Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Supergirl #58

Overall: This issue kicks off with Cat Grant and Supergirl going to visit that waste of comic book life, the Toyman. Yes, the TERRIBLE Toyman. Anywho, children have been disappearing off the streets of Metropolis, and every time a kid vanished, a doll has been sent to Cat. Cat believes the Toyman has been sending her the strange little dolls to mess with her, and as such wants to confront him. Toyman denies sending the toys to Cat, and even after being roughed up by SG still claims innocence. Upon inspecting the toys however, Toyman notices that they seem based on some of his early work. Before he can inspect them any further, one of the toys springs to life at the sound of the Toyman's voice and stabs him with a pair of scissors Chucky-style... God did that movie scare the hell out of me as a kid... The toy then goes to attack Cat, but is stopped and melted by Supergirl. Later on, Cat and SG argue about some of the less than flattering stuff Cat had been writing about SG, which leads to SG abandoning Cat. With SG gone, Cat visits her son's grave, before heading home, where she is assaulted by Anton Schott, the Dollmaker. This issue concludes with Lois Lane going to STAR Labs to visit her insane sister, Superwoman.

I hate Toyman, but I do loves me some Supergirl. So yeah, this issue left me a bit conflicted... I was glad that Toyman was stabbed(if only the stabbing had been fatal...), but the Dollmaker? I'm not sure that's a whole lot better than the Toyman... BUT, Sterling Gates has done... well, a sterling job on this series, so I'm willing to give this story a chance, Toyman and all.

Score: 8 out of 10.It's nice to see Cat as something more than the bitch she's been written as lately.


  1. I liked this issue, but it is a little annoying to see another genrational version of a pre-existing character. I've read that the new supergirl writer is going to explore the fact that Kara's villains are all knock-offs of Kal's, but I don't know if I'll stick around to find out.

    On the plus side, the art on this issue was great!

  2. Yeah, I enjoyed this one too, but man, I really hate Toyman... That's yet another thing Johns screwed up when he had to undo the creepier aspect of Toyman's personality. Retconning the fact that Toyman killed Cat's son really hurt both Toyman AND Cat. He went from being a class-A scumbag to just another gimmick villain.

    I'll def be sticking around at least through the early parts of the new writer's run, but I can't say for how long...