Sunday, November 7, 2010

Action Comics #894

Overall: So thanks to that blasted Gorilla Grodd, Lex Luthor seems to be dead. How can I tell? Well the fact that he is standing over his own dead body with Death is a pretty strong indicator... Lex refuses to believe that he is dead, so Death does the whole, “here's your life flashing before your eyes” thing. Death notes that Lex's life seemed to involve a lot of fighting, and Lex begins trying to convince Death not to take him. Lex is unsuccessful, and Death begins to show Lex several afterlife images. Figuring he was doomed, Lex demands to be sent where ever he was destined to go, so he could get on with and try to conquer the afterlife. Death tells Lex not to worry, and that he wasn't dead(?), stating that the whole conversation was just a preliminary check on something. With that, a very confused Lex is sent back to his body, which was being flown back to Metropolis.

Um, what? First off, I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of this a lot. And then it kept going. And going. AND going... I don't know that this entire issue needed to be a conversation between Lex and Death. Especially since it really didn't lead to anything. The first few pages were fun. Watching Lex interact with Death was pretty clever, but for me, it just went on a bit too long.

Score: 7 out of 10.Leave it to Lex Luthor to sass Death!


  1. I'd never read anything with the Death character before but she's really grown on me just from her appearance here. I wouldn't mind seeing more of her. Especially running into Joker or someone.

  2. Death was always my favorite part about the Sandman series, and Neil Gaiman did a great job with her own mini series entitled Death. Also Death running into the Joker would be so cool.