Friday, November 5, 2010

Captain America #611

Overall: Poor Bucky. The past several issues he's been psychologically battered by Baron Zemo, and with Zemo now out of the picture Bucky has to return to America, where his identity(and past as the Winter Soldier)has been revealed to the public thanks to Zemo's plots. Avengers Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Mockingbird meet up in Avengers Tower to try to figure out how to do some damage control on the situation, while Bucky does what he's supposed to do as Captain America, he beats up bad guys. Next, Steve heads to the White House, where he meets and briefs the President on Bucky's whole sordid past as the Winter Soldier. Steve fights for Bucky and tries to emphasize that Bucky was being mind controlled by the Soviets during his time as the Winter Soldier, but the President isn't sure how that excuse is going to hold up in the court of public opinion. Steve pretty much tells the President that if he gives the order to bring Bucky in due to his crimes as the Winter Soldier he'd quit his post as the head of... SHIELD? HAMMER? Whatever organization it is Steve leads before he storms out. From there Steve tracks Bucky down and tells him that things didn't exactly go smoothly and that it might be in Bucky's best interests to simply “disappear” for a while until things blow over. Bucky tells Steve he can't do that since that would just make him look even worse, and Bucky decides to turn himself into Federal Authorities to face his crimes as the Winter Soldier. This issue ends with Sin, the daughter of the Red Skull watching the news report of Bucky's surrender and laughing hysterically about it.

What's not to like here? I mean come on, it's Captain America and it's written by Ed Brubaker. Seriously. This was a great set-up story for the upcoming “Trail of Captain America” storyline, which should really put Bucky through the wringer. I'm sure this will be a fantastic storyline, all I'm hoping is that it doesn't end with Bucky giving up the uniform of Captain America...

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Hawkeye: the BEST comic book archer. 'Nuff said.


  1. Great review X, but is there really a lot of Archer competition when the other guy has one arm and uses knives now, Ollie's living in a forest and Conner is pretty much M.I.A?

  2. Good point JT. I guess when compared to 3 teenagers/sidekicks: Mia Dearden/Speedy, Kate Bishop/Hawkeye II, Arrowette; 3 villians: Bullseye, Merlyn & Shado; and then 1 crossbower: The ?Huntress. I know the Huntress technically falls into the category because of her crossbow, but does that even count?

  3. Thanks Cole, and I believe Arrowette hung up her bow a while ago, Bullseye is pretty much dead, and Merlyn was almost killed by Cupid of all people....

  4. Yes, I used Wikipedia for that and it was easy for me to find as I often find myself reading Wikipedia whenever I have time to kill. Arrowette did hang out her bow a long time ago, but she picked it back up when Cassie Sandsmark needed her help back in the Wonder Girl miniseries.

    I don't follow the villians so much, so I'll take your word on that. But back to your point, there really isn't that much competition in archery for Hawkeye to compete with. Or am I missing something X?

  5. So far as I'm concerned, Hawkeye has NO competition in the whole, "Comic's best archer" arguement. But seriously, besides Green Arrow, who is currently living in Starwood Forest, what competition is there for Clint? Marvel's always been pretty much a one archer company for the most part, and most of the DC archers not named Oliver Queen are either dead, missing of on drugs. I mean how can't Clint be considered #1 right now?