Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mighty Thor #411 (December 1989)

And I'm back with another pair of Retro-Reviews. See, I've been going through my comic collection(which is a chore and a half) and entering every single comic book and trade I own into a database... Needless to say, it's DAMN time consuming! On the plus side, I keep finding back issues that I've only read once, in many case several years ago, and as such I remember NOTHING about them. That naturally leads to me pulling said comics out to give them a reread, and since I'm in need of back issues to review, it all works out perfectly! So until Wednesday, I'll be reviewing two back issues a night... Probably. Who knows with me...

Mighty Thor #411:

Summary: Hey, it's an Acts of Vengeance x-over issue! Eric Masterson(Thor) is grimly thinking back to the early events of the Acts of Vengeance, namely the sinking of Avengers Island(yes the Avengers once had an island. And it sunk.) and pondering who orchestrated the attack(spoiler alert, it was Loki!). While Eric is thinking, Loki(in the guise of a toady to the other super-villains... It's kind of complicated) wants to draw Thor out and as such teleports the Juggernaut out of prison and sends him to Queens, New York. Masterson hears about Juggy's appearance on the news and bangs his cane, transforming into Thor. Thor rushes to the scene and can't really lay into Juggy due to all of the innocent bystanders around. Basically Thor is stuck on the defensive while Juggy tosses cars and buses full of people at Thor. Ultimately the two make their way to an abandoned train yard, but Thor's sudden weakness(I haven't the slightest what that's all about) and Juggy's unstoppability proves to be too much for the God of Thunder as Juggy downs Thor(!). Juggy moves in for the kill, but is confronted by the New Warriors, ending this issue.

Thoughts: Now I know why I brought this issue! It's the first appearance of the New Warriors! I love that team! I honestly had no major complaints here. This comic was what you'd expect, Thor vs Juggy, with TONS of property damage. There were a few things that bugged me(Juggy was constantly called a mutant, which he's not, I don't know what was up with Thor's spells of weakness), but there was definitely more good than bad in this one. A kick-ass fight and the first appearance of one of my favorite young super-hero teams equals a good comic in my book.

Score: 8 out of 10.HA! The look on Thor's face says it all!


  1. please post scans in higher def like you used too
    loving thease retro reviews

  2. I'll see what I can do, but I can't post the scans too large because I end up eating up too much of the space that Google/Picasa lets me have for my profile. That's why I had to drop the resolution on the pics, because I was rapidly approaching my space allotment.

    I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying these retro reviews. Sometimes it's hard to tell how something new(ish) is being received, so it's great to hear that somebody is enjoying these things! :D