Friday, November 5, 2010

X-23 #2

Overall: Picking up from the end of the last issue, X-23 wakes up in the middle of a burning shelter for former mutants with no idea as to what had happened or why. X-23 decides to search for anybody who may be trapped and runs into a giant winged demon, who tells her that instead of helping people she should be killing them, since what she really is is a killer. X-23 goes to attack the demon, but it vanishes, and X-23 manages to rescue a man and carry him to safety. Outside, X-23 runs into Gambit(?!)who tries to calm X-23 before disappearing back into the shadows when the firefighters arrive... Um, what the hell was THAT all about?! Anyway, the firefighters take X-23 to the hospital where she is visited by Cyclops and Storm, who try to cheer her up. After speaking with X-23 and seeing how distraught she was, the two decide to leave the room to discuss matters. After they leave, Wolverine strolls in, and right away X-23 picks up that there is something off about the Ol' Canucklehead. Since there was no need to hide it, Wolverine reveals he was actually the dreaded Possessed Wolverine who has been making the rounds lately. X-23 stabs Possessed Wolvie, who smiles and holds her claws in place, just as Hellion arrives. Possessed Wolvie releases his hold on X-23's arm and falls to the ground, warning Hellion to stay back since X-23 wasn't in her right mind. X-23 warns Hellion to get out of the room, but he stays and holds X-23 aloft telekinetically, since it appeared that she was in the wrong. Hellion tells X-23 that he'd do whatever he could to help her out, which gives Possessed Wolvie the opportunity to stab Hellion from behind. X-23 is horrified by what has transpired and Possessed Wolvie offers X-23 a deal, Hellion's life for her soul. X-23 readily accepts, and this issue ends with both X-23 and Hellion laying unconscious on the hospital floor, while X-23's spirit(Soul? Ghost?)wakes up in a hellish land.

Damn you Marjorie Liu!!! *shakes fist at comic book* I REALLY want to hate this series... I mean I REALLY do. X-23 is one of, in my opinion, the worst, most unnecessary, useless characters EVER created in the HISTORY of comic books. Plus she was co-created by my mortal nemesis, He Whose Name Shan't Be Spoken On This Blog. So yeah, in layman's terms, I hate X-23. A lot. And yet Liu's excellent writing these first two issues actually has me... I won't say liking X-23, because that's a sign of the Apocalypse, but I will say that she has me kind of/sort of caring about X-23 and her plight. Trust me, I want nothing more than to hate this series, and rip it here on this blog, but god help me, I just can't do it... The story is too engaging. I'm actually looking forward to the next issue... Unbelievably, I'm actually looking forward to the next issue of an X-23 comic book! What is this world coming to?

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.You know, Possessed Wolverine is rapidly becoming one of my favorite villains...


  1. Dear X,

    This is long overdue since I wasn't able to comment on blogpost for several months.

    Is it just me or are you turning soft? Example, you hate X-23, yet you just wrote a positive comment about this series. Next example, you once swore Damien Wayne into oblivion. Yes, oblivion. Yet, over the course of the last year, you've written so many nice things about him that he seems like he's your favorite.

    I'm sure that there are further examples, but let's see where these two take us.

    L8r days!

  2. Ugh, it's horrible... And you're so right too, especially in the cases of X-23 and Damian... I'm embarrassed... I mean I WANT to hate this series SO much, and yet I just haven't been able to. It's gotten so bad that if the next issue is good, I'll be adding it to my pull list. Yes, that's right, I'll be adding an X-23 comic to my pull list... Madness! And Damian. What can I say? Much like a terrible rash, he's begun to grow on me. Granted, I still can't stand him in the Batman & Robin series, but in so many other series he's actually become humanized. But fear not, young Master Wayne is still FAAAAR from one of my favorites! :D

    Don't you worry though, Ol' X hasn't gone totally soft. Wait until I review the next issue of Brightest Day! Then you'll see some of that famous X negativity! :P

  3. Haha, I predict X will soon give Brightest Day a surprising N/A for a rating. I'm waiting for that X. Also, The random Gambit appearance cracked me up. It just seems SO unnecessary that it's frigging hilarious.

  4. Eh, I'm personally waiting for a 0 myself. It's been AGES since I've given out a 0...

    The Gambit appearance was SO weird, JT! X-23 was sitting outside the burning building, and somebody in shadows walks up behind her, puts a coat on her shoulders and is like, "Don't let it bother you, chere." I was like, "WHA-ZUH?!?!?" because he wasn't actually shown in that scene(at least I don't think he was). Towards the end of the book there's a scene where Gambit IS actually shown, so at least I wasn't having some sort of horrible Gambit delusion or something...

  5. Haha, you know they're about to hook up X-23 and Gambit right. It's coming.. then maybe Ms. Liu can write Gambit well as well.

  6. If Gambit and X-23 hooked up I'd be really weirded out... I mean she's Wolverine's clone. Would Gambit be trying to tell us something?

  7. Lol well, sometimes you gotta keep it between friends, Mon Ami. ;-) Gambit's works, not mines/

  8. HA!!! I wish I could do that emoticon I always do during the chats, because after that comment I really want to use it! :/

  9. Lmao best part is it looked EXACTLY like it does in the chat. X you sly, sly son of a gun. :/