Wednesday, November 10, 2010

X-Factor #210

Overall: Alright, it's my favorite X-title, X-Factor! This issue begins with a woman heading to the X-Factor Investigations office to see Monet. The woman was a soldier in the Middle East and wants Monet to make her forget what she saw over there. At first Monet doesn't want to, but eventually the woman gets through to her and Monet hops into the woman's psyche and alters her mind... Kind of. Before Monet can finish the job, the woman breaks contact and thanks Monet implicitly, before rushing away, much to Monet's surprise. The woman heads to a graveyard, where she meets up with a General Ryan. The woman informs Gen. Ryan that the false memories have been expunged from her mind before pointing her finger at him and blowing his brains out. The other half of this issue dealt with Rictor taking Wolfsbane to see a doctor who specializes in superhuman medicine to check out how her pregnancy was progressing. The doctor sets up an ultrasound to take a peek at the fetus but the screen only displays complete blackness. The doctor is stumped since she can hear a heartbeat, meaning there was something in there, but is confounded as to why no picture was showing up on the screen. After some thought the doctor decides that the blackness had to be mystical as opposed to something biological, which causes Rictor to wonder just what was going on...

It was X-Factor, no complaints here! The story with Monet and the woman(who called herself Ballistique after regaining her memories)was interesting if not spectacular, and seems to be setting up future events. The highlight of this issue for me though was the parts with Rictor and Wolfsbane. The dialogue was great(no surprise with Peter David providing the writing), with a few laugh out loud moments, and the mystery of Wolfsbane's invisible baby should open up a WHOLE big can of worms. It's pretty obvious that Rictor isn't the unborn baby's father, which isn't a real surprise since Wolfsbane seemingly only told Rictor the baby was his to halt any kind of romance that was occurring between Rictor and Shatterstar. When(if)Rictor finds this fact out, there should be some real fireworks between him and Wolfsbane. So if Rictor isn't the father, then who is? It seems pretty obvious that it is that Wolf Prince from Asgard. That would explain the mystical aspect of the pregnancy, plus Wolfsbane has always had an attraction to him. But that's my guess, who knows what fun David has up his sleeves for this series going forward.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Heh-heh, I love this series...


  1. Regarding the scan: Maybe that's part of her mutant powers.

  2. Well if nothing else, that would be a really unique power!