Thursday, December 8, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #675

The last review for tonight? Amazing Spider-Man. Do I have a witty introduction planned here? Nope, sorry, I'm dead tired from shoveling snow and can barely finish this review as it is...

Amazing Spider-Man #675:

Summary: Spider-Man and his ex-girlfriend, Carlie Cooper, break into police headquarters to examine the bodies of the three falling deaths of some teenagers. Spidey and Carlie figure the deaths were more than suicides(which is what Carlie's captain thought they were), thus the secret examinations. The duo discover all three corpses had a “W” stamped onto their arms, and that the most recent death had strong electro-magnetism coming off of it, which leads Spidey to think that the Vulture was somehow involved. And guess what? He is! The Vulture sends his four teenage Vultures out to steal some rare coins from a helicopter, which they do, but wind up destroying the helicopter and killing the three men inside. Vulture meets them at the scene and reveals that he knew one of his flock had stolen two of the coins, and cuts the kid's wings, causing him to fall. Luckily for the kid, Spidey was heading towards the scene thanks to Carlie getting a call from a fellow cop telling her about the helicopter explosion and snags the kid with some webs. Vulture implores the other three to kill Spidey so they attack him while Vulture manically watches from the sidelines. Carlie arrives on the scene and yells to Spidey that Vulture was always giving off a signal and that his magnetic webbing would block said signal... Yes, Spidey has magnetic webbing now... Jamming the signal shuts down all of the kid's wings, and Spidey snags all of the falling Vulturettes before turning his attention to Vulture himself. The two fight briefly, but Vulture tosses a water tower at Carlie, knowing that Spidey would ignore Vulture and save Carlie. Naturally Spidey does just that and Vulture makes good his escape. So Vulture has been put out of business, the Vulturettes have been captured and nobody died. Nicely done Spidey!

Thoughts: First off, sorry for how sucky that review turned out, but as I said, I am dead tired and barely keeping my eyes open at this point! Um, as for this issue, it was okay. I enjoyed the story, liked the fight, and really had no major complaints. Sure, this wasn't the best Dan Slott/Spidey story I've ever read, but it was a fine way to waste some time.

Score: 8 out of 10.Heh-heh, Spid-a-rangs...


  1. So Marvel is starting to recover now..

  2. Thanks for the link, mi amigo. See, THIS is why Marvel didn't need to panic and start canceling series and firing people and stuff. It's like I've been saying, the market was bound to stabilize. The lower tier DC books are sliding lower and lower down the list and the higher tier ones are selling less every month, while the Marvel ones are remaining where they were at. This was the first month since Sept that all 52 of the New 52 titles weren't in the Top 100(I counted 47 New 52 books there).

    This month, with X-Sanction starting, and the lead-up to the X-Men vs Avengers event(Marvel's two most successful franchises), Marvel should be in full control by Feb. It's at that point I'd start worrying about DC a little bit, because they really don't have any major moves left... Come next Spring/Summer, Marvel will be dropping 12 issues of X-Men vs Avengers, while DC has no more tricks to pull out... I hate to say it, but I think 2012, with the Avengers movie and the big crossover is going to be a brutally bad year for DC.


    let see if O.M.A.C. survives issue 8 now, Oh I forgotten Didio is writing that one.. Now I'm Worried for the other low titles.

  4. And I think that with the succeful movie franchise that Marvel has they dont need to worried for a long time,

    DC only has Batman in the theaters and that is his most successful franchise with 12 Bat related titles.

  5. "let see if O.M.A.C. survives issue 8 now, Oh I forgotten Didio is writing that one.." HA!!! That was AWESOME!!! It's funny 'cause it's true! If other titles start getting cancelled and OMAC is still around, I'll be SO pissed off...

    "DC only has Batman in the theaters and that is his most successful franchise with 12 Bat related titles." Exactly, Alien. I couldn't have said it better myself. Batman practically carries DC. I mean Batman IS the DCU! Without Batman, I shudder to think what would become of that company.

  6. Isn't the Superman movie coming out soon? And while Green Lantern was killed by the critics, I thought it did ok financially, well enough for there to be threats of a sequel.

  7. The Green Lantern movie actually did poor at the theaters, TRobb. Like WAAAAY worse than DC had hoped. It opened lowest out of the four super-hero movies this year(X-Men: First Class, Thor, Cap), fell HARD it's second week in theaters, and only made about $220 mil, while it had a budget rumored to be at $200 and marketing costs between $50 and $100 mil depending on what you read. According to Hollywoodreporter, the film needed to gross approx $500 mil to be considered a success. ( How do I know all this? Because I was rooting so hard for this film to flop as a slap in DC's face, and when it did, I'll admit I was a bit giddy... I think I even did a post or two about it. I'm not saying a GL movie with Kyle Rayner as the lead would have done better, but it sure as hell couldn't have done worse! :P

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