting Avengers x-sanction?

  2. Wow, really?! I'm legit shocked, Movieartman! Their first series ran 75 issues, and they've had a few other series since then. Some of their members, Justice, Firestar, Nova, Speedball have gone on to big things.

    Absolutely, without a doubt! :D

  3. They kind of started the Civil War in Marvel (or at least they were the excuse). I wasn't too familiar with them but I was reading the Avengers Initiative online and the New Warriors play a big part in those issues.

  4. "They kind of started the Civil War in Marvel" Which is reason #79d that I hated Civil War. It always irked me that Marvel, seemingly at random, picked the New Warriors as the spark that lit the Civil War fuse... Yes, they were a team of younger heroes, but many of the members that fought Nitro and his cohorts were experienced heroes for their ages. Civil War really dragged those characters through the mud and that team through the mud.