Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Superman #704

Overall: This comic is an interlude of sorts to the whole, “I'm Superman and I'm going to walk across America!” storyline. Instead of focusing on the Man of Steel, this issue takes a look at Superman's better half, Lois Lane. Like dozens of other reporters, Lois is following Supes as he makes his way across the country, with his latest stop bringing her back to the town she attended college in, Rushmark, Indiana. While taking a walk around town, Lois runs into one of her old boyfriends. The two reminisce, and the man invites Lois back to his home later on so she can meet his wife and children. After bumping into some college students who basically only knew her as the woman who always interviewed Superman, Lois decides to take the man up on his offer. So Lois heads to the man's house, meets the wife and kids and enjoys a nice home cooked meal. The main thing the dinner does though is show Lois all of the things she COULD have had, had she not fallen for Supes. So while the dinner wasn't perfect, it did get Lois wondering if she had taken the right path in life. While walking to her hotel pondering her situation, Lois is swept off the ground by Supes, who tells her he missed her. Still feeling kind of melancholy, Lois asks Supes if he really needed her in his life, and Supes reassures Lois that she is the one thing that keeps him the most connected to Earth. After getting the reassurance that she was looking for, Lois's mood brightens, and this issue comes to a close.

Now THIS was more like it! Instead of watching Superman wander around aimlessly, we took a great look into the mind of Lois Lane. Lois is one of the better supporting characters out there, so it was nice to see her get a chance to shine here. The whole, “Road not taken” story with Lois was marvelously done, and made so much sense. Lois had returned to her college town, met up with her old college flame, saw the life that could have been hers, got depressed and was cheered up by her super-husband. Great stuff! So kudos to G. Willow Wilson for giving me a much needed(and appreciated) break from JMS's thus far boring Superman run.

Score: 9 out of 10.Wow, Supes has all the best romantic moves...

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