Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Teen Titans #89

Overall: This issue gets underway with all of the Teen Titans griping about the fact that Batman(Dick Grayson)was putting Robin(Damian Wayne) on the team. Wonder Girl tries to talk Dick out of it, but he refuses to listen, feeling that Damian needs something like the Titans to help with his development. With that Dick leaves, and Damian is officially a member of the Teen Titans. Later on, the team spots a teenager attacking a science show with some heavy duty telekinetic powers, which they head out to stop. Raven manages to calm the boy down, but Damian ends up attacking him, leading to the kid believing the Titans were just trying to trick him, causing the boy to bring the roof down on the team before making good his escape, ending this issue.

You know, this is yet another time where I have to say that I found Damian to be pretty damn amusing. Now normally I can't stand Damian, but once he tried to throw Beast Boy off the team, he won me over... Possibly forever! Damian adds some much needed spice to this team, so I really can't complain about him joining the team. I especially enjoyed his banter with Ravager. You know, if Damian was a little bit older, him and Ravager would make an awesome couple. If only Beast Boy would get replaced by Red Robin, this team would be flat out perfect.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.I hereby elect Damian to lead the Teen Titans, effective immediately. So long Beast Boy!!!


  1. Lol. I don't read this because it contains Cassie, BUT, this sounded like a nice read for what it was. And Cassie should've been slapped, Teen Titans aren't Teen Titans without Robin, even if it is Damian.

    "Now normally I can't stand Damian, but once he tried to throw Beast Boy off the team, he won me over... Possibly forever!" I totally agree!! Lol, from the few issues I remember reading Beast Boy is annoying.

    And also, I saw the scan you included. It will forever amaze me how artists can give heroes costumes and have every ab muscle and belly button show. Like, the costume is super latex tight. Lol. That is all.

  2. Lisha, I was thinking the SAME thing!!! I was like, "How tight is Bart's costume when you can see his belly button?!?" I mean sheesh!

    So long as Damian keeps ripping on Beast Boy, he gets an automatic free pass in my book. That little hellspawn can do anything, and I'd be fine with it now! :P

  3. I picked up this issue because I saw Damian and Ravager threw down, so glad to see your rating. If you keep rating this well I may pic it up full-time again. Anyway, the art is pretty damn good, even if they do have Bart in a skin-tight costume.

  4. Lmao. I've seen it in EVERY comic I've read. Like is that costume that baller where it looks painted on and you can move so swift. Lol. Grayson's suit is what caught my eye. Lol. it's just in your face.

    Lmao. Damian is definitely a love/hate type of character.

  5. I agree Falisha, I love to Hate Damian! Lol

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    I'm tired hope you guys like it. It took me a full day I don't see how you guys have guts to slave over a computer.

  7. Wait, do you mean you picked it up in the comic shop and gave it a quick look through, or did you pick it up and buy it, JT? Because if you brought it, don't you owe us a review?! :P

    HA!! I didn't even notice Dick, since he was kind of off to the side there, Lisha! Man, and here I always thought the Bat-costume was a bit armored! I guess not when Dick is wearing it. He just GOTS to show off the goods! In all honestly though, Nicola Scott does some pretty sweet artwork, no?

    I'm currently hating to love Damian myself...

  8. I mean picked it up and flipped through it, not bought :P Lol not at all buddy, not at all.

    You saying "show off the goods" seemed hilarious tyo me for some reason. And I agree Nicola's work is awesome, just weird how all the guys belly buttons show but not Cassie's...

  9. Ahh. Got ya.

    Come on, you KNOW Dick has some major exhibitionist qualities in him! The guy dressed up in a tiny little speedo and pixie booties until he was like 20 or so and fought crime! There's def no shame in his game!

    "just weird how all the guys belly buttons show but not Cassie's" Dude, exactly! After Lisha pointed out the whole belly button thing(which I naturally missed originally)I went back and looked and it was like every character in the foreground EXCEPT WG was wearing the tightest outfit they possibly could!

  10. Hi all,

    I totally listed the belly button thing too, but that has me laughing now. What I originally noticed is everyone's height. I mean, didn't Raven and Beast Boy used to be in the same comic as Dick Grayson, and weren't they the same height then? How BB is apparently over a shorter as well.

  11. Lol, good point. Maybe that's why Jason was so angry, ghe had to wear Dick's hand-me-down green undies and pixie boots. That would piss off anyone.

  12. It's that Batman growth spurt, Cole. Once you dress as Batman, you suddenly put on like an extra 6 inches or so!

    HA!! If I had to wear some guy's used green speedo and pixie boots, I think I'd be angry at the world too! :P