Friday, December 9, 2011

Stormwatch #4

First review of the night? The only DC comic I bothered to pick up this week(well, except for Hellblazer, but that's technically Vertigo), Stormwatch! This is one of the few DC books that passed the 3 month test and is safely on my comic pull list, which means with my luck it'll be terrible now...

Stormwatch #4:

What Happened: Midnighter, with some help from the recently arrived Apollo, manages to break the members of Stormwatch out of the giant moon monster which had absorbed them. The team manages to defeat the dread moon monster thanks to a combination of Jack Hawksmoor's city talking ability, some alchemy and Midnighter's leadership... Even though he's not even ON the team. Having taken down the moon monster, the team(and Apollo) head back to Stormwatch's secret base where they find a member of Stormwatch's shadow cabinet, who states that since Adam One had failed as Stormwatch's leader, he had to die.

The Good: Hey, I already like this shadow cabinet guy! Anyone who wants to off Adam One is alright by me! Midnighter took center stage in this comic, and as the best character out of this cast, that's how it should be... If only Peter Milligan would take note and do the same in Justice League Dark... Apollo also had a large role in this one. Some of the other members(Hawksmoor, Engineer) actually got to do something. I love character development!

The Bad: The story itself is still uber-vague. The whole, “The moon is attacking the Earth!!!” thing, while unique, is kind of dumb. While a small quibble, it was weird that Midnighter took to working with a team even though he's(presumably) always been a solo hero. Why was Apollo teleported to the team's base at the end but not Midnighter? Neither one is a member of the team, and if anything, Midnighter proved to be more useful than Apollo.

The Verdict: I liked this issue. I like the characters. But the story is still a work in progress for me. I'm not all that excited for the next issue since it seems to be revolving around Adam One, the only character I don't like. But hopefully he gets killed and Midnighter or Engineer get named leader of this squad. Overall though, this was an okay issue.

Score: 7 out of 10.See that? Further proof that Midnighter rules!


  1. I have to agree with you on the Midnighter side, he is definitely coming across as the strongest character so far. However, I think it's just me, but I don't really mind the story, yeah it's not the best but it's better than what some DC comics are putting forwards after the reboot and it brings the feel of the old Stormwatch to this comic.

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  3. I agre with B-guyner here, I dont care about the story if there is character development.

    It is an SPOILER, but since it is a good new... Paul Cornell Already stated that Adam will be out of the team.

    I'm pissed cuz Paul will be leaving this book after issue 6 I'm enjoying his style here, and will be replaced by the writer of Batman: The Dark Knight.

    next issue of Demon Knights will be related with Stormwatch, Are you going to buy it?

  4. "yeah it's not the best but it's better than what some DC comics are putting forwards after the reboot" That's exactly why this series is safe on my pull list, B-Guymer. It's not the best story around, but it IS better than most of what we've been getting post-reboot.

    That's what I've enjoyed about this series too, Alien. The character development. Happy to hear that we're dropping Adam One, because as I've stated(repeatedly!) I just don't like him. I'm not happy to hear that Cornell is leaving this series after 6 though... What the hell is up with DC and their constant switching of writers? I don't even remember who was doing Dark Knight... All I remember is One-Face and then dropping that series as fast as I could! :P I'm not really sure if I'll get the latest Demon Knights... I think it depends on when it comes out and how many other comics I'll be picking up that week. If it's a small week, then I'll def get it. If I'm getting like 20 books, I'll probably give it a pass.

  5. The writer for TDK is Paul Jenkins, He wrote the longest run of Hellblazer with four years from 94 to 98 and he also wrote the miniseries "Origin: The true history of Wolverine"

    And this is what Paul said about he leaving the book.

    "Having read some fan fora: it was my decision to leave Stormwatch, I wasn't given the sack. I'll blog about it all sometime next week." Twitter.

  6. Oh, cool. The One-Face stuff might have been lame, but I'll def give Jenkins a shot. I was afraid it was some rookie writer I'd never heard of who wouldn't know what to do. I'll def be interested to read why Cornell quit the book... It's weird that he's taking a few days to explain things as opposed to simply saying, "I wanted to work on other projects" or something like that. That delay makes me think something else must have happened to sour Cornell on the series.

  7. Here is Cornell explanation..

    and apparently Jenkins is writing only two issues.

  8. I forget to comment that Cornel dont explain why is he leaving, only that he "was not given the sack"...

  9. Ugh, so basically Stormwatch doesn't have a permanent writer yet? That does not bode well for the longterm health of this series... So by the time we reach issue #9 we'll already have had 3 different writers. That's not good for the story in this one.