Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wolverine #3

Overall: We kick things off here with Wolverine and Sabretooth beating on each other in Hell for the Devil's amusement. Wolverine taunts Sabretooth, who seems to be little more than a mindless animal here, until the Devil has seen enough and tells the broken Sabretooth to sit at his side, which Tooth does. The Devil tells Wolvie that soon enough he'll be as broken as Tooth, but Wolvie tells the Devil that won't be happening. To continue tormenting Wolvie, the Devil brings the recently deceased Silver Samurai over and tears him to pieces. The Devil then produces a BIG sword and tells Wolvie that the sword was able to negate healing factors. The Devil taunts Wolvie, telling him that he'll either be broken, or will be cut into little pieces and spread all over Hell. Wolvie responds by spitting in the Devil's face, which leads to the Devil lopping off Wolvie's ear Van Gogh style, before nailing him to a giant wall. Wolvie hangs from the wall for a while before Puck shows up and tells Wolvie that each time he defies the Devil he creates chaos in Hell, and that with enough chaos Wolvie might be able to slip free. With that, Wolvie pulls himself off the wall and attacks a random demon, leading to cheers from the damned, and getting the Devil quite annoyed. Back on Earth, Mystique, Daimon Hellstrom, the two Ghost Riders and Wolverine's girlfriend are hunting for Wolverine's possessed body in order to exorcise the demon that had taken up residence within it. However, they don't have the slightest idea as to where Possessed Wolvie is... Um, maybe on Crazy Mutie Island(also known as Utopia)? Possessed Wolvie walks over to one of Wolverine's storage rooms and prepares to burn some of Wolverine's personal effects. Before Possessed Wolvie can do that, Shadowcat walks in and acts like her annoying self, which leads to Possessed Wolvie knocking her across the room. Before Possessed Wolvie can do anything worse, Colossus arrives and warns Possessed Wolvie to get control of himself.

First off, Possessed Wolvie has moved up several more places on my favorite villain of 2010 list by knocking the ever annoying Shadowcat on her rear. God do I detest her... Anyway, my hatred of Shadowcat notwithstanding, this was another good issue of this series. It was good to see Wolverine and Sabretooth fight again, as that's something I've sorely missed since Sabretooth's death. It was also pretty fun to watch Wolverine just be an all around pain in the Devil's ass. I don't know, if I was the Devil I think I'd just bury Wolvie under a big rock or something and be done with him! I am somewhat surprised by how obvious Jason Aaron(writer)seems to be laying the groundwork for Wolvie's escape from Hell here... Hellstrom is working on the mortal plane to get Wolvie back, while Puck is giving Wolvie pointers as to how to escape from Hell. It all just seems so simple. That makes me think that there's a major swerve coming soon... Either Mystique is going to betray Hellstrom and company or something is going to happen in Hell that'll lead to Wolvie either being unable to leave, or possibly making him want to remain... I guess we'll see as this storyline rolls forward.

Score: 8 out of 10.Yes, Wolverine really DID spit in the Devil's face...

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