Sunday, December 4, 2011

Swinging with Zelda!

Hey there X-Maniacs, it's the magnanimous one himself, X! I've been busy going through and cataloging my back issues and watching some football(I'm typing this up prior to the start of the Giants/Packers game... Let's Go Giants!!), so I have no reviews to post for tonight... Yeah, I know, you must be devastated at this news! Even though I have no reviews finished and ready to go, I DID find something awesome that NEEDS to be shared with the world... While digging through an old 31 gallon Rubbermaid container full of weird old comics(that container probably hasn't been opened in like 15 years!), I found a real gem! What's gotten old X so excited? How about a pair of Legend of Zelda comic books from like 1990?! I haven't the slightest idea how they made their way to my collection(probably some grab bag of comics I either received as a gift or picked up), but you KNOW I gave them a read! And I've got to say, for a comic book that was based on a video game that came from a forth or fifth rate comic company twenty years ago, it wasn't that bad! But why take my word for it? How's about I post not one, but TWO scans from said comic books...

Everything about this page screams “awesome” to me... Everything!

And how about I end this post with some advice on swinging from Link himself?


  1. Those scans are amazing. But why is Ganon some kind of weird-looking pig monster? LOL

    Also, sorry for your loss in the game today. It was quite the exciting game though, the best one Green Bay has had this year without a doubt

  2. That's the way Ganon looked in those early days... Or at least that's how I remember it. I think the Triforce of Power ended up corrupting the way he looked... Or something...

    Yeah, that was a close game... Def closer than I expected to be honest! There were some positives I could take from it though. The Giants showed that they COULD meet the challenge of one of the best teams in the league(at least offensively...). Plus Dallas lost, so that helped too!

  3. I picture you looking exactly like Link in that last panel for some reason... and that makes me laugh harder than it should/

  4. HA! Without the elf ears you've got me! :D

  5. .. You say Football and I think Soccer. and My team (Boca Juniors) won the league yesterday =)

  6. HA!! That's right. I forgot that everywhere but in America it's fĂștbol americano. But yeah, on Sundays I live and breathe my New York Giants. Congrats on your team winning their league, Alien. After a quick google search I see that they REALLY dominated too. I wish my team was that good! :P