Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Deadpool #48

Next(and last) review for today? Deadpool! I don't know about anybody else, but I've been LOVING this Deadpool vs Evil Deadpool story thus far. Here's hoping it continues to be as good(and hilarious!) as it's been.

Deadpool #48:

Summary: Evil Deadpool has kidnapped the New York City Police Commissioner's children and poor stupid Deadpool has kidnapped a random little boy simply to try to steal Evil Deadpool's thunder. Deadpool figures Evil Deadpool would release the Police Commissioner's kids and go after Deadpool, since Deadpool had upstaged him. Unfortunately, Evil Deadpool could care less about what Deadpool has done, and has managed to get dozens of law agencies from Interpol to the FBI after Deadpool. Oh yeah, plus Evil Deadpool has tricked Captain America into thinking that Deadpool and Evil Deadpool were working together... Yep, Deadpool is right screwed here. Realizing that Evil Deadpool had screwed him but good, Deadpool tosses a bag of explosives out the window of the cab he stole, at which time he tells the child he kidnapped to drive the cab away. Deadpool exits the cab, the kid drives off and the explosives explode(as is what explosives do), which gives Deadpool the chance to hightail it away from the area to try to figure out how to find and stop his evil counterpart. Meanwhile, Evil Deadpool is concocting a trap that will force the Police Commissioner to accidentally kill his own children... Why? Because he's evil!

Thoughts: Meh. This comic was okay, but we didn't get any Deadpool on Evil Deadpool action, thus hurting my enjoyment of this one. Sure, Evil Deadpool and Deadpool are fun on their own, but together they are pure comic book gold! But sadly they were never together here. The story was solid, but the hilarity that had marked the previous few issues wasn't here, and as I've stated before, one of the main things I expect from a Deadpool comic is a few good laughs, which, to me at least, is the most important thing about an issue of Deadpool. Oh well, here's hoping we get the mammoth Evil Deadpool/Deadpool showdown next issue.

Score: 7 out of 10.Evil Deadpool sure does say “dude” a lot, doesn't he?


  1. Was it just me or did you feel like Evil DP has no idea that DP was upstaging him? I also thought it was kind of funny how all the law enforcement agencies were 1-upping each other to get their hands on deadpool first.

  2. I liked how all the agencies kept talking about underestimating Deadpool while they were greatly overestimating his actions.

  3. I have a feeling it'll get good once they collide.

  4. "I liked how all the agencies kept talking about underestimating Deadpool while they were greatly overestimating his actions." <- That, exactly. Even to a degree Cap was. Which is funny, because Deadpool really wasn't as bad as all of the law enforcement agencies were making him out. All he really wanted to do was prevent Evil Pool from killing those kids.

    I definitely agree, Doc DP. I loved their initial meeting, and can't wait for their next one.

  5. I'm also waiting for their next clash, this issue was fun but like you said, seeing them meet up will be interesting and I love the inclusion of Cap. The only way this could be more fun is if someone else showed up to the party like a Spider-Man or a Wolverine but Pool vs. Pool with a bit o' Cap thrown in is great.

  6. Oh snap, it's a rare JT appearance! :P Spidey popping up in this storyline would have worked SO well! I mean we already have a Spidey enemy in this story(Mr. Negative) and the quips between Pool, Evil Pool and Spidey would have been off the charts! I mean I love me some Cap and all, but if I had to choose I'd definitely have taken Spidey over Cap for this storyline.

  7. Haha, my appearances are rare aren't they? Well I'll try to rectify that. But yeah, Spidey would fit perfect, and the second I saw Mr. Negative I immediately thought of how funny it would be with Spidey and TWO Deadpool's. (Deadpi?)

    Also, how has no one mentioned the kid driving a cab home, that cracked me up.

  8. The rarity of them make them extra special, my friend! :P I didn't even think of the Spidey thing until you brought it up, but like you said, he'd have been PERFECT for this storyline... Seriously, perfect.

    Because you have a weird sense of humor, JT. :D

  9. Good point, like an appearance from Stone Cold or The Rock. And yeah, Spidey would've made this a great storyline instead of a good one, Just imagining Spidey finding out there were TWO Deadpools is funny.

    Dude, you KNOW a kid driving a cab home is hilarious, especially when he was previously a hostage. I just gave you the script for the next Home Alone movie. :P

  10. Or maybe Brock now? :/

    It would have been funny if Spidey legit thought Evil Pool WAS DP and thought DP had just been majorly messed up! The jokes there would simply write themselves!

    Dude, you're the script writer here! I WOULD be willing to take producer credit though! :P

  11. Lol yeah maybe Brock.

    Exactly, and Slott or Way could write the hell out of that story.

    Haha, you can be co-producer, they generally get credit for not doing much of anything. Sounds right up your alley. :P

  12. Why not an x-over between the two series? I'd love to see Way and Slott working together.

    "they generally get credit for not doing much of anything. Sounds right up your alley." Precisely my point! :D

  13. If Spider-Man showed up, my guess is that he'd be in issue fifty, where I'm guessing that Deadpool will metaphorically cover himself sugar, kick some beehives, and start yelling, "COME AND GET ME, YOU #@%!ING BEES!"

    I think he wants to go down swinging.