Friday, December 30, 2011

Teen Titans #4

The first review for this Friday night? How's about we switch things up and take a gander at a DC book? In this case, the forth issue of Teen Titans. I'll admit, the first two issues of this series did NOTHING for me, but the third issue actually grew on me. Now the question is will this issue be like issues #1 & #2 or like issue #3?

Teen Titans #4:

What Happened: Wonder Girl ends up being confronted by EVIL Superboy in Times Square on New Year's Eve. It should go without saying that this leads to a fight. Meanwhile, Red Robin has invited Bunker and Skitter to his... um, back-up home(?) and we learn some more about Skitter(when she's in her bug form she remembers what she's done but has little control over herself). Somehow, Kid Flash and Solstice end up at Red Robin's door, and I literally mean somehow, since Kid Flash and Solstice were in Antarctica last issue. Back in Times Square, Superboy and Wonder Girl have a relatively even battle until SB unleashes all of his powers, sending WG for a loop. Red Robin and the rest of the Teen Titans(well, they aren't OFFICIALLY the Titans yet, but let's face it, they will be by the next issue) see the battle raging in Times Square on the TV and head out, arriving just in time to prevent SB from putting any more of a beating on Wonder Girl.

The Good: For the most part, this comic flowed along nicely. There wasn't anything that I could point at and say that I really disliked. The cliffhanger, while something that we've known was coming for like four months now, was still fun to see. I liked that we got some more background on Skitter. As usual, the art here was nicely done.

The Bad: What the HELL was up with Kid Flash, Red Robin and the clothes?! Seriously, did the two of them go from being 16-ish to being 6-ish?! That was just weird... If I'm being honest, I'd rather Superboy DIDN'T join the team next issue(or any issue for that matter). It's enough that we have moody Wonder Girl, do we really need broody Superboy here as well? I say leave him as a villain/occasional ally of the Titans and let him do his own thing in his own series. What the hell was the deal with Kid Flash and Solstice suddenly arriving at Red Robin's front door? With NO explanation?

The Verdict: Thankfully, this issue was more like the third issue than the first two. To be honest, I think Scott Lobdell has done such a good job with the characters he has here that THIS series may just be the DC series most primed to have a great 2012. And trust me, back when I read that first issue I NEVER thought I'd be saying THAT! But I can give credit where credit is due(occasionally) and yeah, Lobdell has done WAY better than I'd have expected here. Once some of the more confusing aspects of the story get sorted out, this could very well morph into my favorite DC comic.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.How odd...


  1. In fairness, I liked the banter between Kid Flash and Red Robin. I am a sucker for silly jokes like that though.

    I didn't get a chance to read the last comic but I did read this one. I have to admit this comic fairs far better when they don't focus on Wonder Girl or Superboy. They just aren't that likable.

  2. I totally get what you're saying, Jermox, and think if written right Bart and Tim could have a great friendship on this team. But the scene with the shirt was just plain odd... Here's Bart, with his clothes tattered, having run around(apparently) Antarctica. He gets to Tim Drake's BACK-UP penthouse and changes out of his ripped, frozen and torn clothes into some of Tim's... And then Tim flips out! It seemed kind of childish and almost downright mean! Would he rather Bart sit there in his ripped clothes and freeze to death?? I mean I got a kick out of Bart stopping to take a leak last issue before rescuing Solstice after seeing a hose, but that was funny, Tim's reaction was just weird and like I said, a bit mean spirited. Bart taking a costume from Tim? Sure, that deserves a mention, but I don't think I'd rag on poor Bart for wanting to get into some warm clothes.

    Exactly! All of the characters besides WG and SB actually have personalities that I can see myself liking. But SB and WG? They just aren't that likable, which is sad because I liked both characters pre-reboot. Maybe they'll get back to their pre-reboot roots, but until they do I have zero interest in any of them.

  3. The shirt thing was funny to me, but definitely odd. I guess they were trying to paint Tim as the serious leader and Bart as a goofy contrast, but it seemed like a bad way to do it, because it's a shirt, and like you said, his clothes were torn up. Having said that, when Tim said, "Take it off", the Bart said "You take it off" which Tim replied "I'm not wearing it." Then Bart's "Oh". I did laugh out loud.

  4. "they were trying to paint Tim as the serious leader and Bart as a goofy contrast" In retrospect, yeah, I think that was definitely what they were going for here... But still, there's a fine line between serious and mean! Poor Bart's only choices were sit around in torn clothes, wear nothing at all, or wear one of Tim's shirts. IDK, if I were Tim I'd like to think I'd go with the third option. Tim and Bart's eventual relationship, if done right, could possibly be the highlight of this series... Kind of like how Dick and Wally wound up as best friends after their time on the Titans(pre-reboot, naturally).

  5. Agreed 100%, and I would say they are actively trying to recreate the Dick/Wally dynamic with Tim/Bart.

  6. With Wally apparently gone(grrr.....) I'm all for turning Bart into a character similar to Wally. And if that were to happen, Tim would definitely fill Dick's role as his best friend. I'd actually prefer to see Tim and Bart become best friends over Tim and the current version of Superboy.

  7. I enjoyed the banter as well, but I totally take your point, X. I'm hoping it's Lobdell's way of saying that Tim has a lot more to learn from his teammates (like, you know, sharing, and not acting like a spoiled brat) than he thinks he does.

    OMG, I totally forgot they didn't explain how Bart and Solstice got there. I was wondering the same thing. Is that her power somehow? I stopped reading the last volume of "TT" in the issue she got introduced.

    Overall, I'm so happy that I didn't hate this issue that I was willing to forgive all sins!