Friday, November 12, 2010

A Rant on Brightest Day #13

Overall: *sigh* I've been avoiding this comic all last week, but before I read my new books, I guess I should get this out of the way... The only real question I have before reading this is just how bad will things get this issue? So this issue dealt ENTIRELY with the Hawkman/Hawkgirl/Hawkworld story... Which is the story I care the least about(which is actually saying something!)in this series. Hawkman runs around attacking evil hawkmen until one of them tells him where Hawkgirl is. Hawkgirl is being tortured by her mother and Hath-Set. They put her on a big gateway of bones, and this draws out Hawkman. Hawkman tries and fails to defeat Hawkgirl's evil mother, but Hawkgirl manages to kill Hath(even though she was pinned to the gateway by her hands). Hawkgirl's mother sticks Hawkman onto the gateway with Hawkgirl, and this act somehow opens a portal from Hawkworld to the Star Sapphire's homeworld of Zamaron. Why there? Who cares? Oh, and Deadman and Dove spend the last two pages of this issue trying to figure out who the White Lantern ring has been looking for, with Deadman figuring that maybe it's Bruce Wayne. Why does he think this? Who cares?

Who cares? Not I obviously. This issue was bad, this mini-series is bad, and DC's current direction is bad. But before people begin to bitch and moan about what I just typed, remember, that's simply a matter of opinion. What's NOT a matter of opinion is the fact that Marvel's comics sell much better than DC's books. Don't believe me? Check out the monthly sales charts and see which company has more books in the top 25. And people actually have the nerve to wonder why DC is(and probably always will be)second fiddle to Marvel.

Score: 2 out of 10.Well, at least the artwork was good...


  1. Lol. Aww I'm sorry you had to torture yourself through that issue. I stopped reading a long time ago, and between you and JT, you two make me want to forget I EVER read BD stuff. Lol.

    Now I definitely can't wait til ya rant about Return of Bruce Wayne. Lol.

    Nice work sir, lol, this was wonderful.

  2. HA, I want to forget I've ever read these comics too, Lisha! :P On the plus side, Brightest Day is SO bad it makes mediocre comics seem better than they are! After I read this issue everything I read after it seemed really good!

  3. Anyone else hate that costume? Also, who the hell even TOLD Deadman that Bruce was back?! He's be the LAST person on my list to tell, along with Beast Boy, Hai-Me Reyes, and Congorilla.

  4. Eh, I'm okay with the costume. I actually kind of like the yellow bat-logo on the chest since it kind of draws attention. If you were a villain(if... HA!)you'd probably shoot at the chest instead of the face since that bat-symbol draws attaention, which is probably what Bruce wants.

    That is like THE list of my most hated DC heroes! Congorilla... What the HELL is that?!?!

  5. True, since he's mentioned it before. But the yellow is SO bright, I wouldn't mind if it was a more gold color, but eh, a costume is a costume. Still like it better than the new Wondy costume.

    Lol he sucks SO much... man you gotta wonder why some of these characters even exist...

  6. "Still like it better than the new Wondy costume." TOTALLY agreed! I mean I personally don't care about it one way or the other. I definitely like the Bat-costume Dick is wearing more, but I can't say I dislike Bruce's bat-costume. Now WW's outfit? THAT I can say I dislike!

    Dude, I wonder who the hell thought Congorilla was EVER a good idea! I mean seriously! And why would James Robinson think bringing him back would be a good idea?! Weird...

  7. Yeah, I do like Dick's costume more than Bruce's, but Bruce's isn't bad, hell I've seen much worse.

    Cause he's a hack, that's why he took Roy's arm and then made Mikhail and Congorilla members of a league they should have never even been seen in the background of.

  8. Yeah, in that issue of Red Robin, I actually found myself liking that costume more than ever before. I guess it's kind of growing on me. But Dick's costume is def my fav.

    God, I hate to agree with that, but it's getting harder and harder to defend Robinson's work... He's just gone SOOOOOOOOOO far downward since Starman...

    Oh, and you know how the title of this post is "A Rant on Brightest Day #13"? Wait til you see the review I'm putting together for Batman: The Return #1... I guarantee it's gonna blow your mind and make you think I've gone crazy(or crazier!)

  9. Whenever you see that costume will you think of Bruce and Tim having a loving hug? Or will you think of Tim telling Bruce that Gotham had crime and Bruce returning from the dead for some odd reason.

    Hey, if you'd turn on Geoff so easily you GOTTA turn on Robinson too, hell, Geoff may have killed some people off and brought back Barry but at least he didn't maim Wally and make him totally useless.

    Oh, I can't wait to see that, I'll be reviewing that today too, so let's see what we think.

  10. I'll probably always think of Tim acting like the kid in Lassie and being all, "Bruce, Gotham's in trouble again, you've GOT to save it!" *Bruce returns from the dead to save Gotham*

    Yeah, but the GEOFF thing was a long time coming. It's not like I woke up one morning and was like, "I hate GEOFF JOHNS!!!" It actually took me a few months of mediocre stories coupled with one momentously bad one(the end of Blackest Night!)before the GEOFF Johns worship train fell off the tracks. Robinson is getting there, but he's not quite there yet. He still hasn't provided me that real "point of no return moment" yet.

    Told you that review would make you think i was crazy! :D

  11. Lol. Oh no, Joker's thrown little Timmy in a well! Save him BatDog!!!

    So maiming one of your favorites, killing Lian and ruining Ollie's life, plus the HORRENDOUS cry for justice didn't do it got ya? :P

    Haha, and that was the first thing I said!

  12. Bruce: "Arf arf!!!" *runs off to save Timmy*

    Nah, that's all a part of the build. Most of that happened in Cry, so I look at all of those events as a part of one SUCK-tacular story. If he keeps sucking, then I'll throw him under the bus like I did GEOFF.

    My problem with GEOFF was the fact that the things that pissed me off kept building up(SAINT Barry, Larfleeze, the downward spiral of the Green Lantern series, Inertia's death, Zoom getting crippled, Wally's demotion to nothing status, ALL of Brightest Day), culminating with the terrible ending to Blackest Night, where GEOFF once again altered the DCU's history to suit his own selfish whims. James has to KEEP screwing up before I explode at him too.