Saturday, December 17, 2011

Battle Scars #2

Wow, so the comics I reviewed yesterday were pretty sub-par... Let's hope that trend reverses and the comics I read today are awesome...

Battle Scars #2(of 6):

Summary: Captain America and SHIELD(which we learn was being reformed with Daisy Johnson as the director) move in to rescue Marcus Johnson from the Taskmaster. SHIELD spirits Marcus away, while Cap fights Taskmaster and we learn later that Taskmaster managed to escape Cap, thus making these last two weeks the WORST two weeks I've ever read for Cap!!! Seriously, in the past two weeks, he's lost to Deadpool, Evil Deadpool, Venom, Cable and Taskmaster managed to give him the slip. Thankfully I only have one Marvel comic left to read this week, so Cap probably won't be made to look like a loser there as well... Anyway, SHIELD takes Marcus to a secret facility, but refuse to tell him why he had been brought there or what was going on. Tired of all of this secrecy, Marcus manages to escape from the SHIELD facility, give SHIELD the slip when they track him down and remove the tracer SHIELD placed in him. Now realizing that he had somehow stumbled into some seriously messed up stuff, Marcus calls his old friend from the Army Rangers named Cheese. Marcus tells Cheese about what's been happening to him and enlists Cheese to help him track down the man who may have some answers for him... Taskmaster.

Thoughts: Well, this issue sure stunk. I REALLY enjoyed the first issue of this series(I gave it a 9 out of 10), but this one didn't actually give us anything... Marcus gets taken in by SHIELD, he beats up some SHIELD agents, escapes, beats up some more SHIELD agents, escapes from them, goes into hiding and decides to track down Taskmaster. That's all that happened here!Seriously! Besides that, his plan, which is to track down Taskmaster, makes no sense, seeing as that you'd think that SHIELD was already trying to find Taskmaster since he escaped from Cap and SHIELD earlier this issue. So basically, by going after Taskmaster, Marcus is putting himself exactly where SHIELD is headed. I get that he really doesn't have any other leads as to what the hell was happening in his life, but that plan just seems dumb. So the mediocre comic reading streak continues...

Score: 5 out of 10.Sweet! It's Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3!!!

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