Sunday, December 25, 2011

The obligatory Merry Christmas post!

Hey there X-Maniacs, X here to take a moment to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! So far today I've been spending time with family and was given an AWESOME haul of comics from my sister(a slew of old issues of Captain America and Dr. Strange from the 70's!), so here's hoping everybody else is having a great day. I won't be able to review anything tonight, BUT, I DID manage to type up a few extra reviews last night, which I've scheduled to post tonight! So that's what'll be coming down the proverbial chimney for all of you good boys and girls later on tonight. As for now, here's a Christmas-y comic scan, and I'm off! X out.If Marvel ever created a shirt like that? I'd buy SEVEN and wear them every day of the week!!!


  1. For the record I'd also like one of those dope shirts, I would also like a Red Hood shirt that says paint the town red on the back but that's for another conversation. Merry Christmas to the X-Man and his X-Clan. Here's hoping you got some awesome gifts, especially from some awesome dude with a Sidekick based screen name. :-p

  2. Depending on the front of that Red Hood shirt there's a great chance I'd buy that as well! As the brains of this operation, I'll leave that up to you, JT.

    "especially from some awesome dude with a Sidekick based screen name" ..... A sidekick based nickname...... Who in the world could that be... :P

  3. I may get one made when I have some extra cash, probably just have the Red Hood helmet on the front and the bat sign spray painted over on the back.

    Yeah, probably A Gotham based sidekick. Not Grayson, Drake, Damian, Steph, Cass, or Babs though :-P

  4. I'm gonna get a picture of that, right?

    Alfred!?!? :P

  5. Oh most definitely.

    Damn you X, I started to say Alfred too....

  6. Excellent!

    HA! You know me well, grasshopper... :D