Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Superman/Batman #78

Overall: This comic is all about a pair of comic fanboys fighting over who would win a fair fight between Batman and Superman. The rules are no Kryptonite and no killing. From there each fan argues over why their chosen hero would emerge victorious. And they argue their points for the ENTIRE ISSUE! In the end, they come to the conclusion that neither hero would win, and that they'd probably wind up destroying each other. At the end of the tale we learn that Superman and Batman were eavesdropping on the conversation(because Superman is weird or something)and that's about it. There was also a back-up story featuring Huntress and Power Girl that involved an alien child that ended up stranded on Earth. The child is confused and causing destruction, which leads to Huntress wanting to put the kid down hard(because she's AWESOME!), while PG feels a kinship to the stranded alien. In the end the women agree to set aside whatever differences they had to help the kid out.

Hmm, instead of reading this issue I could have just did a post about which hero would win in a fight and let you guys have at it... I mean, the story wasn't bad or anything, it all just seemed like a waste of time. You know, like the very definition of the words “pointless filler”. There's not really anything else I can add here... This was an okay, but altogether pointless comic.

Score: 6 out of 10.Um, if Superman got the first shot in on Bats, shouldn't that end the fight right there?!

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