Monday, December 12, 2011

Villains for Hire #1

I picked this comic book up on a total whim. It was so unexpected I forgot to even list it in this past week's New Comic Day post. Basically if this comic is good(let's say a score of a 7 or higher) I'll pick up the other 3 issues. If it scores under a 7, I'll almost definitely take a pass on it. With that said, let's give it a read.

Villains for Hire #1(of 4):

What Happened: The Purple Man, aping Misty Knight's Heroes for Hire operation, sends out several villains to steal an evidence box. His plans are going perfectly until a rival group of villains attack Purple Man's group, defeating them and stealing the evidence box. Needless to say Purple Man is pissed and swearing revenge. Later on we discover that the evidence box contained a PDA from a member of the Maggia, a PDA that held passwords and information on several offshore Maggia bank accounts. As for who was leading the rival group of villains who thwarted the Purple Man? None other than Misty Knight.

The Good: As a self-proclaimed Marvel historian, I loved seeing so many b and c-list villains in one place. I mean seriously, Bombshell from the Death Throws was here! You don't get more obscure then that! This issue read like a direct continuation of the recently canceled Heroes for Hire series.

The Bad: Misty Knight hiring a bunch of villains to attack Purple Man's villains was a bit strange... Why didn't she just stick with hiring heroes instead of paying criminals. I'd have preferred Paladin in Misty's role here. I can't imagine anybody but the hardest of hardcore Marvel zombies picking this mini-series up...

The Verdict: Well, this issue didn't really help me decide whether or not to pick up the rest of this mini-series... The score is going to end up RIGHT at the cut-off line. I was hoping this one would be either really good or really bad. As it is, I have NO idea what I'll be doing concerning the rest of this mini... I guess it'll depend on how much money I have in my pocket when the next issue drops.

Score: 7 out of 10.Little known fact: I am a HUGE Crossfire mark!

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