Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Comic Day! November 24th Edition.

Hey again all, it's Wednesday, which means that it is once again time for the only regular blog post on this site, New Comic Day! As always before we move forward, let's take a look back first. Last week I promised to bring the awesome with 11 new reviews and I managed... 16 reviews! So congrats to me for coming through on my promise! That doesn't happen often...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving around these parts, so I don't expect to have a whole lot of new content up until say Friday or so, what with family, football and turkey-eating obligations. I am in the middle of another Best of the Rest post, so hopefully I'll have that up by Saturday at the absolute latest. It's about halfway done, but once again, I don't foresee myself doing a lot of blog work for the next two days at least. Maybe a random scan or two, but other then that, nada.

So that's what's new with me, but nobody wants to hear that, you guys want to know what comics I came away from the comic book store with! So without further ado, let's get to that. Earlier today I picked up, Detective Comics #871, Black Widow #8, Deadpool #29, Fantastic Four #585, Invincible Iron Man #32, Justice League Gen Lost #14, Namor #4, Outsiders #34, Shadowland: Power Man #4, Shadowland: Blood on the Streets #4, Teen Titans #89 & Uncanny X-Force #2. That means I brought 12 comics, meaning by this time next week I will have posted 12 new reviews! So I have said it, so it shall be done! Probably... Anyway, the pick of the litter this week will have to be... um, let's go with Uncanny X-Force #2. I'm also interested in checking out Teen Titans #89 and Detective Comics #871, but I'm still a bit dubious about those two series. The runt of this week's litter? I'm gonna go with Outsiders #34. I'm just not all that keen on opening up that comic and giving it a read. I'm not dreading it or anything, I just don't care about it one way or the other. So there you have it. Happy Thanksgiving and all that jazz. Until next time, X out.


  1. I'm very interested to hear how Detective comics turns out. It looks like the best of the post-Return of Bruce Wayne series. I was going to buy it and for some reason changed my mind and got the Tony Daniel issue (probably because it was cheaper). I think I subconsciously sabotaged myself.

    I've been skipping Black Widow since Liu left the book. I look forward to seeing that review as well.

    Looking forward to that Best of the Rest post, my friend!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving X-Man, and have some turkey for me.

  2. heh X-man working on Wolverine 3rd part to blog sereis check it out and post a comment so I can get feedbck.

  3. I actually got the Daniel Batman in the mail yesterday so I might try to read both that and Detective around the same time and do a compare and contast sort of post. But yeah, if I could only pick up one, I'd have def gone with Detective.

    As for BW, this is the third non-Liu issue, I hated the first one and enjoyed the second, so we'll see what we get with the third and final part of this current storyline.

    Same to you, Kello. And can do, will do!

    I'll try to head over there some time tomorrow Benjamin, but with it being Thanksgiving, I might not be online, or if I am, I might only be on really quick.

  4. It's a brand new daaaaaaaaaay!!

    Well as usual sir you have your hands full on the comic side of things. But I hope you enjoy reading a lot of the things you picked up today. I'm really really REALLY REALLY REALLY looking forward to your Black Widow review. I'm also looking forward to Gen lost as wel. :)

    Hope you enjoy your holiday!!! Have a happy thanksgiving and remember, relax, no comic reading! lol.

  5. Ah, I shall endeavor to get that BW review taken care of post-haste, Lisha! As for Gen Lost... I still have like 6 other issues of that series to read before I can even read this one! :P

    No comic reading?! Blasphemy! :D Happy Turkey Day to you as well, Lisha.

  6. Lol. I don't think your day would go right if you didn't read some type of comic. Lol. But if that's what relaxes you go and get ya read on. :)

    And thaaaanks!! It's gonna be awesome.