Saturday, November 13, 2010

Young Allies #6

Overall: This issue kicks off with Emma Frost stopping by Firestar to speak with her. Firestar is less than interested in speaking to her old Headmistress, so Emma tells Firestar where to meet her and leaves. From there, Spider-Girl and Nomad discuss what to do about Toro, who is in the US illegally, and as such doesn't have a civilian identity. On top of that, Nomad speaks very little Spanish, while Toro speaks very little English, making things difficult for the both of them. Later on, Firestar meets up with Gravity to go out on patrol, and they run into a man and woman who were having some kind of dispute. They jump in and figure the man was the problem, but it turns out the woman had stolen some sort of power gauntlet and she attacks the two heroes. Gravity takes care of her with ease, while Emma Frost begins to chat with Firestar mentally. This really annoys Firestar, who ditches Gravity and heads to Emma's apartment. Before she gets there however, she bumps into Nomad, who asks Firestar if she wants to team-up with her, Spider-Girl and Toro. Firestar tears into Nomad, telling her that she doesn't want to be on any team, period. As Firestar leaves, she realizes that she was probably unnecessarily rough on Nomad, but instead of apologizing, she continues towards Emma's apartment. Emma tells Firestar that she's wasting her life, and that she should join the rest of the mutant population on Crazy Mutie Island, otherwise known as Utopia. Firestar explains to Emma that she doesn't want to lock herself away on an island, and that she wants to cut her own path in life. Emma seems to accept that answer, and Firestar leaves. This issue(and series!)ends with the five heroes heading to a memorial service for the people who died during the Bastards of Evil attack back in issue #1.

Wait, this was the last issue? For real? Well that sucks... I was enjoying this series, as I am a pretty big fan of Gravity and Firestar. I guess not a lot of other people were though... Before I talk about this issue, first a few words about Marvel seem appropriate here. Why did Marvel bother making this series an ongoing if they were going to have such a quick hook with it? Why not make it a 6 issue mini-series, see how many people would be willing to pick up this title, and then take it from there? I'm just dumbfounded that this series was canned after only 6 issues. Dumbfounded and a little angry... Anyway, this particular issue was good. Hell, I'd go so far as to say that it was really good. I'm a sucker for the old New Warriors characters, so the fact that this issue focused on Firestar was fine by me. Her conversation with Emma Frost was well done, and I was enjoying the little relationship that was beginning to form between her and Gravity. But I guess that's all moot now...

Score: 8 out of 10.So long, Gravity. It was nice seeing you again...

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