Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Comic Day! November 3rd Edition.

Hey there X-philes, it's the Duke of Disaster himself here with a new New Comic Day post!!! The “Duke of Disaster”? Ugh... Man, I don't even know what to say after that horrible line... Okay X, shake it off and move on... So today was Wednesday, meaning it was time for me to drive to the comic book store and spend oodles of cash-money on comic books... “oodles of cash-money”? What's the matter with me tonight?

That's it, enough funny business(THAT was funny?!), let's get into the meat of this thus far meaningless post. As always, before moving forward, let's look backwards at last week's post. I said that I'd post 16 reviews by today during last week's NCD post and I managed a measly 12 reviews... Epic fail you say? Not so fast bucko! Last week I did mention that there was a good chance that I wouldn't be able to reach the 16 post plateau due to an enormous amount of school work and life related junk that popped up this week. So yeah, I failed to reach 16 reviews, but I was close... That should count for something, right? Right?!? Meh, I tried.

So yes, last week was a bit of a letdown, but I'm hoping to turn things around and get back on track this week. Man am I gabby and nonsensical(or more accurately, more nonsensical than usual)this week... Enough talk, let's see what I picked up this week. Red Hood: The Lost Days #6, Superboy #1, Hawkeye and Mockingbird #6, Avengers Academy #6, Brightest Day #13, JSA All-Stars #12, Namor #3, Young Allies #6, Secret Six #27, Captain America: Man Out of Time #1, Generation Hope #1, Freedom Fighters #3 & Invincible #75. That gives me a grand total of 13 books. Well, actually it's more like 12 books, because I can't read Invincible #75 since I'm still playing catch-up with that series. So let's go with 12 books. And since today is the day after Election Day I feel like making some sort of promise, just like all of those politicians do... By next week's NCD post I SHALL have 12 new reviews posted!!! And UNLIKE every single politician in the known world, I fully intend on keeping my promise! I won't blame other bloggers if I don't get my reviews done, nor will I spend my week searching for imaginary weapons of mass destruction or fooling around with interns. No, I am a man of my word, a man of morality and virtue. Many of my friends and associates have gone so far as to say that I am perfect, but I'm much to modest to repeat their words. No, I won't claim to be perfect, even though everybody I've ever met, as well as several people I haven't met have told me that I am indeed perfect. Nope, I'm not going to claim that I'm perfect, even if everybody thinks so. My modesty prevents me from doing so. BUT, if you're looking for a man of morality, virtue and yes, perfection, then next time you're voting, consider doing things the perfect way like me and vote X! My name is X and I approve this blog post. Hmm... That was weird... Oh well, what more is there to say besides X out!


  1. "And UNLIKE every single politician in the known world, I fully intend on keeping my promise! I won't blame other bloggers if I don't get my reviews done, nor will I spend my week searching for imaginary weapons of mass destruction or fooling around with interns."

    Officially your best post ever. That was a Jericho worthy rant my good sir. Also, I'd vote for ya, you perfect S.O.B. you. Lol, looking forward to your Red Hood review most of all. And Brightest day for "teh lulz" as the kids say.

  2. "Officially your best post ever." HA!!! That's because I've set the bar SO low for myself! :D

    Glad you enjoyed this train wreck of a post, and I appreciate your vote my good sir. That's one vote down and about 35,999,999 more to go before 2012... Game on!!!

  3. That's a bar you set low? I thought it was a crack in the sidewalk. :P

    I'm sure between you and I we could get you about...20 more votes...

  4. I have to agree with JT, this was quite probably your best post ever X. It gave me quite a few laughs...and I will be sure to vote X come next election season!

  5. Lmao, this is just wonderful. Lol. You are too awesome X. And I thirdly agree with JT and Marc, this is the best post. Lol, I must ask, were you tired at this point of the night? Just typing wonderful things that'll make us laugh.

    Having done 12 of 16 reviews with school work biting at your butt, is just splendid on many levels. Lol.

    Well I just ask for a wonderful review of Red Hood.

    Be sure to keep yourself sane and take breaks!!!

    Get some of that Starbucks hot chocolate! Lol.

  6. I think new comic day made you a little giddy there, X. But I can't blame you, in fact I'm pretty jealous that you have a comic shop close by. But I'm sure you already assumed I was envious of you...

    Anyway, I look forward to the Generation Hope review, as well as your thoughts on Freedom Fighters and Superboy.

  7. Well, thanks for all the kind words there guys. Yeah, I think we can probably get me to about 20 votes in two years time, JT. I already have three confirmed with you, Marc and myself, so we're well on our way! Now I just need to figure out a way to get a few million more...

    You know, Lisha, you're probably right! The later I tend to write my posts, the more... interesting(let's go with that)they seem to become. The tireder I am, the more creative/wacky my work seems to be. And that goes for schoolwork as well!

    How couldn't you be envious of me, Kello? With all those people calling me perfect and all. I'm kind of envious of me too! And I AM me! :P Superboy should be up and posted by tomorrow night. Hopefully I'll have gotten to Freedom Fighters by Sunday, and as for Gen Hope... I have no timetable for that one... I still have to read like the last 4 issues of Uncanny X-Men since I think those issues set up the events of Gen Hope #1. I'm gonna throw those issues of Uncanny in my bookbag, so hopefully if I have some spare time between classes tomorrow I can get through them and then read Gen Hope sometime this weekend.

  8. "Oh well, what more is there to say besides X out!"

    Maybe that X is out of his mind? Joking!

    X, Blogspot hasn't let me comment for the last several months, but I've still been following you. Your posts are still awesome and I appreciate everything you do for us! Keep up the hard work!

    L8r days,

  9. First off, great to see you back again, Cole! You're not the only person complaining about Blogspot lately... But yeah, glad to hear that you've been frequenting this strange little piece of the Internet. Thanks!

    "Maybe that X is out of his mind? Joking!" No, trust me, that is no joke! :P