Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Legends of the DC Universe #19 (August 1999)

It's been a couple of nights since I reviewed a DC comic, so how about we take care of that right now? This is the total definition of a random review, as I literally reached into one of my comic crates and pulled out the first thing I felt. So I have NO idea how this is going to turn out...

Legends of the DC Universe #19:

What Happened: Somebody has stolen various monkeys and has given them helmets which tapped into the speed force, granting them super-speed... Yes, really. Who does the world turn to when such a calamity occurs? Why Max Mercury and Impulse of course! While Max rounds up the errant monkeys, Impulse stumbled across the mastermind behind the speed force helmets, Gorilla Grodd's son, Gorbul Mammit. Gorbul has kidnapped Bart's friend Carol, and intends on putting her brain into the body of a gorilla, boosting the monkey's intelligence and making the Carol/gorilla his bride... Yes, really. Long story short, Bart manages to defeat Gorbul since Gorbul grew up in an underground bunker and as such didn't know how to fight. However, Gorbul manages to escape, with his monkey bride, by setting off an explosive. With Gorbul gone(and hopefully erased from history) and Carol safe, this one is a warp.

The Good: Awesome, I randomly pull out a DC comic and it happens to be one starring Impulse! That's definitely good! Plus Max Mercury was here. Once again, good!

The Bad: Unfortunately, that was pretty much all of the good in this issue... The story revolved around talking monkeys, and was the prelude to a story that featured annuals starring talking monkeys... If I die and end up in Comic Book Hell, THIS comic would be waiting there for me... I just know it. So we have a talking monkey with a TERRIBLE name, a so-so story and art that just didn't do it for me. I mean I grew to really like Pop Mhan's artwork from SpyBoy, but it just seemed off in this issue. I think the writer of this one was going for funny, but it fell way short.

The Verdict: I think my thoughts in “The Bad” section sums up the verdict for this one. Whenever I use the term “Comic Book Hell” in a review, that's a pretty good indicator of how I felt about something. The ONLY thing this comic had going for it was Impulse. So unless you are a die-hard Impulse fan/completest(like me!), stay away from this one... Stay FAR away from it!

Score: 3 out of 10.Kill that damn talking monkey, Bart!! Kill it!!!

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