Thursday, December 8, 2011

Venom #10

Comic #3 to get reviewed this week? Well that's easy, it's got to be Venom! This series has flat out ruled since it started, and I honestly don't expect that to change here... Hell, I'm tempted to fill in a score of like 9 1/2 right now without even having read the issue!

Venom #10:

Summary: This issue opens with the end of the funeral for Flash Thompson's father. It seems that Jack O' Lantern needs Flash to see the Crime-Master ASAP, and had the audacity to crash the funeral. Jack strolls up to Flash and his girlfriend Betty and tells Batty that he served in Afghanistan with Flash and that Flash was also his AA sponsor, and that he really needed to talk to Flash. Betty buys Jack's story and tells Flash to help poor Jack out, before leaving. From there Flash is brought to the base of the Crime-Master and told that the next time he had possession of the Venom symbiote he was to head towards Las Vegas and acquire something. That something? The Crime-Master claims the symbiote would know what it was... Huh? The following day, Flash heads back to the Project Rebirth facility for his next mission when Captain America shows up, telling the general in charge of the Project that he was there to shut the program down. It seems Cap felt the symbiote was too dangerous to be allowed to run missions and he wanted it locked up with the Avengers. Flash panics upon hearing this news and rushes off, bonding with the symbiote and sneaking off of the Project's grounds. When Cap discovers that Venom had escaped, he rushes outside and confronts Venom, demanding Flash return the symbiote. Realizing that if he lost the symbiote, Crime-Master would kill everybody he cared about, leaving Flash no real choice but to attack Cap. The two fight for a bit and Cap ends up getting knocked out by Venom. The force of the knockout punch sends Cap careening off of a mountain, but he ends up getting saved by Flash, who hopes that good deed makes up for attacking Cap in the first place. We end this one with Flash stealing Cap's motorcycle and driving off base.

Thoughts: What the hell is it with the comic books I've picked up this week?! This is the second issue I've read in a row where Cap is getting beat up(Deadpool was the first)!! Other than Cap's sudden brush with loserdom, I liked this issue. We further the Flash/Crime-Master story, get Flash AWOL with the Venom symbiote and bring Cap into the mix. All in all, good stuff.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Jeez, Cap's sure having a sucky week...


  1. I enjoyed this issue alot! I really hope cap stays on venoms trail and this isn't just a one-off. I think it makes sense that venom put a whooping on cap. But knocking him out with one punch? ehh that takes a stretch of the imagination. I am so glad that i started picking this series up (partially thanks to you). It has easily been one of the most consitent titles that i pick up. Did you pick up x-club by the way? I'm curious on your thoughts.

  2. I def hope Capt. America stays in this books for a few issues. I mean seriously, it makes perfect sense for Cap to stick around now. Plus with Venom apparently joining the Secret Avengers when Remender takes that series over, there's going to have to be another meeting between the two.

    And I completely and totally agree with you on Venom being able to take Cap in a fight. I mean I love Cap and all, but in a one on one fight in the middle of nowhere against Venom? I'll def admit that Cap would be outmatched. The thing is that right before I read this issue I read Deadpool, and Cap was knocked around in that comic as well, so I was a bit miffed after having read Cap getting beat up 3 times in 2 series!

    I actually didn't pick up X-Club... It was either that or Villains for Hire, and since I'm a fan of DnA's writing I went with the Villains book. I must ask, did you get the X-Club book, Cap? And if you did, would you recommend it?

  3. Captain America is too resilent to stay down. He will go down, but he NEVER stays down. Another reason why i love him so much.
    -Also, venom knocking him out with one punch was a bit much, regardless of how strong he is.. Anywhoo I did pick up x-club and i won't reccomend it. Not because it was a bad book, but because i am torn on it. The story is kind of cliche in a sense. I love dr. nemesis and am glad he takes center stage but the the charaters lack. The book is humourous though which is a big plus. Some people were out of character (cyclops) but it fit for this book because its meant to be kind of humourous and light hearted. I did get the sense that it was the same type of story as defenders 1, but i think it will be a better series than that...maybe. I will hold my reccomendation/non-reccomendation for after i read issue 2. This way you don't go lay 3 bucks down on a comic with a crap story.

  4. the OTHER characters lack*

  5. "Captain America is too resilent to stay down. He will go down, but he NEVER stays down. Another reason why i love him so much." I couldn't have put it better myself.

    Thanks for the description of the X-Club book, Cap. Much obliged. I have to say, unless you say the next issue was stellar, I'll probably just wait until I can find the whole mini somewhere for like a dollar an issue. I have ended up getting SO many back issues with that strategy!