Monday, November 29, 2010

Detecitve Comics #871

Overall: This is the first issue of Scott Snyder's Detective run. We begin with a bullied child at school suddenly developing the abilities of Killer Croc and attacking his tormentors. Commissioner Gordon heads to the laboratory Wayne Enterprises set up for the Gotham City police department, where he meets with Dick Grayson. Dick runs the mutated child's blood through the computers and discovers that the boy was mutated by the same chemicals that mutated Killer Croc. From there, Dick(as Batman)heads to the boy's house where he finds the boy's butler. The butler claims innocence as to how the boy gained the Killer Croc serum, but before Dick can press the issue, the butler is killed by the boy's mother(who is packing a shotgun), who seems to have gone insane. Dick chases after the woman, but she leaps out a window to her death. Upon examining the woman's body Dick finds one of the Mad Hatter's control devices implanted into her skin. Dick meets back up with Gordon to share notes, and Gordon tells Dick that it seems that a disgraced cop had been selling items that he had stolen from the police evidence room, which would explain the Croc serum and the Mad Hatter device being on the street. Dick confronts the crooked cop, who tells Dick that he was working for somebody called the Dealer. Before Dick can get anything more useful out of the cop though, the cop is killed by some plants, Poison Ivy style, ending this issue.

You know, this wasn't a bad comic at all. We have an interesting story here, as well as a new villain, who seems to be using the gimmicks of Gotham's other villains to further his agenda. I actually really like that idea a lot, because it's something that probably should have happened before. I mean with as many gimmick villains you have running around Gotham, you'd think somebody would try to use all of those various gimmicks to their own ends. There was a second feature in this comic with Commissioner Gordon, but I had NO idea what was going on in that, so I'm just going to pretend that it didn't happen...

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Okay, I wouldn't want a bat in my house either, but I don't think I'd go THAT crazy over it...


  1. I have a question X-man is the killer crock that giant crocodile in Arkham
    asylum? Anyways very well writ I'm going to have buy it and flip through it. By the way do you do any Superman reviews cause I have a few suggestions.

  2. I picked this up today due to going to the shop and finding out comics were pushed back a day, and I enjoyed it. The way Grayson was written was one of the best points, and the stuff with him and Gordon was also very well done. I can see myself liking Snyder's work if this run keeps up.

  3. HA! Poor JT... I was ABOUT to go to the CB store after school, but I went to one of the computer labs before I left to see what was coming out(and to see how much $ I'd be spending)when I saw that the new comic day was pushed back a day. But yeah, comparing this to Batman is like comparing... um, something REALLY good to something absolutely terrible.