Thursday, December 29, 2011

Captain America & Bucky #625

Final review of the night will be the latest issue of the Captain America and Bucky series. Now that both Cap AND Bucky have their own ongoing series's, I'm somewhat intrigued to see just what this series will be giving us...

Captain America & Bucky #625:

What Happened: The second Bucky(a guy named Fred Davis... As for why he was the second Bucky, after the first Cap and Bucky “died” President Truman decided to replace the duo with two other heroes, since he didn't want the country demoralized by the loss of the original Cap and Bucky), now an elderly man, is giving a speech about the 70th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack when he is attacked by an android. Luckily, Captain America is there to save the day and destroy the robot before it could kill Fred. Later on, Cap and Fred talk, and Fred reveals that the android was very similar to the one that murdered the second Captain America(William Naslund), which itself was led by ANOTHER android named Adam II. Adam II had been thought destroyed, but now Cap isn't so sure. While the two men are talking, they are met by William Naslund III(?!), who reveals that he was indeed the secret grandson of the second Cap. Naslund is an expert in robotics from the Pentagon and offers his assistance with the case. Cap agrees and contacts the original Human Torch, since Adam II was created by the same man who created the Torch. With that, Cap, Naslund and the Torch leave, while Fred has a sneaking suspicion that something was fishy. This issue ends with a Bucky android exiting it's stasis tube.

The Good: I've always been a sucker for the history of Captain America(from Steve Rogers right on down to Bucky Barnes), so I enjoyed this look back at the second Cap and Bucky. The story was okay, even if it's a tad bit predictable(or so I think...). Everything from the story to the art to the dialogue was solid.

The Bad: It seems pretty likely that this William Naslund is either evil (and/)or an android... I mean him showing up like that was just a bit too convenient. The cliffhanger wasn't exactly the best I've ever seen... I mean an android version of Bucky comes out of a stasis chamber... And? While everything was solid, nothing was spectacular.

The Verdict: Eh, this was one of those perfectly acceptable comic books I yammer on about from time to time. I mean there was nothing wrong with it, but it also didn't get me excited for the next issue. It was okay, plain and simple.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Sheesh, is that any way to treat the flag, Cap?


  1. Hm.. you more you know, here I thought crazy 1950's Cap and Jack "Don't call me Bucky" Monroe were the second Cap and Buckster.

  2. hey man i gonna be droping uncanny x-force for the coming arc (cant beleive i just typed that)
    dew to unintrest in the story the terrible art.
    i would appreatiate it if u no matter how bad it might get to continue to do very thuro reviews of them
    i like to keep up with whats happening in the series until the fallowing arc comes around.

  3. Even I agree that the apparition of this William Naslund III is suspicious and maybe obvious
    I'm loving this Cap & Bucky series, I think it really works for new readers like me, that always wants to now a little of continuity plus good stories, and gorgeous Francavilla's art.

  4. mmm Why, Cap, wasn't using THAT shield when confronted Cable?
    I dont know if he can drop it like the other, but sure it wont stuck on the wall.

  5. I'm impressed that you even knew about crazy 50's Cap, JT! Good on you! :P Nope, it was Naslund and Davis as the second Cap and Bucky, a guy named Jeff Mace took up the shield after Naslund fell. After that it was the crazy evil Cap from the recent Cap series who was with Nomad. Next it was back to Steve, then officially it was US Agent(although kid dressed as Cap and was killed during one of the many times Steve would quit), then it was back to Steve, then it was Bucky, and now it's Steve again. There was a Cap mini called Captain America: Patriot, which dealt with Naslund and then Mace. So there ya go, a little Cap history lesson! ;)

    No problem, Movieartman. I'll make sure to put some extra effort into those Uncanny X-Force reviews, even though, like yourself, I'm not really looking forward to this storyarc at all!

    That's great, Alien. This series is probably great for a fan who is new-ish to the Cap characters, as it seems to be (re)introducing characters and concepts from back in the day. And totally agreed about that shield! See, if he would have had that against Cable he would have won!! :D