Sunday, November 21, 2010

X-Men #5

Overall: We get things started here with Cyclops preparing the gathered mutants on Crazy Mutie Island(also known as Utopia)for the impending vampire invasion. The leader of the vampires, Xarus, has massed his forces and is sending hundreds of vampires to Utopia to kill Cyclops(yay!)and turn as many mutants into vampires as possible. And leading Xarus' forces? None other than Wolverine, who had been turned into a vampire. With Vampire Wolvie at the helm, the vampires begin to push their way onto Utopia, however, Cyclops takes out a little gizmo, pushes a button and stops Vampire Wolvie dead in his tracks. It appears that before Cyclops sent Wolverine out to locate Jubilee, he injected Wolvie with some nanites. These nanites turned off Wolverine's healing factor, allowing him to be captured and turned by the vampires. At the push of a button, Cyclops reactivates Wolverine's healing factor and Wolvie's healing factor manages to fight off the vampiric influence, changing Vampire Wolvie back into plain old Wolvie. Wolvie is pretty pissed that Cyclops did all this to him without informing him, but is even angrier at the vampires, and as such Wolvie leads a renewed push against the vampires, driving them from Utopia. Back at vampire central, Xarus is shocked and horrified about the losses his forces suffered, but is even more horrified when his thought to be dead father, Dracula, strolls into his control room and informs Xarus that he was in some deep trouble.

See, here's the problem. I hate Cyclops passionately. I don't like his whole bizarre shy mutant turned crazed dictator shtick, and as such, I wanted the vampires to win and wipe out the mutants. Yes, I KNOW that could never happen, but still... So Cyclops curing Wolverine and turning the vampire horde back disappointed me. The story was good, and I was into this comic from beginning to end, I was just disappointed that “my” side didn't win. Hopefully Wolverine stabs Cyclops next issue for the way Cyclops played him for a fool. I doubt it'll happen, but that's still what I'm hoping to see!

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Vampire Wolverine's line about Jean was SO true...

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