Friday, December 2, 2011

Daredevil #6

And this is the final new comic book of the week... Already... Man, this is weird. Usually I have new comics to read/review all the way through to Monday or Tuesday, so running out of new comics to read by FRIDAY is just plain bizarre... Oh well, I'll post this comic and then I'll post a retro-review of an older comic I just finished reading for the hell of it...

Daredevil #6:

Summary: Bruiser takes Randall(who betrayed his evil company, Midas) to the boss of the Midas company, content in the knowledge that he had defeated Daredevil. However, DD is far from defeated and is currently hitching a ride under the boat taking Bruiser to meet with the Midas boss. Bruiser drops Randall off in front of the Midas boss, who wanted to show the 5 terrorist groups he was dealing with(roll call!: AIM, Hydra, Agence Byzantine, Black Spectre, Secret Empire) that the three loose ends were taken care of. Those loose ends being Randall, Daredevil(who was still presumed dead) and Austin, the man who started this whole thing by accidentally overhearing something he shouldn't have at Midas's headquarters. Once Austin is tossed into the room, the Midas boss gives Bruiser the word to kill Randall and Austin, but he is halted by the timely arrival of Daredevil. DD can't seem to defeat Bruiser and soon realizes that Bruiser has the ability to shift his mass, making him hit ultra hard or able to handle intense punishment. DD uses his radar senses to pinpoint Bruiser's weakest location, and strikes him there, breaking Bruiser's leg. With everything falling apart, the Midas boss rushes from the room and grabs the Omegadrive, which was basically an unhackable, unbreakable drive to store billions of gigabytes of information. DD catches up to the Midas boss and snatches the Omegadrive from him, ending up trapped by the five representatives from the five terrorist organizations. Annoyed by the failure of the Midas boss, the terrorists kill him, and aim their weapons at DD. However, DD lawyers his way out of this mess by convincing the terrorists that if they killed him(and Austin and Randall) to get at the Omegadrive, they'd then have to kill each other to see which group gets to claim the Omegadrive, which in turn would lead to an all-out war between all of their factions. Not wanting that, the terrorists allow DD to leave with Randall and Austin, with DD realizing that for as long as he had the Omegadrive, he was a marked man.

Thoughts: Eh. I didn't care for this storyline, I didn't care for the villain of the piece(Bruiser has a terrible look and the Midas company just wasn't that interesting) and the thing everybody was fighting over(the Omegadrive) just didn't interest me. Bottom line? I'm glad this storyline is finished, and hope we move onto bigger and better things from here

Score: 4 1/2 out of 10.I love that the villains kept one gun on DD and their other gun trained on a fellow villain!

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