Thursday, December 15, 2011

Journey Into Mystery #632

Next up tonight? Journey Into Mystery. And seeing as that my last post ran kind of long, I'm going to try to balance things out by moving through this review at a brisk pace. Will I succeed? Probably not, but that's the plan!

Journey Into Mystery #632:

Summary: It's Yule season in Asgardia! Think Asgardian Christmas. So the Asgardians are celebrating and punching Loki, which seems to be a Yule tradition(as Loki himself said, no wonder he turned evil!). Loki goes to visit Leah and discovers that Hela had left him a package. Figuring it was a Yule gift from Hela, Loki opens it and discovers seven Hel-wolf pups. It seems when Loki had taken the Hel-Wolf to Hel to distract Garm, the beast the guarded the entrance to Hel, Hel-Wolf did some first class distracting... If you catch my drift! Since Garm was too busy to care for the pups, she sent them to Loki since he had been responsible for Hel-Wolf and Hel-Wolf was dead. Loki tells the All-Mother about this and she tells him that he had to find the pups a home since they were too dangerous to keep in Asgardia. Loki is successful in finding six of the seven pups a home, but is unable to find pup #7, a rather foul mouthed creature, a home. As such the All-Mother tells Loki to dispose of it by tossing it into the World Tree. Loki can't go through with it and takes it back to Leah, telling her the Hel-pup was now going to be her roommate. From there, Loki names it Thori(get it?) and that pretty much ends this one.

Thoughts: This comic was a light-hearted Christmas style tale, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I had a few good chuckles, the story and art were fine, no major complaints here. If you want to read a light-hearted Asgardian x-mas tale, this one was by far the best one I've ever read. Granted, it was the only Asgardian x-mas style tale I've ever read, but my point stands!

Score: 8 out of 10.Loki saying that line at the bottom of the page out loud and completely nonchalantly made me legitimately laugh out loud.


  1. I laughed a lot with this issue, I wonder if we are going to see that pup in next New Mutants issue and I hope it shows some of his father charisma (like Thori)

    Today somebody commented about how good Kid Loki is and that Kid Apocalipse could become that way. I just hope that it doesn't become a rule at Marvel, because soon we will Have Kid Galactus, Kid sinester, and Marvel will run out of good villans

  2. This issue was surprisingly funny! And I'm definitely hoping the Hel-Wolf pup that was given to Warlock pops up in the New Warriors series as well. You'd think Kieron Gillen would have mentioned it to DnA.

    You know, I didn't even think about that but it's a good point... A few years back Marvel was turning all of their male villains female. Now they seem to be turning them into good children... Weird. Well, here's hoping it remains only Loki and Apocalypse, although the prospect of a Kid Galactus is quite hilarious to me...

  3. I was expecting that people would say this was a lame issue but I enjoyed it a lot as well. Can't wait to see the pup in New Mutants. I am so interested in Kid Loki. He seems to be around a bunch of proud Asgardians that would die and lose as long as it is in battle. Loki seems to be willing to do the dirty work and take the blame as long as it helps his fellow Asgardians. I predict Kid Apocalypse will disappear and be forgotten by the end of next year.

  4. R.I.P Joe Simon! A true visionary of his time.

  5. Yeah, it was better than it probably should have been, Jermox. Once I started it and they did the Volstagg/Santa thing I was sure I'd hate this one. Instead, I really enjoyed it... Go figure!

    "Loki seems to be willing to do the dirty work" Exactly. That right there is why I won't be shocked when he turns bad again. Here he is, doing what's best for Asgard, sacrificing, and you have the other Asgardians treating him like trash.

    I saw that late last night, Cap. So definitely, RIP, Joe Simon... I'll def be pulling and reading my Cap Comics #1 tonight.

  6. Throw in the whole child-centric focus of schism, and yeah, you could say there's been a trend here. Kid Loki has been so well done that I can't hate in the least. So you think it's inevitable that he goes bad? Can't say I thought about that. He seems to have a good heart, I'd be sad to see that go down. If Gillen plays it right, a lot will turn on how long Thor (his hero/protector) and Odin (who doesn't care he exists) are out of action. The ruling Asgard mothers seem to be on his side, although he doesn't trust them yet. Volstagg thinks he's a good kid, but doesn't trust him. We also have Leah, who will be a pivotal character. And then we have the damned ikol, who I really like as a character, but could definitely see pulling some trickery to come back to life/take over as Loki again. This book is so good!

    It will be interesting to see how things play out with kid apoc. Will he join the Jean Grey school? What on earth could a kid who spent his whole life in a test tube be thinking of all this? In my dream scenario, that damned Hope will be killed off in the upcoming x-over (man Hope and space chicken, 2 of my least favorite plot devices, in the same series, whooopppee!) and Nur will be the young mutant straw that stirs the drink in the x-universe.

  7. If Loki was a lesser character, or if Marvel wasn't making him into the main villain of the upcoming Avengers movie, I would expect Kid Loki to remain how he is, and hopefully grow up to be a heroic character, but you know how Marvel likes to try to get their comic books in line with the movies, so I could EASILY see Kid Loki growing into his former self by the summer, and that's too bad because this has been the most I've nejoyed the Thor books... Well, ever! But throw in the way everybody is manipulating/flat out hating on Loki, as well as the awesome Ikol whispering in his ear, and you can almost see that poor Loki is doomed to become a villain again.

    I'd take a Kid Apocalypse for Hope trade in a heartbeat! Anything to get rid of Our Lord and Savior!

  8. ...Gillen mentioned that kid loki will have a particularly role to play in Avengers vs X-Men... Hope not evil

    because I want him stay a Kid FOREVER.. ok he can grew up a little. But since I started reading Marvel, Kid Loki has become one of my favorite comic book character.
    Shared with Braniac 2 and 3 an Damian Wayne and that means a lot from me.

    I don't know if he would be that great as an Heroic adult, but who knows.

    What would you think of him doing an apparition in the Academy?

  9. Hmm, Gillen mentioning that Loki has a part in the X-Men vs Avengers story makes me feel a bit uneasy... Especially since that event is happening right around when the Avengers movie comes out... :/

    That fact that you had Brainiac 2 & 3 listed amongst your favorite characters makes you the smartest comic fan EVER in my book, Alien! Hands down! :D

    And I'd absolutely LOVE Loki in Avengers Academy! Written by Christos Gage?! It would be fantastic!

  10. You know i'm beginning to feel that become a child has replaced writers turning the characters into women, woman Loki is now Kid Loki, Miss Sinister is back to normal (thank whoever wrote that back to how it should be) and now we have a bunch of kid characters apocalypse,omega,gladiator.
    Is this just a new fad?

  11. Seriously! I mean a few years back it was women(Loki, Sinister, Bullseye, off the top of my head), now it's kids! While I do like Kid Loki(mainly because the writing has been brilliant), I'm not sure why writers have to resort to taking existing characters and transforming them. Granted, some of the adult characters are still around(Gladiator for example), but is it that difficult to think up new names?